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  1. Really nice finds Peg. I’m amazed at how well shark teeth are preserved. Thanks for posting. Good hunting back here out west. Mike
  2. Great job Lunk, or should I say great joy? Some really cool nuggets there. Thanks for showing, Mike
  3. delnorter

    New Guy

    Welcome Cav, what’s your neck of the woods?
  4. This guy, Glen, has some great DIY recipes for taking on outingS. With a some time and effort you can bring along your favorite home meals and snacks. https://www.backpackingchef.com/ Mike
  5. Glad your happy with the outcome 1515. Dave really is a great guy to do business with. He will do pretty much what’s needed to square up with you. Steve those are beautiful specimens. Especially the second one. Mike
  6. You’ve planted and then cultivated a great forum here Steve. You accommodate a wide variety of personalities and opinions to the benefit of all of us. Thank you, Mike Keep up the fine posts JP.
  7. That’s very true about so much of California having not been surveyed Barry. It’s amazing.
  8. Good load Resse, does that coil come with a track ball mounted on bottom to roll it along the ground instead of lifting it? 🥴
  9. Hoping for a speedy recovery Norm. Amazing treatment for spine problems now-days. Mike
  10. If not claimed, it looks like a good area to sweep with some of the detectors on your list.
  11. Really a great post Chase Goldman. You write with a clarity that is easy to follow and understand. Mike
  12. Nice writing Alaskan EOD. Cool little highbanker. I’m going to try the Dream Mat this coming season. Keep contributing to the forum of your Alaska adventures. Mike
  13. Ahh, good one. Any help is truly help. Unless she’s got a tight set of the jaws at you and lobs a chunk through the back window of your truck.
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