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  1. I have the Blu3 setup Redneck, but have not used it yet due to various unforeseen events and full time work. Maybe this coming summer. I’ll do a write up if so. Mike
  2. I hope the surgery goes well Goldseeker with a full recovery. Mike
  3. I’m real sorry for the passing of your dad Reggie. What prospecting suprises those detectors must have must have revealed for father. All the best, Mike
  4. Looks great on my iPad Steve. I like it much better that before. Mike
  5. Real nice Peg. Yes, stay off the couch and get out there. Mike
  6. Interesting thread Kris, please keep posting on your venture and equipment performance. Mike
  7. I am also am interested in the tines you’ll be getting Compass. Thanks, Mike
  8. Real nice Reese. Looking forward to your posts and new books. I’ve learned some new clues to watch for while prospecting from your first book, The Nugget Shooters Field Guide. Useful pointers concerning past hydrolic pits and ground sluicing operations. Have a great hunt, Mike
  9. Thanks strick I’ll check the smaller ones out. Yes Fred the mole are after the grubs and worms. Hey, maybe if I try fishing for them with a worm on a tiny hook. Ha ha, I may have something there. Easier on the yard and such as well Lunk.
  10. Thanks for the link Strick, I’ll try those. My bigger problem is moles. Any suggestion for getting rid of them? My gogher traps just don’t get them.
  11. Really nice garden and yard area strick. I know a lot of effort (work) goes into building and maintaining a place like that. I too have gopher problems and use wire mesh under a lot of crops. There’re pretty easy to catch, but moles, on the other hand, are really tough for me to trap. What a mess they make with their mounds. Anyway, great job and looks like a good partner. Mike
  12. Hi Rolls, great first post. Do you folks have an estimate of purity of pieces like these? Mike
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