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  1. In Oregon permits are a fact of life.  They are woven into the fabric of local clubs with city, county, state jurisdictions.  Coming from California I have been a low profile hunter like so many others are here.  Not asking a lot of questions while doing my hobby unless of course when it's on private or cultural land.  Well that doesn't work here.  You are going to be asked to see your permit some where some day, guaranteed!  It's even worse being on the coast.  You can hunt in "selected" State parks, only on the off season for tourists, with a permit.  That leaves you the winter months.  I'll take that but does put a damper on things a bit.  I'm 60 miles from Eugene, they require you to have a city permit and you can't get it online.  You have to go in person every year to the City Hall.  Haven't done that yet, but mean to every year.  Then every county up and down the coast requires a permit some online some not.  At least the beaches belong to the public.  High tide line to low tide line you are good.  I've been here three years and still haven't learned all the ins and outs of this goofy state yet when it comes to my chosen hobby and the right to pursue it.  GaryC/Oregon Coast






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  2. Just because it's lab grown doesn't mean it doesn't have value, especially in that size!  It's value I'm sure is going to be in its ring metal makeup.  Not gold, I assume.  A nice chunk of a ring though!  Great find on both rings.  GaryC/Oregon Coast

  3. I googled "royal sheaf in box" and some of the designs (only of the sheaf design) did resemble rice sheafs!  So saying you found it on a rice plantation is interesting.  I would say it has some connection to the rice industry or harvesting history?  Thats a nice riddle you have there.  GaryC/Oregon Coast

  4. Miller, You don't mention where you are located, but if you have a club near by you might consider contacting them.  They LOVE to find bullets for Police Agencies.  In fact most clubs have trained teams which work with their local law enforcement agencies to locate all types of evidence.  Just a thought, as there is success in numbers, depending on your time restraint.  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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  5. I really appreciate the Then & Now picture.  It really gives me a good perspective of how you work and the dock areas that are so common to a lot of other river and port type areas.  Great food for thought.  Wish I was ten, ok thirty years younger.  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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  6. I use it on the mid-coast Oregon, on the beach and parks right out of the box with factory settings.  Have had no problems getting silver at 8" where my park soil is mostly sand and bottoms out with compacted small rock.  Hits deep at the beach too with stock coil.  You will not be disappointed with the 800 or 600, in MHO.  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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