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  1. I live in WA, along the Columbia River, and my local native soils are highly mineralized. In certain areas my Mojave is more chatty, almost unusable, than my Silver regardless of coil selection; might be EMI but not likely given the rural locations? I have owned 11 Tesoro models (4 & 5 pin) and tried nearly every coil option over the last 12yrs searching for that perfect combo for my ground. My Mojave is paired with a 3x18 cleansweep coil 95% of the time and I use it for tot lots & sports fields for shallow drops. I also use the stock 7 and concentric 4 occasionally when I'm curious if other machines have missed a nonferrous target in an iron infested site but feel either the Silver or Outlaw are better suited, in my soil, for iron discrimination-separation. I will always own one or more Tesoro's; simple beep-dig fun and possibly the best iron separator in my ground.
  2. Might take it to a hardware store and get a nylon plug or a metal plug with o-ring. My understanding is It's more of a dust plug than watertight.
  3. Today, as I moved towards High Tension lines, my 800 acted up while running Park 1 in Multi IQ. Noise Cancel had no affect nor did changing to Park 2. I decided to run through the frequencies. 5k was noisier, 10k a little better, 15k & up was quiet so I continued in 15kHz. One more Equinox learned item for me.
  4. I can conclude by the responses that not all hearing abilities and preferences are the same if l got a good set of 800 headphones. I prefer to be wireless, Deus user too, but also know how I prefer to hear tones. After being wired for several years it'll be my choice again if that's how I best hear the tones of the 800. Thank you, I appreciate everyones feedback.
  5. Mine put out plenty of volume. I used muffled as a term for clarity, maybe airy is a better term. Have you compared your wireless to wired phones? It may be my set?
  6. New 800 charged last night for an old rodeo grounds hunt with Tiftaaft today. I've pulled a barber quarter and dime as well as a buffalo and wheats out of there so my expectations are always high. I only found a few coins, one wheat, but Tiftaaft has a good story he may share. The tones in my headphones sound muffled, not clean/crisp. I tried Tim's wired phones supplied with his 600 and the sound was much crisper. Is this normal, if so, I need to get an adapter and hook up my Pro Golds.
  7. I recovered this platinum ring for a couple on the North Jetty. Now I know a couple folks down there that may be able to help out.
  8. We spent our 30th wedding anniversary at Cape Disappointment... odd, since we've always been happy and coming up on 36! Never thought about digging and sluicing prefer to swing and dig or scoop. I enjoy water hunting in the summer.
  9. Thanks for the welcome aboard folks. Wow, two hunters from Florence OR on here; North Jetty beaches must get cleaned often. Spent 8 yrs over two tours in North Bend flying out of there and Newport. Always enjoyed working with MLB Sta Siuslaw River.
  10. New to this site and like what I've read and how folks respond to one another. Bought my first machine at 13 in 1973 from Roy Lagal with steer sale money. It was a Garrett Ghostowner beep and dig with a strength & battery test meter. I found enough silver to buy my second machine in 81', a Garrett Deepseeker ADS, I still own the Ghostowner. Didn't detect from 83' to 2013 and boy don't I regret it. Fewer restrictions and I was East of the Mississippi 8+ of those yrs from 83-91. In 2008, after 26yrs in the Army & Coast Guard, I retired and 5 yrs later opened a box containing my Ghostowner. The new technology after 40 yrs and this thing called a pinpointer is amazing. It's been a blast rediscovering our hobby for the past 4+ yrs. I met Tiftaaft at a club hunt last year and even though we live a few hours away from each other we try to hunt together a couple times per month. Look fwd to learning my newest Minelab (800) which should be here Monday or Tues. May you find time to enjoy our hobby and dig or scoop a little silver and gold along the way.
  11. Mine is enroute today so I'm sure these will help if you have an extra. Thank you kind sir. Del
  12. Nice work! When we meet next week try to save me a couple easy ones.
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