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  1. It's good news to know that performance is not as bad as the appearance, but it definitely needs a facelift. Thanks guys.
  2. I just bought on eBay this coil minelab "super goldsearch 18". I bought it as a project for the tdi. I showed it to a friend with many years in the hobby, he told me that he had seen it many years ago and that he remembers it for the "beautiful design". It looks like the lid of a garbage can. According to when it was manufactured, it was a very expensive coil, designeg for the SD, but it has no more information. Does anyone know anything about this coil?
  3. I increased the voltage of the nimh package that comes standard in the SL. I bought a voltage booster on eBay for less than $ 1 and adjusted the output to 15.8v. The voltage will be constant at 15.8v until the battery pack delivers less than 2v. The nimh batteries can be discharged at a lower voltage than the lithium ion without suffering premature death. I have dozens of eneloop at home and I plan to make another package with them. I know that lithium-ion batteries offer greater intensity and less weight, but I will deplete all existing resources before investing in more unnecessary batteries. According to the manufacturer it has an efficiency of 93% in the conversion. If the voltage of the battery is closer to the voltage set in the voltage booster, the conversion efieciency will be greater. I want to think that the real efficiency is 85%. So you lose about 30 minutes of operation. Assuming that the voltage increase has a real benefit, it's worth it. I can’t show pictures because I do not have the Tdi with me.
  4. I've heard good things about the Razorback 14 "DD, I think it was made by Miner John, but they are no longer available, I could go for the 14" mono, but right now it's out of my budget.
  5. The company seems to have done its activity 3 years ago, but still keeps some videos on youtube. I think I'll keep looking for the 12 "dd of the whites. Thanks Steve.
  6. Greeting everyone I was looking for a coil to use on the beach with my TDI SL. Mainly I was looking for stock 12 "dd but I did not find anything used, I have the 7.5dd and I consider that for hunting on the beach it is too small. I found online the" scarab mono 18 "x14" from pmcoils. I have not seen any information on this coil, I was mainly looking for a DD because I had the dual field of surfmaster for a while and it went very well with those coils, but I could give the mono coil a chance if he found any positive information. . If some use this coil or know some information, I would appreciate your opinion. Thanks
  7. I knew I had to have a simple solution, and there it is. I really appreciate your help. Thank you
  8. I'm not saying that mono coil does not work well on the beach, i never use it. But if whites designed the surf master with the dual field, maybe, between the mono and the dual field, the dual is the best coil that works in wet sand. My opinion.
  9. Hello everyone. I have a question about the model of a 7.5 "white coil for the TDI, it does not have labels that differentiate the dual field of the mono. I am a beach hunter and I think if it is the mono I would not do it well. I have seen images online and the only noticeable visual difference is the color of the cable, one is darker than the other. Any ideas?
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