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  1. True I am a relic hunter....but I am surrounded by guys in my area who beach and coin shoot. I talk turkey with those guys all the time about detectors and which detectors they are using. MOST of them are swinging the Equinox now...
  2. I always chuckle when I get the ole Trump card played on me in a detector thread.....OK I got to get ready for Dorian so will talk to you guys later..
  3. What is really going to be funny is if garrett comes out with a new model that crushes the others. I will have all the Minelab guys ,Deus guys, etc mad at me then when I show it whipping them..
  4. Here is a video trying to explain where I am coming from with the head to head videos. I talk about the AT PRO , Equinox..etc
  5. Who is the dealer in this thread? At the end of the day it is just a plastic metal detector folks....I got a hurricane coming my way and that's a real concern not some old fat white guy speaking evil of my precious machine...BTW your AT pro needs to buried at sea.....
  6. Here we go with that I have been detecting 40 yrs so I am automatically a more knowledgeable and better detectorist....🙊 I love that argument...…..
  7. I almost think the lucky2b person is a troll.....maybe even a Garrett tester...lol
  8. YEAH, The Garrett is such a complicated unit its a wonder I even got turned on...So I missed the freq by a couple points so what....as far as youtube goes I dont have time to manage the comments. Garrett AT PRO is a mediocre performing detector at BEST. You never said how you tuned the Equinox …...
  9. I am glad you caught the nail test. Seems like that flies right over some peoples head and they dont get what that test is showing them. It means they are leaving a lot of stuff in the ground IF their hunting in iron... Why in the world would I handicap the Equinox when comparing it to the pro? The whole point of the video is to show how outdated the Garrett tech is... As for the AT PRO finding 10 inch dimes I have some of the mildest ground in the country and it aint doing it here. I know the NEGATIVE GB trick but what is the trade off? It makes deep iron sound good?? AT PRO suffers in iron even with the small coil. I have showed it in many head to head videos. QUESTION which detector in the video gives you the best odds of digging deep silver on the first pass or even the deep low conductive target?
  10. That is really a shame as it is a great machine. They called me back and I have had people answer the phone too.
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