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  1. Thanks for the info...My Knowledge on bottles is weak but growing every trip...
  2. Congrats! The Deus with a HF coil beats the Equinox in heavy iron hands down... Love my Equinox too but each detector has its place... Also if your hunting thick iron for non ferrous Full Tones is NOT the best way to do it...here is a video I made of Full tones VS my pitch program. First 5 minutes will show you why not to use full tones in heavy iron... I hunted the Deus in full tones when I started with it but discovered its weakness after countless hours of use...https://youtu.be/647LkipPlEk
  3. Paddle wheeler steamer I would guess... We call them chunkers…. don't know why they got chunked..
  4. Me and Flagman hit another good spot....https://i.postimg.cc/dQX7sWWS/IMG-2893.jpg
  5. A beep and dig is just to boring to keep my attention.... I need the 50 tones of the Equinox to keep me entertained. Analog detectors are boring to me..to each his on....I also like the meter....part of the excitement is knowing or having a good idea of whats under the coil...like silver ,coin, etc...
  6. They are washing down and believe some were just chunkers...
  7. Me and flagman went out for a underwater adventure... The pics are of both of our finds...
  8. Hit a new spot for about 30 minutes and these showed up...
  9. 3D test in ground Vanquish won. Silver coin same plane in nails simplex....both were deep in my garden with the Vanquish being more telling in what was under the coil.
  10. That would be interesting to take that to the last site I hunted....It was the servant cabins on a 1700s era plantation. There was machine gun iron for at least a 100 yards by 75 yards in a area. That would have kept you busy for the rest of your life digging all those signals but I know if we did we would be surprised at how many masked non ferrous targets would be in there. I have sifted a few sites and found numerous deep non ferrous masked in the iron... Time, effort ,and reward...not gonna give up my VLF anytime soon....
  11. Majority of targets in my soil on relic sites are 7 inches or deeper.....So the statement Kac made about the majority being shallow does not apply to my area. I have found quite a few virgin home sites over the last few years.....guess where the MAJORITY of targets were located???? In the thick iron....Dug 27 military buttons from one site myself.
  12. My buddy has a old Explorer I have tested ..it will run circles around the Apex..
  13. Joe dont take this wrong way but I dont follow the logic that because its their first attempt at a Multi they get a free pass. A $400.00 detector that is sub par in performance against the other two in the price range. Deus put together a group of guys years ago and Minelab also and look at what they have done. The Deus group was new to detector development.....they set the bar... Could you tell us about the issues with the Equinox other companies have mastered... Build quality? Leaking?
  14. phurnt as I understand it they would have have to be shipped back to the factory for a update.....So from where I live to Texas would be about 40 bucks one way...So 80.00 bucks in shipping on a $400 dollar detector to update it. Unless you could do it on a computer....??? Hmmmm
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