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  1. Maybe one day I can fly out and hunt Gold with you or vice versa....
  2. Thanks Steve I see where your coming from ...swinging the 11 in sage brush would be tough.. I should make myself clear in all my videos I am speaking from my relic hunting perspective. I do in some but forgot to mention it in this one.
  3. Found a Union gun pit and went to work with the Deus..
  4. Thanks , I cant wait to see what else comes from that area.
  5. Hit the Camp with my buddy....Equinox 800 was the detectors we used.
  6. Hunt the camp didnt go so good BUT found a few relics...
  7. My thoughts on both detectors.https://youtu.be/7bKlNglAMss
  8. That is where a Deus and a Equinox have a leg up on a Tesoro.. Elevated iron above a non ferrous. A concentric coil on a Tesoro will smoke a dd on a same plane nail test. I will give up a little on the same plane iron to have that see thru on the 3d iron. Seems to me iron is more likely to be 3D on a real relic site... I have not tested the multi kruzer.
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