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  1. I’m glad you brought this up Steve. I was debating whether to let you know of a recent experience just like this. I posted the need for an original SDC 2300 coil a while back. I received a PM through the forum, by a “member”, about an individual who had a coil for sale. This guy provided a gmail address to contact an individual outside of the forum. I contacted this person and danced around availability, cost and shipping to the point I just told him I was suspicious of the whole thing and was ending it. After this I went back to the forum to look up the “member” status of the one who send the PM about the guy with the coil. A brand new member with no posts. His only activity was to send the PM to me. Thanks for bringing this issue to light Steve, Mike
  2. I’m looking forward to more pictures and writings about your sniping blackjack. Also how you make out with the Nox 800. Nice looking country you have to explore and prospect. Mike
  3. Over the years I’ve found quite a few very small pieces of platinum here in Northern California. Attached is a small piece of platinum and a small flake of gold. These are about 10 mesh. This piece looks much like what you’ve found Dringle1122. Mike
  4. What a great day sniping 1864hatter. After Christmas found gift. Nice solid gold nuggets. Mike
  5. Yes, I have it and like it. Haven't looked at it in a while.
  6. A fun and low impact way to prospect for gold, especially to explore new areas for further effort with other means. Looks like you’re on a great area and recovering very well. Mike
  7. The little sluice will tell him if there’s gold in the creek. A pan would do just as good, maybe better with practice. Mike
  8. Thank Barry, for all you and your people do for the mining community as well as all the other folks who use “Land Matters”. An amazing collection of information on one site. Check it out if you haven’t. Mike
  9. My favorite is a small perfectly formed nugget found in a bedrock crack with a Gold Bug II. It was a rather large crack with about a 1/4 pan of material. I scraped the sand and small rocks into my gold pan and washed it in the Salmon River of Northern California. Out of the black sand popped and golden nugget in the perfect size and shape of a cucumber seed. I garden a lot and was just amazed about this golden seed and how it must have been polished over the years into this shape. Just brilliant in contrast to the black sand around it. I think I still have it somewhere. If so, I’ll post a picture. Mike
  10. Chris Ralph also has a great website with a lot of information. Articles, and videos that would be very interesting to a young prospector. Old prospectors too. 😉 http://nevada-outback-gems.com/prospect/chris_prospect.htm Good luck, Mike
  11. Thanks for the heads up on these boots Gerry. I just ordered a pair from Danner. Only $76.00, regular $190.00. Mike
  12. MSC, I agree with Steve. Find a way and go. We are not guaranteed things will be ant better in the near or far future. Time will pass and eventually all of us will too. Diesel here in NorCal is $7.00 per gallon, TODAY. I’m planning on detecting, prospecting and deer hunting this summer and fall as much as I can, using my older Yamaha quad a great deal in the National Forest here in the northwest. I’ll be using my camp trailer for staying close to where I’ll be venturing. Mike
  13. Great link to La Niña - ENSO data. Long read, but looks like more drought conditions for much of the country, USA. Mike
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