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  1. I saw the same thing.... kinda looks waterproof too but that is just a guess...
  2. Hunting relics in the low country..https://youtu.be/ZPCellSTcOI
  3. Dealing with the heat and high emi conditions..https://youtu.be/1CJnY5NYJWE
  4. A guy on another forum has been in contact with Neil . Neil told him to tell me he had ran it as low as 1. I used the settings Neil gave him in the email.
  5. Competition is great! That is a good looking machine for 299.00
  6. Thanks , I am posting a more in depth video now.
  7. I started with a AT Pro. I had the Nel Tornado and Attack coils that I bought for it. Found some stuff with them and then upgraded my machine BTW they are heavy as crap. This is what I found out after sinking another $500 bucks into AT pro.... There are machines out there that will blister it with factory coils. My advice is if your hunting relics save your money and upgrade,,,,, I have many videos on my channel of the AT SERIES getting spanked by other detectors. primarily the Equinox and Deus on both depth and separation in iron. That is my 2 cents for free...
  8. Testing out the Jones beach Land program...
  9. That's a good question .. My guess would be a inch to two .
  10. Looking at the filters in coin fast and deep..
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