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  1. My super secret mixture is 1 cap full of Shine Bride Burnishing Compound, 2 cups of #7 or #8 steel shot and enough water to get everything wet. Run it for an hour and spendable coins appear. It does not work on toasted beach pennies.
  2. Here is what the coins look like after 1 hour in the rock tumbler with steel shot.
  3. Final day and it is raining cats and dogs so I think I am done for the week. Final totals: Pennies:68 Fishing weights: 18 Bullets: 4 Nickels: 12 Rings: 12 Shell casing: 1 Dimes: 46 Earrings: 5 Quarters: 34 Pendants: 8 Foreign coins: 7 Toe Ring: 1
  4. Two day s in on a new South Carolina beach. Totals so far Pennies: 42 Nickels: 9 Dimes: 29 Quarters: 24 Foreign: 6 Sinkers: 9 Rings: 7 Earring: 4 Pendants: 3 Weird Stuff: A lot I will post a final tally. Bill
  5. Looks like 4 machines sold in 5 days. Only 12 more to go. Maybe the Unlimited is finally next after 6 years of waiting.
  6. Kellyco has a small number of Fisher AQ Limited available for the price of $1999. No additonal batteries available at this time and yes that is a $500 price increase from the original price for the AQ Limited. My question is does this mean that this is it for the AQ or will the Fisher AQ Unlimited finally be offered for sale? Interesting, very interesting.
  7. Strick I can not argue with you. My point is the original Equinox was the must have detector that was impossible to buy in the beginning, the Manticore is selling like it is just another detector. Cabela's had 14 in stock when I went to bed last night and now they have 13 in stock. Not exactly flying off the shelf. I wish you all the luck in the world with your Manticore, but I think you can find anything with whatever machine you use. It's like anything else, skill of the craftsman is more important than the tool used.
  8. With all the demands of life currently between children, elderly struggling parents and work, time detecting is hard to find. When I get a chance to detect the things that end my hunt are hypothermia, starvation and/or wetting myself. Anything other than that I can usually push through and keep hunting.
  9. They are not exactly flying off the shelves at that Big Box Hunting and Fishing store. You could have purchased one over the weekend and still in stock today. This is nothing like to original Equinox 800 sales. Maybe the Manticore is better, but is it $1600 better? Time will tell.
  10. Since XP decided to use salt balance, could Dimitar's next detector incorporate the best of Deus 2, such as a lighter MDT, multiple coils, different tone configurations and deeper water ability? I love mixed mode on the Tarsacci and the way it performs on the beach. Looking forward to Tarsacci 2.
  11. Steve, Please do not nuke the thread. It's irrelevant who gets credit for starting the thread. The importance is the knowledge that is within the thread. This thread has been such a source for knowledge for dirt hunters, hot dirt hunters, water hunter and beach hunters. Thank you to everyone who unselfishly shared their knowledge and hard earned skills to make this thread what it is. The Stalker
  12. Go up and down the beach from high tide line to splash zone. Look for quarters, sinkers and chunks of iron. Once you find heavy targets, concentrate on that area. If you are digging bottle tops and pop tops, you are in the wrong area and wasting your time usually. If it's sanded in in one area, chances are it's sanded out in another area. Find that other area. Are the heavy targets high or are they low on your beach? Do you have the equipment to find deep and do you have the equipment to recover deep before it sinks out of recovery range? Is your beach sand as far as you can dig or is there a layer of clay, shells, rocks.....etc that will capture the targets at a certain level? What is that level? There are many great suggestions on this thread, but the only way you learn is to hunt your beach, learn your equipment and pay your dues by spending many hours hunting. I wish you the best of luck Gary.
  13. Broken original post - content moved to first post in this thread.
  14. That is an awesome 3.5 hour hunt. Very well done.
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