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  1. Thanks for the info...My Knowledge on bottles is weak but growing every trip...
  2. Congrats! The Deus with a HF coil beats the Equinox in heavy iron hands down... Love my Equinox too but each detector has its place... Also if your hunting thick iron for non ferrous Full Tones is NOT the best way to do it...here is a video I made of Full tones VS my pitch program. First 5 minutes will show you why not to use full tones in heavy iron... I hunted the Deus in full tones when I started with it but discovered its weakness after countless hours of use...https://youtu.be/647LkipPlEk
  3. Paddle wheeler steamer I would guess... We call them chunkers…. don't know why they got chunked..
  4. Me and Flagman hit another good spot....https://i.postimg.cc/dQX7sWWS/IMG-2893.jpg
  5. A beep and dig is just to boring to keep my attention.... I need the 50 tones of the Equinox to keep me entertained. Analog detectors are boring to me..to each his on....I also like the meter....part of the excitement is knowing or having a good idea of whats under the coil...like silver ,coin, etc...
  6. They are washing down and believe some were just chunkers...
  7. Me and flagman went out for a underwater adventure... The pics are of both of our finds...
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