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  1. calabash digger

    Spanish Silver And More..

    Your welcome...
  2. calabash digger

    9" Round High Frequency Coil Or Elliptical?

    My favorite is the round coil but in hotter ground I can see where the elliptical could have an advantage.
  3. calabash digger

    Eagle I Button

    Site was slim pickings but coughed this up.
  4. calabash digger

    XP Deus Relic Hunt Large Cent And More

  5. Went to a new site today..
  6. calabash digger

    Stunning Find With Equinox & 15" Coil

    nice one!
  7. calabash digger

    Ten Months Of Fun!!

    Nice digs!
  8. calabash digger

    Spanish Silver And More..

    Went hunting 2 days in the Low country.
  9. Lets see how they compare...WHITES DFX VS ANFIBIO
  10. You must have not watched the video at the start of this thread and got the new memo....Test gardens and nail test dont mean squat.....😎
  11. calabash digger

    Tejon, Anfibio, And Equinox On Gold..

    I get that it was really directed at the crowd who claim there are none better... I know its old tech but some of the faithful will argue you down that their as good or better than the new stuff. Figured I would try to refute that for them. I like to poke the bear sometimes...