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  1. My X-Terra served me well for many, many years. I really loved that machine and that 7.5 coil. Moving into my 800 I get the same feeling! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  2. 50/100 years ago!!!! Geeeez I'm old, but not that old. Well wait a minute I guess I am that old. I did hunt those beaches 50 years ago. Dry sand only, back then! Ha! GaryC/OregonCoast.
  3. I would have to hunt midnight to 8 a.m. to miss the locals and crowds. Traffic, competition, kids were just too much distraction to get the job done. Plus the times when you would walk into a run of beached squid was magical and scary with all that expelling water sounds you would hear all around you. I would love those early hunt hours. I miss my So Cal beaches! These central Oregon beaches just aren't bather beaches. Love your finds!!! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  4. I use to hunt the 29 Palms area of the California deserts in the early summer. The thing that would end some of my hunts if I had not checked in advance was the wind. That evil wind can kill your day in an instant, if you have not done a proper weather search ahead of time for your outing day. Just what I have experienced in those deserts. Good Luck out there. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  5. Whoops, my bad. Did not see the first picture. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  6. Doesn't look like a Merc dime?, just sayin. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  7. Nice finds, what state are you in? GaryC/Oregon Coast
  8. Very Nice Gold!!!! Made the last two years. I really liked that place. Was there when one guy found the 10+ ounce nugget. Covered up the palm of your hand! The rest of us just drooled. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  9. Got my first barber with an X-Terra 70. Only took me five years to get one. Big Congrats on yours!!! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  10. If you check out High Desert Gold Diggers or First Class Minors they have detectable claims out in the Dale Mine District. I have seen many, many, many nuggets come from that area in the last fifteen years. Took me three years to find one and it was out in the Dale. Don't give up, you have to be patient, persistent and persevere. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  11. Julie, What local gold hunting clubs do you belong to? I lived in San Bernardino most of my life and eventually found gold out near 29 Palms. My local S.B. club did not have claims suitable for nugget detecting. GaryC/OregonCoast
  12. I think it is time to move to MO. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  13. Ten silvers is not a paltry sum. I wish I could find an area around my current location that produced that well. Nice first year! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  14. If that thing grows it's tail back, I'd get rid of it, Pronto!!!! Flashback to Jumanji. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  15. I'm glad you showed your trash/relic pile. It took a lot of digging to get to a gold coin. Persistance, Patience, Perseverance!!! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  16. I think all the rings I found in 2018 came with gumballs! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  17. Ages ago it use to be a free service from listed participants. The public needs to be educated that you can contact any local metal detecting club and get multiple people to help you find something for free. Just my two cents worth. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  18. Sounds like it would be very helpful for you to find a club nearby where you live and get some hands on help with someone local. You seem to be looking for a detector with no knowledge of what you are looking for. That can get expensive when you buy something you don't really need. Just trying to help you get pointed in the right direction. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  19. You put that awful suggestion in my ear and now I had to go out and test my bank here in Oregon for silver. I haven't done this for over five years now when I was in California. Bought six $500 boxes of halves and found ONE 40% silver. Every box was stamped PRE-SORTED AT BOXING NO SILVER. I had never seen that before. Just goes to show you that they can slip by. Might try it again in another five years! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  20. Well that's disappointing! Bought the adapter and never checked it against my Sunrays. Would have been nice if there was a disclaimer from Minelab, or did I just not see it on their website? GaryC/Oregon Coast
  21. I found a silver quarter once, in those Coinstar machines and couldn't figure out why. Now I know. My local machines seem to have lots of kicked out coins that I scoop up. They spend just fine for me. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  22. Back then I used eBay, my local metal detecting club (they used it for planted hunts and raffles) and my local coin dealer who gave me the best return. GaryC/Oregon Coast
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