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  1. I am betting Jeff it will work as good or better than what we got now. I think that was by design...
  2. Well today I was thinking it ran better on the beach with the wire.....I need some more time to prove or disprove that...
  3. Andy Sabichs has already showed the Deus II smacking a 14 inch quarter in the wet sand on Facebook.
  4. Lets see Jeff ...Why do I assume they need a iron bias? They copied the Nox all the way down to the tones so I figured they might as well go ahead and make it the rest of the way... Look honestly I don't care one way or the other. Like I was said I done with it till she thought it was a good idea to bring me up in her video and try to discredit me with her statement about experienced hunters knowing better. Then she came out with the BS about how easy it was to install iron bias and all that bull crap... If it was that easy it would have already been done! The only reason I have not blasted them to no end is Dilek has always been nice to me and I have tried to be controlled about this whole fiasco...If it was Garrett, Deus, Fisher, or Minelab that was trying to pass this clown show off as a Legend I would have already let them have it....Come to think of it that's not really fair to my viewers ....Let me go get my go pro ..... I try to respect Steve's low drama policy and that is WHY I did not post that video here...
  5. I was done commenting on the legend till she brought me up in her video and acted like I had no idea what I was talking about.
  6. Deus has multiple filters Silencer, traditional disc setting, bottle cap reject , and salt sens all at your control. Would you rather have a iron bias setting which is very easy to do as Dilek said at your own control or have all the filters preset by the engineers? You will ONLY have a notch setting on the Legend at this point and no control over iron discrimination settings (filters) at this point .... Not everyone is as technical with detectors as we are...I run low disc and zero iron bias..I can hear the iron false etc etc...... Now I spend a ton of time detecting....There are people who do not ever master detectors nor do they have the time to do so...BUT they like to hunt when they have time..To me this detector will have a lot of people from that camp because of the price-point....I think they should have every tool to help them ....IRON BIAS Even a Vanquish 540 has iron bias.....Wonder why? Do you think the iron bias setting should be added she said it is easy to do???? Maybe they got the iron filtering correct all across the board ...What if they didn't and it loves iron? What then ? Time will tell..
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