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  1. I fit into what Tom is talking about ..I love silver BUT only if it is Civil War or Before....In other words I chase early silver...
  2. If someone has to plant a find or make a fake video to win a contest that donates to charity well I pity them... I see a big con job coming....💩... I like the rule about not being able to question people about their finds on the forums..(Sure we get a few fakes) If that rule was not in place we would get jerks peeing all over peoples legit finds for nothing more than simple jealousy.
  3. Nobody charges that I know of to submit a find and I would not pay to submit mine because I spend enough of my money going out to look for them... The more good finds posted the more people come and look. Steve said he supports the forum by ads so the more looks the better. Keep it simple...Winner gets money donated to a charity of their choice and gets a atta boy and the glory of the best find for that month... Needs a banner across the forum imo... Is a new person going to give $10 dollars to this forum to post a great find? What about those among us who are financial distress
  4. Ok king of bling I have no problem helping or giving to help anybody as a matter of fact me and my wife set aside money to do just that. Having to donate our finds well that is going to far for me...I dont like the idea of HAVING to give up my finds. I know we are all just thinking out loud.
  5. I will take the guys word for it who etched it ...1750! As far as saying the tech did not exist to crudely carve a date on a bottle that way in 1750 is absurd. Go study Colonial Dish Ware... I am having to defend a date of 1750 carved into a 1750s era bottle....whats next?
  6. DogoDog you said that the date on my bottle didnt match the hand writing of that period and was done at a much later date. You even went as far to say you make a living around artifacts and basically that qualified you to make that judgement call. I told you to show us examples and you never showed one. Kac even joined with you after you made that statement when neither of you had any factual basis for it!! I have a real simple yes or no question for you and Kac . Does the date on my bottle match the styles on these authenticated bottle seals from the 1700s? Yes or No? Of
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