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  1. If enough nails,iron,hot ground are about its impossible to hunt out and in this area every swing is blanket signals so ,sweep speed, direction,program many factors lead to pulling good stuff out the same general area for hours at a time and I've been over and over and over same ground! I dont grid I just sweep,dig and wonder letting the detector lead me lol put the deus in pitch audio and it's almost unbearable pop pop pop pop pop every damn swing! Also the original fella I got permission from first words when I asked were "go right ahead,its been hunted for 40 years probly wont find anything!" Also a college in the 90's was there doing something! I have only saw 1 other person there one time and they dug junk and left. This place is tough but I put maximum effort in and go hard to be honest just my nature. Knowing things are there is all I need to not lose hope and call it dead site! I've dug cannon ball pieces as well and when one day i run outta 2 way signals I'm gonna start digging iron and every iffy which are in the thousands that's no stretch at all. In a perfect world I'll be there many more times if I'm lucky but we can't count our eggs before they hatch I reckon. Another thing the ground is so hard grey clay and flat sandstone these targets up to canister shot"really heavy" are 3,4 inches at deepest and sometimes double beeping barely under the ground. No turn over not a field or farm field just THE FIELD OF DREAMS.
  2. No Hey fellas, Hope everyone is getting along well and stumbling across a few happiness finds! I'm still learning the D2 every chance I get. If fulltones hit targets in the thickest co located messes equal to pitch or 2,3 tones to me it'd damn near be perfect! Still have work to do as the brain behind the unit when it comes to silencer,iffy and broken signal chasing when I know better the excitement gets the best of me! Recently I've made a handful of stops by the field of dreams with blessed every trip success and very fortunate blessing by landowners of permanent permission! Original permission died with the owner but the gentleman being downright amazing coupled the land gift with my permission to swing! I feel very lucky and grateful for this is why it must be told! I tell the lady what I find and possible value and that I will pay her for half value of things I may find that are 100% in this ground! She chuckles and says "you do all the work why would i get rewarded!? And maybe you'll be finding stuff when your old with a beard like previous owner!". So as I've said in previous post I've been stopping by this place for 4,5 years now atleast 20+ trips now and up until last august with my detecting,work buddy and long time friend which has to be up toward 300 hours at this point! 5 hour trip yesterday like all other trips pass with a blink and darkness falls on me still hustling for 1 more find! After all those trips bullets,buttons and at 1 time seemingly no more quality signals left I've come to the conclusion that was ignorance on my behalf. Lately I've found box plate,scabbard parts,buttons never before dug,bullets of varieties not seen,poker chips and other things over 100+ personal hours never seen at this site. All that said added with the fact every target is co-located with the nails scraps in these pics I have no doubt more amazing top tier finds will come up sooner or later! Some of y'all would undoubtedly call bs if you saw the small areas I stumble around for 4-8hrs at a time over and over always finding something good! Its mind blowing to me and areas I havent even swung until yesterday took a line around every quadrant and found something cw everywhr! Poker chip is awesome I love it. Tip and finial where 1ft apart cleaned up nice,officer button is awesome my first,burnside bullets are my first and first from site after so many others withing ft I've had to walk over many many times,rivets,cleaners bullets are welcome finds and add to the collection. Pin fire cartridge is cool wish it was in better shape but hey beggars can't be choosers! Like I said and I'm dead honest no good find comes with a clean hole not 1 and my pinpointer frustrates me so bad sometimes I feel they are broken because it's tough as hell when it beeps everywhere you stick it. I think the big round iron is from a cooking wood stove? Oh what say you about the tiny buckle I like it! Cute! Lol I'm certain the triangle sliver is cut one cent it is copper! So D2 has done me well on same sites I've found more in 3 months then 5 years and I've taken the nox to check virgin targets at this site. The nox as we all know a top notch unit and if I'm using fulltones mostly equal but pitch and 2,3 tone pull away from the nox both machines opened up all the way no silencer or iron bias! I was using pitch with great success for unknown reasons I've caused myself unnecessary struggle for parts of recent trips pushing buttons I should leave be but I reckon wasting prime time experimenting in the wild also gains oneself knowledge right!? Lol or looses valuable time not easy to come by one of the 2 or both are true! Have had amazing success with fast pitch filters off descrim factory reactivity 1.5-2.5,deephc descrim factory,everything factory but sensitivity up a few,audio up 1 on all programs and iron audio to 1 on all programs. I use sensitive the most I'd say and something about sensft with the tweaks stated above and silencer to 0-2 depending on my confidence levels I love the here everything of descrim -6.4 but I'm almost sure it doesn't hit in the thick stuff anything close to fast/deephc on pitch of 2 tones and if any arguement is relevant or close to true is the audio of ft and swing speed needed to hit thick iron co-located targets are widely different from pitch or 3 n under tones! That's what I think anyway and I want to use fulltones alone and it be as good it's just not in the every hole has pieces of iron situations! Having a damn good n fun year of detecting though and I hope everyone finds some happiness in swinging,family and stays strong in these strange times of America and her seemingly sabotagers! Until the next time dont let your meat loaf! Oh I'm almost 100% that is a rifle barrel ring of a Enfield of some sort but could be wrong let me know please!? Happy days,I'm buzzin oh no that's said I'm joe!
