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  1. Aaron, Thank you so very much for all your contributions and education on the Tarsacci metal detector. When I hunt on the beach with the Tarsacci, I try to use it like the Sovereign GT instead of like the Equinox 800. Using the tones as dig or not dig and disregard the lack of reliable VDI. After hundreds of hours of hunting I can finally hear the subtle differences in the tones, but your video shows that it didn't have to be this way. I currently own 2 Tarsacci's, but would gladly buy the model you have in the video. If Dimitar would offer that product as the Tarsacci 2, I would buy one today. Thanks again. Beroxy
  2. I can not wait for the warm salt water and summer beach hunting. I have never heard of a Tarsacci having an issue with water intrusion. My only advice is to buy a quality sand scoop especially for in the water. There are some really excellent water hunters on this forum who are willing to share advice with you. Good luck Geezer with your new water adventure.
  3. When you find your favorite detector for your favorite environment you know it pretty quickly. I would encourage everyone to try different detectors and find which one works best for you. Not which one everyone likes, but the one you like the best and the one that performs the best for you. If you buy a new model detector and it doesn't work for you, it is pretty easy to sell with minimal loss. Life is short. Enjoy.
  4. Erik, Sorry. I often forget how much effort goes into creating these comparison videos. I'm sitting on my couch with 24" of snow on the ground outside and you are chasing two detectors in the waves on a beach.
  5. Erik, Thank you very much for the test. I agree with you there doesn't seem to be to much difference between the two machines. If you are able to, I would like to see one added test the next time you are in this position. It's a test that will help you in the future recovering targets. The next time you are in this situation could you show the pinpoint function on both of these machines. I was never a fan of the Equinox's ability to pinpoint at the beach, especially with the 15" coil, but I wanted to see if the Deus II is better. It will also save you time and trouble recovering the target. With an accurate pinpoint and a decent scoop, that target would be at worse two scoops for a recovery. Again thank you for another fantastic informative video.
  6. Geezer, Think of it as the difference between cheap speakers and really nice speakers. With cheap speakers you can tell which band is playing, but it is hard to differentiate which instruments are being played. With really nice speakers you can differentiate exactly which instruments are playing at any moment in time. Good headphones reduce your need to look at the VDI. You know when you run over a good target and your brain becomes hardwired to the distinct sounds of good targets. That is much easier with quality headphones vs cheap headphones.
  7. They are directly wired into the Tarsacci headphone adapter. No plug in. Screwing the adapter into the Tarsacci creates a waterproof seal that enables the Tarsacci to be submerged in water and the Gray Ghost headphones are waterproof should they be submerged. Totally waterproof setup.
  8. Geezer, So if I were a new Tarsacci owner and I was dirt hunting, I should experiment with using the GB to reduce the effects of small iron in the soil, use the Salt to reduce the sensitivity to aluminum and quiet the bad ground and keep Sensitivity and Threshold as low as possible to still see the desired targets, but not to enhance the aluminum andiron in the soil? Frequency is for target size with 6.4K for larger higher conductor targets and 18k for smaller low conductor targets? Is this correct or am I over simplifying it?
  9. Geezer, I purchased a set of waterproof gray ghost headphones with a Tarsacci adapter. I purchased them from a forum member, but was told they were made by Tony Eisenhower. For the beach I plug in a set of Black Widow or Killer Bee headphones into a Tarsacci headphone adapters. Better headphones are really valuable on the Tarsacci.
