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  1. I have a few friends who've never been panning/detecting before ... a couple of whom have never even been camping ... even car-camping! So now that I'm done with SAR and have some availability, I'm going to go show them a good time. =) I was looking at Auburn SRA's Mineral Bar, but it does not look like they take reservations there and we're coming from the Bay Area (about 4 hours out.) Any suggestions on a good backup spot? Any good access points to NF land we could camp on and then drive in? Thanks in advance! -Mike
  2. My house in SJ was all farmland until the 1960s. Envious of you all who have stuff to hunt. =D Beep on! -mox
  3. Eh, it's car-camping. Two nights tops. I have extra gear and I don't mind humping gear for 'em or carrying the trip. Worst case - we sit around the campsite, hang out, maybe drink a few and relax while enjoying being out of city-life for a while. Panning/sluicing/detecting is a distraction/side-effect (heresy, yes, I know) but the goal is they have a good time first and foremost. If they get into a few little flakes or some dust to show off later ... so much the better. They'll pull a little color out of just about anywhere up there with a little elbow-grease - I simply don't know the easy access/easy camping spots. I usually don't pay much attention or look for easy places since I have no problem doing multi-day out of a backpack; easy places are usually hit harder by "everyone else" and I like a bit of solitude when I can escape the craziness of the Valley. -mox
  4. So I have a few people here at work who've never detected, sluiced, panned or, in one case, even camped! I'm looking to take care of all of those in one fell swoop with the caveat -- they're really not in good shape for humping around the backcountry. I'm looking at putting everyone in my truck and taking them up to the Mother Lode area of California (coming up from the Bay Area.) Requirements: 1) Near an easy-access stream for panning/sluicing 2) Drive-up campsite or SUPER easy hike in/out. Emphasis on "not in good shape" for some of the party. 3) Area is amenable to detecting (Taking a GB2 and v3i. v3i is not optimal but hopefully better than nothing.) I was thinking about the Auburn Rec area - I seem to remember a campground under/near a bridge but it's been a very very long time since I've been there. Maybe it was Mineral Bar? I wasn't driving and don't remember. 😛 Something like Ruck-a-Chucky might be doable but it's up away from the river a bit. Another option is camping BLM land if the hike in is short/easy - something around Columbia that might be unclaimed. If anyone knows of the correct terrain/area I'll research the claims in that area. This is more of a "fun trip" instead of a "hunt hard" trip but I'd like to get them into a little color and get them hooked - could use a prospecting buddy or two if I can get them into shape. =D Thanks! -mox
  5. Not sure when this was updated; Steve's post on the v3i back in September mentioned that White's wasn't making them so I'm guessing that this is newer. It does note that it's not v3i compatible as Steve found out - DFX/MXT are the only two listed. http://www.whiteselectronics.net/calif/accessories_loops_.htm It does say "Currently Unavailable" so I'm not sure if it's too new or if it's dead. -mox
  6. The v3i is an interesting beast too because not only does it tell you "at what level" something will respond on the various frequencies but you can flip the display and see exactly HOW it responds via the "arrows" and "loops" screens. Based on those additional screen you may get a hint whether it's a "dig" or a "pass." Google for "v3i custom programs" and you can find out what other people have come up with. It's almost like a car-modding scene with people developing different programs for different locations and environments. Definitely a "stick shift" kind of detector if you want it to be. =)
  7. So I've ended up in Arnold, California for a couple of days with a GB2. Any recommendations for locations to detect within, say, 30 minutes? It seems like there should be some due to the proximity to Columbia and Angel's Camp. Thanks! -mox
  8. Oh, that reminds me. We were looking for SAR vehicles and conversion companies at one point and ran across a bunch of Econoline 350s which were all modded up. The same company does stuff with the Sprinters. Enjoy - http://www.sportsmobile.com/penthouse-expandable-top/
  9. FWIW.... Widths! 2k3 Tacoma 66.5" CJ5 68.5" 2k5 4Runner 73.8" 2k5 Astro (van) 77.5" 2015 MB/ Sprinter 79.7" <-- OP/topic vehicle 2k2 Avalanche 79.8" Interesting that my truck (Avalanche, based on Silvarado truck chassis) is over a foot wider (13"!) than the 2k3 Tacoma but only about 6" wider than a 2k5 4Runner. -mox
  10. Looks like you have the essentials but I'd add/change a couple of things. Add a compass with mirror and know how to use it. If you're way out in the boonies: a Spot or DeLorme InReach or PLB. I'd cut down on the pills and go with something like a Sawyer Squeeze. Those pills are nasty and not really good for you. The other purification methods can make life much more pleasant and you get access to water faster. Personally I use a Steripen. My headlamp and flashlight both use the same CR123s so I don't usually carry extras. Pills are a good backup if you can stand them. =) Besides, if I'm really out of the way I'll likely be using this in a "non-emergency" situation so I don't hump too much water. I would swap the poncho for 2 heavy-duty leaf bags (garbage bags.) Super useful for rain-gear, shelter, water collection, etc. I don't carry matches + lighter, I opted for a Swedish firesteel and lighter. I've been very happy with that switch. I carry a small medical kit - couple advil, a couple bandaids, a couple sudafed, a couple benadryl, a couple "baby asprin" (81mg) etc. Usually 2-4 pills each, tops. -mox
  11. Cannot wait to hear which it is. G'luck out there! =)
  12. The v3i is a *beast* insofar as "configurability." The book alone doesn't do it justice and is almost a joke - you'll have to read the forums and advanced guides as you've already noted. Here's another set: http://forums.whiteselectronics.com/showthread.php?46072-V3i-Advanced-User-s-Guide It's interesting because you can run it in single, double or triple-frequency modes and it'll actually process all of them simultaneously. Can't wait to see your thoughts on it! -mox
  13. My thinking: 4 C-cells but you're probably carrying a backup set if you're far from your truck/camp/etc for a total of 8. Depends on the environment and the person.
  14. NY, USA http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/883812-REG/Powerex_MHRCI2_IMEDION_Ready_When.html For the Aus crowd: http://www.videoguys.com.au/Shop/p/24312/maha-powerex-imedion-rechargable-5000mah-c-batteries-2-pack-mhrci2.html UK/Euro: http://www.tantronics.co.uk/acatalog/C_Size_Rechargeable_NiMH_Batteries.html And no-one has yet brought up custom battery packs in fanny packs or in the backpack. Drop the weight off of your arm and put all 8 C-cells (in serial/parallel as needed) and just go
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