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  1. Chris Ralph also has a great website with a lot of information. Articles, and videos that would be very interesting to a young prospector. Old prospectors too. 😉 http://nevada-outback-gems.com/prospect/chris_prospect.htm Good luck, Mike
  2. Thanks for the heads up on these boots Gerry. I just ordered a pair from Danner. Only $76.00, regular $190.00. Mike
  3. MSC, I agree with Steve. Find a way and go. We are not guaranteed things will be ant better in the near or far future. Time will pass and eventually all of us will too. Diesel here in NorCal is $7.00 per gallon, TODAY. I’m planning on detecting, prospecting and deer hunting this summer and fall as much as I can, using my older Yamaha quad a great deal in the National Forest here in the northwest. I’ll be using my camp trailer for staying close to where I’ll be venturing. Mike
  4. Great link to La Niña - ENSO data. Long read, but looks like more drought conditions for much of the country, USA. Mike
  5. It’s amazing the energy those guys, and us as well, get out of a basic staple like beans. I’ve worked real hard, all day long for extended times, but the kind of work these guys did was incredible. Mike
  6. Lanny, the location similarity of gold and fish you mention is very true. They travel much of the same route while on the move as well, but in the opposite direction. A few years ago I monitored a couple Didson Sonar units for a fish counting operation here on the Smith River of Northern California. The salmon and steelhead took definite paths upstream along a zone at the edge of the slower and faster current where gold would settle out of high water. The fish would adjust their route with the river rising or falling. This can also be observed when fishing this river as it clears. The fish often go from an inside bend, in a general diagonal path across the straighter section, to the next inside bend, much how gold can travel at flood stage. Here’s a nice steelhead I caught on the Smith this season. Mike
  7. It’s pretty much the same a little further north of you in the streams Jeffree. I also use the Gold Bug 2. The bedrock is often pretty homogeneous and the gravels are made up of many minerals of the drainage/area. Tough to balance for both. As you know GB2 is a pretty sensitive machine and I just have to adjust as needed. Mike
  8. Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey, my favorite. Great songs in their advertising of it. Mike
  9. Very nice tvanwho. Good for your friend to get out and pull the plow. I’ll bet a lot of work was done to find this gold. Mike
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