  10. I am looking for the help of the Tarsacci community. I have read almost every post on most every forum about the Tarsacci. What I rarely see are posts that detail best settings and how and when to alter those settings in the environment you are in. My reason behind this Cookbook is to help the Tarsacci become a much more popular metal detector. I can go on youtube and look at thousands of Equinox videos, I can even see hundreds of Deus 2 videos and the machine is not even available, but there are very few Tarsacci videos that help you understand or even want to purchase a Tarsacci. Since Aaron's forum is down there are even less avenues to look for Tarsacci information. On Tom's forum there is a Tarsacci topic that is 88 pages of posts. That's over 8000 pages of printed material. Not to many potential new buyers will wade through this for a buying decision. Steve Herschbach has been kind enough to offer to host and monitor this Topic so that it does not become thousands of pages of off topic posts. So please post how you use your Tarsacci and what tricks and tips you have discovered. Even thou I live in Western Pennsylvania, I primarily use my Tarsacci on the beaches in South Carolina. I take vacations and hunt for a week at a time. Here are my best setting and ideas. I hunt wet sand from the splash zone to the high tide line on fairly flat, non mineralized, South Carolina beaches. My standard starting settings are Salt 45, Frequency 6.4k, Threshold -1, Discrimination -30, Sensitivity 8, Mixed Mode and GB 630 +/- 50 points. I am not hunting for micro jewelry. I am big game hunting for gold rings. I have found that 6.4k and Salt 45 is usually the deepest frequency for me, but I know I am probably giving up the opportunity for micro gold jewelry. I am ok with that for the added depth. 6.4k is also the best with EMI caused by iPhones, condo wifi and hotels. I have found that the Threshold setting is much more important than the Sensitivity setting and if the Emi is high I will lower the Sensitivity before I lower the Threshold setting. If the Tarsacci starts acting up and giving false signals I try to look around and see what has changed. Am I closer to buildings, people or has the Salt balance setting changed for some reason? I have found if the false signals have a fluttering sound to it, it is usually one of three things. Either EMI has increased because of building or people, helicopter or low fly planes overhead or rapidly approching thunder storms. If it is a rapid fire false signals, chances are my Salt settings are off. Usually a walk down to the splash zone will confirm which one it is. I hunt in Mixed Mode and with the discrimination at -30 because I want to hear where the Iron is. I have been told that treasure runs with trash and I believe that to be true. One little trick that I have found recently is if I find a very faint, scratchy signal where the VDI is all over the board and the pinpoint numbers are very low, I raise the Sensitivity and Pinpoint the target. Even thou the settings are to high to hunt in, it enables my Tarsacci to lock onto the target and Pinpoint the target for me. That way I can take a couple of scoops off the top to see if it's a target worth pursuing. I Pinpoint every target before starting to dig to improve my recovery rate. I owned an Equinox and hated how it Pinpointed and lost targets when the hole would collapse and sink out of detection range. The Tarsacci is excellent at Pinpointing and I take advantage of this fact. The last little trick that I have discovered is that the Tarsacci has a recovery rate that is fast enough for me to keep the Tarsacci on, hold the coil an inch off the ground and walk to a new area I wish to hunt. If I walk over a target, the Tarsacci sounds off and I can futher investigate the target. It is kind of like trolling for targets. This is especially useful on day 5 or 6 of hunting when my arms feel like they are going to fall off. I hope other Tarsacci users will add their settings and tips for Relic hunting in both hot and mild soil, junky park hunting, black sand beach hunting, fresh water hunting, under water hunting...........etc. I would love for this to become a source of information that a new Tarsacci owner can come to and get a starting point to use their detector. Then they can experimenting with setting to better understand this fantastic machine. Thank you in advance for sharing.
  11. Nice finds Dancer. It's nice to see that you are finally being rewarded for your hard work.
  12. Dancer, Is there any slant to the beach on the wet sand sections?
  13. School, Great finds on the beach with the GPX. Thank you for taking us on this adventure.
  14. One last item about the Tarsacci that I really like is it's pinpoint ability. On the beach I would occasionally lose targets because of inaccurate pinpointing on the Nox. The hole would start collapsing and the target would sink and I had no idea which side of the hole the target was. I lost faith in the accuracy ot the Nox pinpointing. With the Tarsacci the pinpoint is accurate and my recovery rate is much higher. That means alot to me when you are trying to dig a target in the surf wash. I have not seen the target pinpoint feature demonstrated on the D2 yet.
  15. The snow is piling up in Western Pennsylvania and I am dreaming of my next beach trip. I really wish I was in New England tonight getting ready to hit the beach on Tuesday and Wednesday. The following picture are the rings that I found on my last week of April trip to the beach. The top ring is a stainless steel ring and the markings are the Viking alphabet. Middle rings right to left are .925 silver ring, 14k gold ring and a 14k gold ring. Bottom rings right to left are 14k gold band and a .925 silver ring with fake stones. Hopefully the beach will be fantastic for you guys next week and I hope you kill it.
