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  1. I dug about 30-40 grommets at one small 25' x 25' site a few years ago.  I couldn't figure out what was going on with all the detached grommets?  Talked to a local old timer detectorist and found out the Boy Scouts used that area to do their yearly retiring flag cremonies (they burned the flags).  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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  2. Actually his name is Raymond Block ( http://leavennotrace.org/ ).  He is kind of a one man band when it comes to the environment and trash pickup on Coastal 101, beaches and roads throughout the state.  You can usually see him single handed along all those roads picking up trash and depositing the secured up bags of trash along the roadside for the municipalities to dispose of.  When I took the picture his whale was only partially built and was quite a lot filled in when New Years Eve came.  On his website you can see it being torched and being pulled out to sea.  I did go down and do some detecting with my Impulse a couple of times after the first but did not come up with much.  A small metal cross, pieces of it's chain, some coins, sinkers, somebodies keys (old, not from this event), lots of nails all in the lower wet portion.  The sneaker waves and rolling logs in the surf made it difficult to concentrate with one eye on the ocean and one on your target.  Got soaked twice from the surges of rushing water which are on you in a second.  Never turn your back on an Oregon beach wave!!  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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  3. Was on my Oregon beach today Surf Perch fishing and met this guy who was building a whale out of driftwood.  He pegged all the pieces together with wood pins!  Kind of an environmentalist guy.  He is going to torch it off New Year's Eve.  Looks like a good place to detect the next day if all the people show up to watch it!  Too rough to catch anything.  GaryC/Oregon Coast


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  4. Welcome Chuckwalla,

    I actually got to detect many of the abandoned homes you pictured at Eagle Mountain about twenty years ago.  Hitched my way in on an Eagle Mtn. Mine tour arranged by the Yucaipa Historical Society.  I only got about two hours of hunt time in before we had to leave, but did manage a few silvers, wheats and cool do dads from under all those clothes lines that were behind those dwellings.  I haven't heard of anyone getting in there legally, since.  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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