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  1. Mine deteriorated in fresh water (never saw ocean). I think it was the fiberglass resin somehow chemically attacking the PVC outer jacket on the coiled cable. But that is just my opinion.
  2. I for one am looking forward to the tons of dredging stuff you will post, Steve!
  3. Looks like the Equinox is an 8-layer circuit board. You can see the 8 little white outlined boxes in the upper middle edge of the board. There is a #1 in the first box, for layer 1. Only reason I know is I do PCB Design and development for a living, and that's the way I indicate my layer stacks as well. 🙂
  4. Sold my ATX early this year. Had coil replaced once under warranty for the curley coil cable jacket cracking. Garrett told the dealer that would be the LAST and ONLY time they would replace for this particular defect. So got the brand new replacement coil at the doorstep and thought before I installed it, I would check the coil cable - can you guess?...Yep, brand new coil right from the factory had the cracks in the jacket! And before you say it wouldn't affect performance - try running it in SALT water like I did with the original coil...false signals and would not balance in the end, even af
  5. Every point you hit on Steve, is SPOT ON! Could not AGREE with you more. That's why I sold my ATX... Many more (if there are any owners left) will do so as well Beav
  6. Nice description and explanation of this mod, Jim! Thanks for sharing with the forum. Beav
  7. Which exact model of Avantree unit is this Voyager32? Was gonna order the same off Amazon or AliExpress but want the same ones you have so I know they will work. Thanks ~~Beav
  8. Hey Chris. I have been following these new video's you have created, on your youtube channel. Would just like to say I really appreciate your donation of time and your sharing of knowledge for all to enjoy and learn. Beav
  9. I would say this is a small inconvenience versus the performance you are gaining by using the coil. That's the way i would personally look at it. Beav
  10. Hi Steve. I just want to say I personally appreciate ALL the work you are putting in to do this. I have enjoyed the "old" Steve's Mining Journal a lot over the years. Now you are making it even better with hi-res pics and new format. So, I just want to say THANK YOU. Beav
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