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  1. Commonwealthdetector

    Flutie Tones

    It's different I came from the at pro also.im getting used to them but I really liked the audio on the pro and really knew what I was digging on it.ive got around 30 hours on nox 800 and I'm getting good at coin shooting and cw relics as far as button,bullets are 17,18 pretty easy to distinguish.the modulation on the pro is way better as far as telling deep vs shallow but no match for the nox in iron and I had both and tested both to know for sure.the nox can be overwhelming hitting every little piece of metal,constant barrage of flutieness but I do believe when we really learn her we'll be grateful for the upgrade. Goodluck
  2. Commonwealthdetector

    My 800 Is Here!

    Mostly nox hoping one of the family wanted to use my backup mmk
  3. Commonwealthdetector

    My 800 Is Here!

    What's it take to un sand in a beach? Storms? I'll be on nags head June 9 for a week was hoping to get some good beach detecting in with my nox 800 and mmk
  4. Commonwealthdetector

    Finally Got My Hands On A Production Equinox

    So water will go through the handle into the shaft? Cause the hole is covered by the handle!
  5. Commonwealthdetector

    Finally Got My Hands On A Production Equinox

    I don't think that padding is stuck good on any of them cause mine rolled up also.then I threw away the strap cause I prefer no strap,stuck the padding on real good and no issues since it was only rolling because I was sliding my arm through the cuff and strap.i feel it's way more comfy and easier without the strap but that's just my opinion.great machine if I could only find better detecting ground! Good luck to everyone
  6. Commonwealthdetector

    Park Hunt With 3030 And 800

    So your out there just using the pointer? If you have fun I guess that's all that matters.
  7. Commonwealthdetector

    Finally Got My Hands On A Production Equinox

    through the arm cuff holes?
  8. Commonwealthdetector

    6"x10" Coil For Minelab Equinox

    I concur it would be great for not getting cut off twigs or anything else snagged,I like it!
  9. Commonwealthdetector

    Minelab Equinox Accessory Pricing

    Anyone know when waterproof phones are coming?
  10. I also live in the us and support usa made stuff of its superior in this case it's not imo.peace,love,bottle caps
  11. Commonwealthdetector

    Equinox Ergonomics - The Challenge

    Coming from at pro I think it swings great,handle feels good and my control box sits angled to the left about 75,80 degree angle if straight up is 90 well noticable but I like it that way being right handed it feels better than straight!
  12. Commonwealthdetector

    1st Time At Beach With E-800

    I'm gonna dig it all for sure cause I want the gold! I'm gonna try to get a free day if my wife permits to try to find a colonial farm inland also! Just hoping anyway I sure would love to dig some colonial coins,relics while I'm in a area it's possible where I live in virginia southwestern tip there was very little population up until mid 1800s and still very little population now! I have been fortunate to be working in alabama and got on some cw stuff a few times though
  13. I have both deanos and searcher screen cover and imho the searcher is built twice as good and a lot nicer just giving everyone a heads up! Now the deano came in 2,3 says the searcher came in 10 business days with no tracking number I did not like how that was but it came and is just a lot better protector imo and if I was a betting man it would be for most of y'all! Happy hunting
  14. Commonwealthdetector

    1st Time At Beach With E-800

    Yeah I haven't give it a lot of thought guess I oughta do some reading.i figured I'd mainly hit water line.do you know of any good reads?thanks