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  1. Thanks hopefully I'll be able to add some more smaller nuggets to the collection this year with one of those machines. Yea I haven't heard anyone who has complemented those headphones hahaha shame they didnt do better with them but I heard the external speaker is pretty loud so thats good.
  2. I have been detecting for a few years with my GMT it has found me some nice pieces but nothing really small I manually ground balance it most of the time. The area I work is loaded with smaller pieces that i know i should be picking up I tried the shooter coil for my GMT but its too erratic the first one I had worked great for about a week then it failed I sent it in and got another replacement which seems to be just as erratic as the previous one ended up no matter what the gain is set at. From my reading it seems to be a common problem some people get lucky and get a good one I didnt so I just gave up on it but the 10" coil have found some decent pickers but I know its not cleaning up the area like I want. Id love to grab me a PI and go deeper in the area but I cant justify myself spending that much for the limited amount of time I get in the area and the short season I have due to work so I just will get a more sensitive detector and pick up the small bits in the area hopefully. Here is some of my Wyoming gold. Its hard to miss a 1.67oz nugget no matter the detector lol But I wouldnt have a problem digging those up all the time. I dont have pictures of my smaller pickers they are in another bottle i use for testing in the field.
  3. Well thanks guys for the insight on the detector I appreciate all the replies maybe I'll grab one up in the future and try it in some new areas I do like the turn on and go feature. It that really makes detecting a lot easier than always tuning the manual ground balance on a detector but I tend to run even my GMT in manual and have luck with it. I will probably use the GB2 and the GM for cleaning up areas an use my GMT for areas that are more covered in overburden with the 10" coil on there for maybe larger deeper targets since it has always done well for me in that department maybe I can one day grab me up a nice PI later down the road and go a little deeper in some areas. Hopefully everyone gets their problems sorted out with their detectors its never any fun to deal with faulty equipment which does happen from time to time. Sometimes it can be the users and sometimes the parts everything takes a little bit of learning but sounds like you guys have it figured out if your getting the gold. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks for the reply Kiwi. Yea I guess its sensitivity could be an operator problem in these cases I hear about. It's always nice to be able to run the detector as sensitive as possible if the ground will allow it luckily the mineralization isn't too bad where I prospect here in Wyoming either but the dense sagebrush is definitely a problem for swinging a detector for me. Yea I have heard the headphones are really uncomfortable quite a few times it seems to be a very common problem. Its a shame that the detector didnt come with a better set. Yea the GB2 is probably going to be my best bet for the main area I prospect. But who knows maybe I can run into someone with a Monster out detecting who will let me test it out and see how it handles an if it is capable of working through the brush effectively or not.
  5. Awesome gold you got there Kiwi looks like you got your tuning down on all the detectors. Great write up too I appreciate the information guys I might need to added a few gold detectors to my collection then. Thanks for the replys
  6. Is falsing still a problem on the Gold Monster? Reason I ask I'm currently in the market for a detector Im looking at a GB2 mainly but I think I might get a Monster later down the road to add to the assortment of gold detectors. I have read many posts on various pages and forums saying that the coil falses a lot when brushed against something which could be a problem for me. I currently hunt in really thick sage brush an I really dont want the detector going off all the time in the brush that is one reason I plan on picking up the GB2 first because I heard its stays really stable and you can put the coil to the dirt. Has the Monster been updated since its release? do they plan on updating anything on the Monster like headphone jacks or keeping the sensitivity under control to reduce falsing?
  7. In your opinion or experience what is the deepest smallest picker that you found with a VLF? Which VLF detector do you think does the best with depth and sensitivity?
  8. Well thanks for the info I know me and plenty others appreciate your efforts keep it up!
  9. Them would be fine by me. Just a cool if not cooler than a nugget in my book. Awesome find keep it up!
  10. A speci is still on my bucket list. I have yet to find one but I keep looking. Great job on the find it looks really great!
  11. Thanks I will have to keep my eye out for one to try on my GMT never heard of that one before but sounds like yall are having luck with it!
  12. What does the long scan coil for the GM II look like it is the eclipse or gold max?
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