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  1. The Nox was impressive on my local beach with the 15 inch coil. No great finds in this short 3 min video.
  2. calabash digger

    Equinox Live Dig Video...

    If you had told me I would be swinging a Minelab for relics a year and a half ago I would have laughed in your face. The Equinox has turned out to be a good companion to my Deus and I feel that I have the bases covered. This is the Equinox on a 1700s to 1800s plantation site.
  3. calabash digger

    Relics From Yesterdays Hunt

    Finds from the cabins..
  4. Testing the coil in my garden...
  5. Got a invite to hunt a site with some rough ground (for my area) and the Nox did great!
  6. calabash digger

    X35 Or Hf Coil???

    Sorry I have not responded sooner. Yes the X35 9 or 11 should have a little more depth. The X35 would be a better coin hunting coil...
  7. calabash digger

    What Numbers Are You Digging?

    What numbers do you dig? Check this out.LOW NUMBERS!
  8. calabash digger

    X35 Or Hf Coil???

    Here is a look at both coils Hope this helps.
  9. calabash digger

    Deus High End Notch .....

  10. calabash digger

    Todays Button Bear Hunt...

    check this out...
  11. calabash digger

    War Of 1812 Bear Hunt

    check this out...button bear hunt..
  12. Hope this video helps someone with their next detector purchase..
  13. calabash digger

    Rutus Alter 71

    Testing out my new rutus alter 71..
  14. calabash digger

    Omg !!! Hammered Coin Found.

    Congrats on a great find!