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  1. We had a battle with Covid. We were very sick but we are well now with a few lingering side effects...Fatigue being the main one.
  2. It has been a long summer at work due to the labor shortage but I manage to sneak away today..
  3. I have a trip planned for Sunday and cant wait to get out there. Work has had my full attention as we are short on help this year. My wife bought me a new toy which has absolutely nothing to do with treasure hunting here is a look at it...
  4. Well it turned out to be a bigger project than I thought!!
  5. Took the ark out to a new spot and a few good ones showed up...The O K KOLA is a very rare bird...
  6. I do not mess with shells... I know guys who do and more power to them..
  7. Me and Flagman hit a new spot and looked what turned up.
  8. I need to look into the stabilizers
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