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  1. To find something, anything gold, I tried beaches, water detecting, playgrounds, etc... and finally scored! 😂 10k. Rang up 13-14 on the Equinox 600 which is usually pull tabs.
  2. I got a pack of these to use as well. I actually have one of the factory screen protectors on, with the Zagg on top and covering all the whole face. The Zagg works great for protecting everything. I've hunted at least 10 hours in the water now too and the Zagg has stayed firmly stuck with no water seeping under.
  3. Alaska Mining and Diving Supply. When I contacted them, they were out, but put me on their waiting list. It must have been short because it was only a week or two before they contacted me and said they had one with nobody's name on it. That was just a week ago.
  4. Dukester

    6" Coil Making Me Happy

    Nice finds. My 6" coil came yesterday. Mounted it up and played around with it in the backyard. Sure is nice swinging that light little coil! Looking forward to the weekend to try it out in the wild.
  5. Dukester

    Equinox 6" Coil

    I got an email tonight from Brian at AMDS saying he had a six inch coil with no one's name on it, so i called him and ordered it!
  6. Dukester

    Equinox 6" Coil

    Now I'm bummed. Got an email stating my money was refunded because they had a gitch in there system showing it in stock when it was not.
  7. Dukester

    Equinox 6" Coil

    I got on the waiting list about 2weeks ago with Serious Detecting and got an email last night saying it was in stock. I got online with the store and they showed one in stock, so into my cart it went and on to checkout! Looking forward to trying it out!
  8. Dukester

    6" Coils Are Here

    Good to hear that since I just got notified of one in stock and went ahead and ordered it!
  9. Dukester

    Glad I Waited For An '800'

    Looks like you've gotten some nice finds and I'm glad your liking the 800. I'm not Bayard, but I choice the 600 over the 800 partly because it was available then and because I didn't have any need for the WM08 module, nor did I think I'd do much tweaking with the extra settings on the 800 (and indeed, I seldom find myself changing much from the factory settings on the 600). I bought a pair of aptX LL headphones on sale before my 600 arrived for less then $50. So, with the $250 I saved over the 800, I spent $50 on the aptX LL headphones and I still have $200 to use for six inch coil.
  10. Dukester

    Need Some Help On Beach 1 Or Beach 2

    I think you might be confusing Park 2 and/or Field 2 with Beach 2. Park 2 and Field 2 should be more sensitive to small gold then Park 1 or Park 2, but Beach modes do not work that way. Beach 1 seems intended for Wet and Dry Sand and Beach 2 for in the water.
  11. Dukester

    Cheap Carbon Fiber Shaft

    After taking my 600 in the water a couple times, I decided to make a one piece upper shaft like NSC did. I got a 22 x 20 x 1000 carbon fiber shaft for about $28 with express shipping (could have left free ground for $5 less) and a plugger shaft lock for $13 both from eBay. I made my shaft 26" long, carefully marked and drilled all my holes, sealed them with superglue and put it all back together. Super tight lock up and looks great! Cost me only $41.
  12. Dukester

    ID Help Please Of Equinox Finds

    According to results I found by googling, here is some info on the cartridge case... Headstamp: Impressed F.V.V. Co. Company: Fitch, Van Vechten & Co. Years: 1864-1865 Found on: .56-46 Spencer, .56-50 Spencer and .56-52 Spencer I also found this picture... Here is an interesting article with info about the Spencer rifle/cartridges and a little diagram to help you id which specific cartridge it is.
  13. Dukester

    How About A Treasure Hunt!

    Yahoo!! Now if only I could figure out Fenn's treasure location I'd be able to retire!
  14. Dukester

    How About A Treasure Hunt!

    Haserot Beach on Old Mission Point in Grand Traverse County, Michigan. Home to Cherry festivals and wineries.