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  1. Tested the the 5 for just a minute on EMI... instantly became chatty when switched from 4 kh... Something going on with the 4kh... stable..
  2. You caught park 2....actually I am not a coin hunter and I am aware of the different algorithms for each mode... I am a relic hunter and use park 2 for that purpose....so I dont really test in other modes much.
  3. I have always had better results with 7 kh than 19 kh with the Deus on deep silver... Lower freqs have always smacked silver in my garden better. My understanding has always been lower freqs better on silver....Notice the lower freq lost the gold coin and higher smacked it....Higher freq gold= lower silver...
  4. A great topic...Lot of factors come into my mind... Easy to use comfort tones how does it handle iron..... So no in my in my mind raw depth is not all that matters.
  5. Free updates are part of the game now....Deus been doing it for years....Nokta started too....IMO it does make them money as it is a selling point for their detector. I love my Equinox and have hunted countless hours with it... I am on my 3rd breakdown and have been down over 30 days ....KUDOS Minelab.... I am coming down off my soap box NOW... new unit will be here Wednesday...back to the business of finding the goods and testing the new update!!
  6. Me and Buddy Flagman went to a site that I had land hunted and decided to get in the water. It was a blast and found a few good relics...
  7. It was confirmed by minelab it was a so called refurbished unit....A unit someone sent back because it had problems.......The guy from down under said I would have a new one shipped Monday...
  8. I think it cracks around the battery from the torque caused by swinging it back and forth over time. That is just my theory...I had to burp my machine one time after using it in the water....external speaker went low volume and after the burp it was back to normal....that is I had to remove the battery per minieab service department advice. The purpose was to release the pressure buildup in the unit. I love the Equinox but I am VERY aggravated with the breaks downs I have had.
  9. The group of water hunters I know have all been singing the blues.....Funny thing neither of my flooded units saw much water time ..20 hrs maybe....
  10. I am ready to ditch it....waiting for another company to step up with a multi freq....will deal with it till then. Its a performer no doubt in my soil. I am very unhappy with it......
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