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  1. Great Book but theirs always a But the problem is the on-line reference guide is no longer available so I can't get updates or use it for tool that stays current as some of the book is outdated. Received the book 3/15/2020
  2. Just wondering If anyone has used a External Power Bank. 1. What kind did you buy and what size mAh? 2. If so how did you attach it to the detector and where? 3. How did it work if you just used it for charging both the head set and the detector?❓
  3. Steve thank you so much for the reply I think you are right will try tomorrow will post reply you have explained it outstanding in away even I can understand and comprehend excellent explanation Thanks Jim
  4. I have done factory rest twice same thing.
  5. I just received my new Equinox 800 went out detecting on every target I would get 3 rapped distinct beeps on every target. Came home did some air test all targets 3 beeps ( BEEP BEEP BEEP) on multiple targets set 10" apart would get rapped beeps 3 beeps on each one example 3 coins 9 rapped beeps strung together (beep beep beep etc sounds like a machine gun shooting). Does anyone have a knowledge on what wrong. Tanks for the help
  6. Thank you for you response I I bought a 800 last week and so far so good I have found out so far It has a learning curve for me. I also have lived in Washington, Kitsap county my life been detecting about 30 years and do mostly coin hunting so I hope it will work out OK for me. Please keep me updated on what you deiced to do with the 800 thanks again for you great incite and knowledge JFS
  7. Monte Thank you very much for taking time to send a very helpful response As always. Thank you very much for shearing you vast knowledge with me. Hope to see you out detecting and buying you a beer or something and BS awhile.
  8. I am thinking of buying a nox 800 would like to know from anyone who has used it in Washinton State and Oregon. Would like to know how it preforms in my areas (I have a Sovereign GT and a AT Pro)the GT to heavy for me to use anymore. If you do use it what setting would you use. I hunt mainly for coins schools old parks. Thanks for the Help
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