  16. I have not touched a Deus 2, but I would bet that it depends what type of hunting you prefer. I would guess the Tarsacci is better on the beach and up to neck deep in the ocean. I would guess that the Deus 2 is better in the park, deep silver and a carpet of nails and iron. I agree with Joe that 5 year warranty is hard to beat. I would be very interested in which machine wins in heavy mineralized beach or relic spots. I guess what I am saying is what tool helps you hunt in your favorite hunting sight is the one you should own. I own 4 different machines because I prefer certain machines for the environment that I am hunting. You wouldn't use a Tarsacci to hunt for nuggets, but you could. I will not be a buyer of the Deus 2, but if I could only own one machine, it would probably be the Deus 2.
  17. Luis, Do you have this in English? I am a stupid American who only understands English and Monty Python German. Thanks.
  18. YubaJ, I would enjoy seeing the spectacular old finds, but I really do not want to be directed away from Steve's excellent forum. Could you post a link so that I do not have to leave this forum and dig through someone else's forum to find these spectacular old finds?
  19. My suggestion would be Xtreme Scoops. They are not cheap, but they may be the last scoop you will buy. They are also made in the USA. Sometime they have scoops on sale which reduces the price by 40 or 50%. I own two, The Sand Shredder and The Surf Master. Titanium scoops are light weight and strong. Which makes a huge difference when you have been digging for a week on the beach. I have learned the hard way, if you buy cheap, you will be buying again in the near future.
  20. Thank you Steve. Well said. The market needs a water proof ground balance PI for the beach hunters. It would be so much better if an American company would be the one to finally offer this product. I really feel that these companies underestimate what a functioning machine like this could sell for. If people are willing to pay $6000 for a machine that will find .5 gram gold nuggets, what would people pay for a machine that can consistantly find 9 gram 14k gold rings on a beach. American rewards those who finish the job and punishes those who quit. Finish the AQ First Texas!
  21. Thank you George, Joe, Cliff and Dancer. I have been watching the roll out of the Deus 2 and was quite interested at first. Then I started looking closely at the test videos and closely at the pictures of finds that I have. A couple of observations: 1. The beach videos for the D2 are pushing that it finds micro jewelry. Well the pictures of my finds show the Tarsacci finds micro Jewelry. Small pendants, small open earrings and stud earrings. 2. The Tarsacci finds pictures show a lot of heavy target, rings and sinkers, harvested from 12" and deeper. I have yet to see a heavy deep target harvested in the wild with the D2. Yes I have seen people bury a target, but not in the wild. I guess what I am saying is the D2 may be great, but I want proof before I put my money down. Bill
  22. I respectfully disagree. Cobill was trying to sell an AQ Limited. The only reason that I did not try to purchase it was that the Warranty was not transferrable. I would have purchased it with a 2 year warranty inspite of all it's issues. I will buy the finished product if it ever comes out, because I am looking for a waterproof PI that punches deep in the ocean. Joe Beachnut has proven that the AQ will accomplish that task. Dew and Cliff have proven that the Tarsacci can do that in a VLF. Time will only tell if the Deus 2 can also perform that task.
  23. A little background: I live in Western Pennsylvania, but love to beach metal detect. The nearest salt water beach would be Ocean City NJ/MD, but the beaches that I prefer to detect are the beaches of South Carolina. The only problem is that is a 700 mile drive one way. So I try to take a week vacation from work and detect on the beaches of South Carolina when I can. I used to have a Nox 800 but traded it in for a Tarsacci, because I prefer how the Tarsacci operates on the beach. I find metal detecting to be very much like fishing. The equipment you use is not the most important item. The most important item is to be at a location where there are fish that you can catch. Be comfortable with and know how to use your equipment, but finding the hot spot is far more important. The follow pictures are a weeks total of finds for my last three trips. Pictures 1 and 2 are from my trip for the first week of January 2022. Pictures 3 and 4 are from my trip on the last week of August 2021. Pictures 5 and 6 are from third week in July 2021. All Item were found in the wet sand. Since it's cold and snowing in Western Pennsylvania I am really looking forward to my next vacation.
  24. In an earlier post I stated how I almost hit the Apple Trifecta today. What are the other Trifecta or cycles should we strive for in 2022. Example: Apple trifecta: iPhone, AirPods and an Apple Watch. Coin Cycle: Quarter, dime, nickle and a penny Ring Cycle: Gold ring, Silver ring, Tungsten ring and a Platinum ring. What would be the Relic Cycle? What would be the Gold nugget Cycle? Silver coin cycle?......etc. Basketball has it's doubles and baseball has it's cycles, maybe for 2022 we should have beach, field and gold awards for the rest of us. Happy Hunting and have a safe and healthy 2022.
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