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  1. Finding the amount of reduction of the conductivity of gold as it is alloyed has turned out to be quite difficult. Fortunately, I did find some shocking information on the old PI forum that does help. Here is that info. Eric Here are some numbers for copper-gold and silver-gold alloys. The first column is the % of gold in the alloy. The second column is the conductivity relative to copper of the copper-gold alloy. The third column is the conductivity relative to copper of the silver-gold alloy. % au cu ag 100 .75 .75 90 .14 .23 80 ??? .17 70 .11 .14 60 .12 .14 50 .
  2. The answer you are looking for is both simple and complex. I will try to explain the simple part. First, whether a target is a high or a low conductor is determined by the GB control and just where it is set. If the GB is set so the ground signal is nulled, then any detected object that generates a low tone has a longer time constant than the ground signal. This results in the GB signal channel being greater than the metal response channel. Thus, the summed signals results in a negative response, and this results in a low tone. In the case of gold nuggets this means the nugget
  3. For those interested, the QED is real but was held up by a bunch of BS from ML. Untimately, Bugwiskers modified his GB technique and ML signed off on their patent complaint according to Bugwiskers. So, yes, the QED should be in production soon if not by now. On the down side, some of the soldering is done manually so production is slow. Maybe Whites will offer to help and make them here. It would simplify their need for a newer model of the TDI. Hey, maybe tboykin can help with that. He will need to keep John Earle out of the loop, though. To answer a question asked by
  4. Who told you the parts are obsolete? What parts? I would like to know? Reg
  5. tboykin, Your questions and suggestions can be answered easily to improve the SL. First, contact RNB and have them build the SL Li Ion batteries but use the Panasonic 3400mah batteries. Option 2 would be to add an under housing mod to hold external battery and a connector so an external 4 cell battery could be used. As for not working in hot ground, simply modify units with my mod needed and installed on SPP OZ units. Whites has the details already. This makes the SL GB as smooth as the TDI. Older units already made and in use can be upgraded easily for a reasonable cost f
  6. Hard Prospector, I use the TDI and SL but that won't stop me from pointing out their weaknesses or limitations. I prefer people know the truth and any solution available if there is a weakness. In fact, I want people like John to point out what they see as weaknesses. I just want that information to be as truthful as possible. It is when people like John point out things that cures or corrections will come to light making a better detector in the long run. Unfortunately, the present management at White's and I no longer have any communications and, in my opinion, there is no on
  7. John, You should be able to detect a Morgan dollar farther with the GB on than off. The reason is, the GB circuitry amplifies the signal well over 30 times more in the GB channel than what is happening in the main channel so when the GB is on, the summed signal is amplified more than when the GB is off.That is why the signal is a low tone. If the GB channel signal is stronger than the main channel signal, you will get a low tone. Sum the GB channel and the main channel and if the tone is low, the target will be detected deeper than if the GB is off. So, that is normal. As to
  8. Why do you sweep faster with the TDI Pro than you do with the ATX? If you do this with the SL, it will not work the same as the Pro and I explained why. Again, there is no smoothing feature caused by any special circuitry outside of simple capacitors that are there regardless of whether the GB is on or off that will cause any smoothing when the GB is turned off. So, I have no idea of what you are experiencing or why, but I can tell you with absolutely certainty, there is no special smoothing circuitry activated when the GB is turned off. That is what I am saying and watching a vi
  9. I really hope people do not believe the TDI or SL has all the features mentioned because they don't. First, the main difference between the TDI and SL is the noise reduction circuitry that reduces the warble, and the fact, the two have different voltage supplies. There is also a filter speed difference between the Pro and the SL, but not with the regular TDI and SL. Now, the Pro does have a different filter speed than the SL and that causes some of the problems that should be eliminated. There is no smoothing circuitry outside of the usual capacitors in this design once the GB i
  10. There are different TDI's even though the gain of each is basically the same. First there was the through the hole TDI which is basically a GS 5 with a couple of mods. Then came the standard TDI which was followed by the TDI Pro and finally came the SL series. Each is a little different in filtering and/or sampling timing. The result of the minor changes could be seen in testing a series of targets of different size and material types and noting the differences. In most cases, one would see little or no difference, but in other cases there would be subtle changes. Now, the di
  11. Hi John, Sorry if i sounded like I was picking on you. I simply want people to know that just because someone says something isn't so, doesn't make it correct. Now, for those wondering, the SL and the SPP use the same mother board part for part. The difference is in the software where the delay is fixed on the SPP and adjustable on the SL. The other difference is there is no conductivity switch. Since the conductivity switch is is totally part dependent, then adding a switch with the proper connector is a simple doable procedure. As for why you never saw a video of the SL
  12. Sorry John, you are incorrect. There is no desensitizing of the machine. In fact, the primary signal is the gold channel which is what is used for the TDI when the GB is turned off has absolutely nothing done to it. The main culprit for noise is the GB channel because of the needed gain for ground balancing. The mod modifies the GB channel only. The source of the noise can be from external EMI or it can be from internal components with the preamp the main area where the noise is generated. So, if we neglect the external EMI, then the main noise comes from the preamp and associa
  13. Jasong, The "iron dust" toroid ferrite that meets the general specs (mentioned in their white pages) of the ML ferrite used on the ZVT is a simple powder iron type and most likely is a -6 type. The color usually gives the type away and the one used by ML is yellow. A T106-6 is a 1" toroid. A T80-6 is one that is .80" od. So, if you know the approximate diameter of the one used by ML then if the OD is 1.5" then a T150-6 most likely would work. Like mentioned before, most likely, the ferrite won't be needed here in the US in most places. Our soil conditions are generally nothing
  14. Hi Sunriseboy, Yes, there is a guy in OZ that does mods. His name is Luke Lindsay. He can add a mod that reduces the warble making the detector much quieter. To know more about what his mods do, you can look at his you tube videos he lists under lukeozdigger. Unfortunately, he is in the process of moving right now, so catching him at a time when he can do the mods may take a while. Luke posts on many PI forums including a couple in OZ. Usually you can catch him on the TDI and goldmaster forum. Just google the forum and you should get a link. Reg
  15. Why not ask Minelab to provide the specs of the ferrite ring so people wanting one can purchase their own from a third party? Providing something as simple as it is a soft ferrite material and the typical number of that ferrite or it is a powdered iron material would help those wanting to get their own. Reg
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