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  1. Simon, Yes they did mention that the AQ Gold and the AQ Relic machine will follow, but they gave no indication of when.
  2. Received my catalog from Kellyco today and they proudly announced that they are looking forward to offering the Fisher Impulse AQ in 2022. The write up that Kellyco gave made it sound like there was substantial discrimination with minimal loss of detection depth with the AQ. We shall see.
  3. The Schoolofhardnox has inspired me and my Christmas present arrived today. Yes two months before Christmas. I sold my Beach Hunter TDI and my Whites V3I and Bigfoot coil and purchased a GPX 5000. Since I do not hunt in the water my plan is to use my Tarsacci in all metal mode to clear as much junk and iron off my beach. Then use the GPX to nuke the beach for deep targets. Hopefully I will have the strength, stamina and the ability of finding buckets of quality targets like School, but time and effort will tell. Dream big this Christmas!!!!
  4. Thank you Steve. Always a wealth of information. I just need to get better at searching for information on this forum.
  5. Simon, Thank you for the response. I thought that may be the answer, but I could not find it stated. I hope the day comes soon that I can return to New Zealand. Such a beautiful country. Bill
  6. After reading all items available I am confused. It's probably just me so I apologize if this is a dumb question. In soil that has low mineralization which coil will go deeper and is more suitable, a DD coil or a mono coil of equal size? Or in low mineralization does it not matter if you use a DD or a mono coil? Bill
  7. Out today on this holy weekend I found Jesus about 4 inches in the sod at a local park. I also found a small heart pendant and a wedding band from some guy named Carbide. So if you know someone by the name of Tungsten Carbide, please tell them I have their ring. Wow does Park 2 find small jewelry and aluminum trash nicely. Bill
  8. I started shopping for an Equinox 800 on February 14th and was able to have one in my hands by February 27th and here is how. By lurking on this and other forums I quickly realized that if I put an order in with those big internet metal detector companies, I would have to wait until April at the earliest to get one. My second thought was to wait for that big hunting and fishing store to receive a large stock and order from them. My only concern was that this could become a trap, where they are just creating a pre-paid wait list just like the other internet sales companies. I quickly realized that this was going to be like trying to buy Springsteen or The Who concert tickets. My approach was to go on the Minelab website and start calling the dealers that were close to me. Since I am in Western Pennsylvania I called the dealer in Erie PA. Brian was very nice and answered all my questions about the Equinox 800. My final question to Brian was, "What is your wait list looking like?" Brian's answer was, "If you send me a $100 deposit you will be number one and receive the next Equinox 800 I receive." It was really just that simple. Run a dealer search on Minelab.com, Pick up the phone and ask about their wait list. I know as of yesterday, Brian in Erie was back to a wait list of Zero. I hope this helps someone get their hands on a wonderful product and helps your local dealer earn your business. Bill
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