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  1. Why do the 11” and 15” coils have a small arrow pointed toward you at the top of the coil?
  2. Could be your charger. I have a headset that I was using a USB charger that had a quick charge outlet. When plugged into that outlet my headset would say that it was 100 percent charged but would only work 10 minutes and would say zero percent charged. I plugged them into a regular USB charger and they work for many hours.
  3. Thank you. I thought you had to them each separately.
  4. I have not done any updates to my Equinox 800 until tonight. I could only find 2 updates - 2.0 and 3.0. I did both updates. I thought there was an earlier update as well. Did they combine the earlier one with 2.0?
  5. Thank you very much. I just got my 800 this morning . I was trying to find a photo of the back of the wm08 but could not find one. I wanted to charge it but did not want to take chance on ruining something if it was wrong.
  6. The detector has a 4 point connection to match the usb cable. My wm08 only has a 2 point connection (and 2 holes). Is this correct or is it defective? I appreciate the help.
  7. I agree. When i worked as a saleman for Sears I had a lady call and ask me how to clean the inside of the glass of the oven door. I told her she would need to remove all the screws on the inside of the oven door in order to do that. 2 hours later she showed up at the store with the door in two pieces and demanded that i put it back together because I told her how to take it apart and now she could not get it back together. It is best not to give instructions on how to take something apart or how to replace a part unless absolutely necessary.
  8. Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to hearing about your finds.
  9. Cal_Cobra, I am really looking forward to taking the Nox to some of our Nova Scotia beaches. I think it will do much better than the ATP. My wife and I loved to walk the beach (she was always on the hunt for beach glass) and so I am looking to spend as much time there as possible this year. Just holding hands and listening to the waves always made for a great day. There is an old military training site just down the road as well. I have already found a few silver dimes and a couple of 50 caliber lead balls there. Of course there are LOTS of brass bullets/blanks. The site certainly dates back to way before it was a military site. If anyone is ever in the area it would my pleasure to take you along.
  10. I sincerely appreciate all of your kind comments. I am beginning to think it may be a good idea to have a spare so I can take someone along. After 28 years of doing everything as a couple it would be nice to have someone tag along and share the finds with. I can always put the accessories on hold for now.
  11. Chase, what I was thinking was that if the 800 will work in all situations as good as the AT Pro then I could sell the AT Pro to purchase accessories. I can see where having a backup could be a good idea if doing a lot of hunting. Normally I do not get out near as much as I would like. Unfortunately things have changed. The first of November 2016 my wife (47) was diagnosed with terminal cancer. TWO WEEKS LATER my youngest daughter (turned 22 two days earlier) was diagnosed with a different terminal cancer. My daughter passed May 15, 2017. My wife passed away January 25, 2018. I am looking to occupy my time and thought learning a new detector may be just the thing.
  12. Thank you Steve. I truly appreciate your advice. I see where it might be beneficial to hang on to it until accessories are available for the 800. It is also good to know that there really is no need to hold on the ATP when coils and things become available the 800. Thank you.
  13. What we really need is to get the machine in the hands of the people. There probably be 1 or 2 upgrades before I ever get the machine.
  14. I have an AT PRO. I have an Equinox 800 on its way (very soon I hope). Is there any situation where you have found the ATP to be better? I have the 10” (actually have 2 of them) and 8” coils for it. Is there a reason to keep the ATP? I want to keep my detecting cost down but do not want to sell something and wish I had it back. I figure if I sell it I would get 50% of what I have invested in it. It has only gone through 12 sets of batteries in the 4 years I have had it. What are your thoughts?
  15. I got an email from my dealer. Real nice guy. Said I am now #3 on the waiting list. They shipped him less than he ordered. Should be one coming my way when they ship him the rest of the order.
  16. Randy thank you for sharing those great finds. Steve enjoyed reading your story.
  17. It would be more exciting if you could tell us. That would mean you found it. Wish you all best.
  18. Wow! You have just simplified things greatly for me. Thank you very much.
  19. Calabash it would not be the same as finding it yourself. What’s gold without the adventure?
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