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  1. I coin roll hunted about eight or nine years ago. I was hunting through $3,000.00 a week in halves. Found silver paid for many, many toys back then. Then it caught on in my area and everything dried up. Finding banks to take back $3,000.00 a week in rolled coin was a big pain. I eventually made a deal with my local casino to take it all at once, if I played at the tables for at least one hour, which I was doing anyway at the time. I was finding lots of S proof coins. Kids would probably break open their proof sets and spend the coins. You have me wanting to get back to it again. Sure was easy money. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  2. You seemed to have taken quite a lot of pleasure in the different photo angles!!! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  3. My bad Ridge Runner! Always good to go back and re-read a post before commenting. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  4. I LOVE my Sand Shark! Next to the Nox it is the best detector I have ever owned. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  5. I'm surprised any maintained cemetery would give an OK to dig amongst the plots. I thought lots of loved ones would bury or put momentos and jewelry near a grave stone. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  6. I have a 100ft. roll up cloth tape that has a handle like that. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  7. Hayden, I feel your nugget withdrawl pain. I too am a So. Cal. transplant hunting the deserts there. Finding a local prospecting club seems to be a problem with me along the coast. I put myself in a place where there just isn't much gold history along my part of the coast. Way up the coast yes, way down the coast yes, Way, way east yes. But not many clubs to attend to get viable information from. I too had a 2300 but sold it because I left my deserts. Opted for the Nox and 6" coil hoping for some stream gold action. None of yet but still researching it. If you find something keep me in the loop. Can always use a partner. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  8. Now that's one haul of change for that stretch of beach! Great hunt! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  9. Wow!, That's a scary item to find in the beach sand!!! Have found lots of knives but no glass mirrors. That's one for the books. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  10. Hey Dave, Don't trash it, send the cover to me!, I'll even pay postage (unless your overseas somewhere)! Just sayin. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  11. Thanks for the explanation on the "like" concept. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  12. I love to hunt the beaches at zero dark thirty. So relaxing and no people or competition! Seems like you had quite a fruitful hunt. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  13. At two feet I would have been counting my chickens and gold would have been hard to put out of my mind!!!! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  14. Did England years ago for a week. Well worth the trip. Those fields can sure wear you out on those long hunt days. Welcome to the forum. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  15. Yes, Just what flakmagnet says! Or if its just sand your hunting take the cover off. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  16. Wow! What a nice find! It does look like an oldie to me. Great Find! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  17. That's one heck of a die error!!, and you found it with a metal detector and not coin roll hunting!! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  18. They should be spending their time looking for the meteorite. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  19. Please update us your observations with your glued on cover, Steve. Maybe every five hunts to see if the adhesive kept the moisture and sand out. At least you can see through the cover to see if the glue is degrading. Will consider this fix after you have tested it for awhile. Thanks, GaryC/Oregon Coast
  20. Lots of hunters with the same idea! No fix for the sand under the coil cover unless you permanently glue the two together. Cleaning it out after hunting in the water is a must. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  21. It's not worth the time or effort, just wrap it with tape and your done. Mine was returned fixed but there was little or no change in the cam not being able to tighten it down. Tape did the trick. Just my two cents. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  22. That's quite a nice nugget for your first natural gold! You are in a good spot indeed! GaryC/Oregon Coast
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