  3. Great finds! Dime is somewhr in grade good maybe up to 6 top end! Just for fun $60-$75 if it wasnt a dug "environment damage" sample! If your like me you may want to know for conversation or glory or whatever tickles your bag! Disclaimer I'm no numismatist although I've long been grading for my own knowledge and then getting the actual professionals opinion and I'm usually on point! Happy days
  4. 3rd hole digging a can or what I thought was a can signal! Not much modern trash at this site but a few cans. After this glorious dig I chased many more big mushy signals most big iron or sheets of metal/tin used in building their quarters I'm guessing! I love it and I'm so darn happy I got this thing.
  5. Idk what percent a factual,reality based situation of mine could add to but I'll tell 2. One old yard 30yds by same give or take with 2 story house in middle from mid 1800's I know atpro 10hrs+,multikruzer 7,8hrs,nox800 4/5 trips 4hrs to 7 last trip being zero non ferrous 2 way signals. 1 trip D2 first hunt with it 8 non ferrous digs with several square nails or bits per hole. Civil war fort 50yds long 30ish wide me and a buddy have spent 100+ hours on with same no signals left with nox between last 2 trips 8,9hrs I only dug 3 bullets going back and forth all directions. D2 in roughly 10hrs I dug 8/12 bullets idk as I gave owners grandson some and a coworker,2 buttons"long time since a button came up",14 canister shot,piece of cannonball,period fork,finial and these were 2 way solid I havent begun to scratch the iffys I would knowingly dig iffy bullet or button with nox I just dont know D2 iffy sigs yet! Honest as I can tell it,there is a significant advantage to be had over nox and I love the nox and wont sell it but wont grab it either! Btw 2inches of a gallon ziplock full of nails iron from those 10hrs of desirable finds holes not chasing iron as what I see unless flat pieces iron doesnt give solid repeatable 2 ways non desired iron that is.
  6. My first buried heads up test I literally had a damn this is not what I've been watching or hearing terrible feeling! Idk if I'll ever grab my nox800 and head out if the D2 is good to go as it is to me as deep,audio is best in the space,ergonomics best in the space and I swear I've never dug so much under so many nails or iron! No elevated nail test "1 nail down barrel 2" away same 2" higher plain" with 3 nails total"my typical daily time killer" is close between nox and D2. If nox does hit most angles its 1 way as D2 pitch audio will hit 90% angles both ways 2" off high nail and raise the coil 6" it can't fail! Of course the nail in coffin "pun intended!" Going and killin it at sights the nox lost signals of quality many hours ago!
  7. I've had relatives of permission granters follow me around,hurl many hints they'd like me finds! Although annoying if land owner and I didn't agree to terms it's an uphill battle for the succubus! I've gave many things to these succubuses to though if I think they are truly interested in the history! My thoughts are any object like jewelry,rings or anything with absolute ties/writing/links to family its theirs no question without asking as I feel it's honorable and right! All else is mine and I can't be bullied! I have detecting cards with this on it I hand out to anyone I ask as well. You know leave yard as i found it,remove trash,have respect,return all things directly tied to household/family and "show all finds" that one is a at my discretion.lol and I'm willing to negotiate and I would detect to hand over all finds if i had hope of epic!
  8. Those are NICE! I looked at some auctions and even with environmental damage if it graded vg which the guy said it would could be upward of $400 at auction. I saw one go for upper half of 5. All that said it's not for sale and this coin man is according to the interweb top tier. Charles with alabama silver and gold huntsville alabama. I bought a purple hue ms66 from him a few years back. He also told me of several hundred I wasted once "fakes" back in my early coin days! I'm not from Huntsville just tend to be around these parts for work often and I just email him pics, hes long forgotten me and has no complaints to give coin info albeit no holds barred opinion you will recieve!
  9. I would seek to part ways with jewelry my wife or I didnt like but coins or relics are for me alone and hopefully kids in time! If I happened to find a pile of shells I'd consider selling but only shells if I could do something important with the $ if not I'd keep em
  10. Vg08 $6-700retail latest auction 5to550. Not for sale but it's cool knowing I dug a dime with more than standard! My guy lifelong coin numismatist says vg grade would come back and it's what he does although environmental damage also I didnt ask what exactly it all meant as it was email and I was happy.
  11. Biggest things for me were audio response up 1 basically across the board which I only run pwm same! Day one testing vs nox the faint sounds which are still there up to 5 just a tad louder vs nox audio loud proud was not confidence building on factory settings! Imo may just be me. Reactivity down to 2,1.5 seem to be as fast as needed and deep or atleast I've put good bits of time in honest iron laiden sites and had zero problems sniffing plenty out of no signalville for the nox! Pitch tones is alertive,plenty loud and if a target can be hit it will hit it. Many times seemingly under bits of nails! I didnt like pitch at first but I'll learn to be like anything that seemingly sees through things other units just cannot! Fulltones are my love just my last site seemed daunting to use,I may have given up to quick time will tell though!
  12. Has anyone ever dug such a thing? In the t&t book there is a variant wieghing 290something"im out of town dont have the book" whatever it is these wiegh that 290gn +a few equaling Mississippi rifle pattern.? They look like a duck,wiegh like a duck but come up 2,3 tenths short is it still possible given it's an old mold and had to be molded personally best I can gather? If anyone has anything it would be greatly appreciated. Btw the 1895 "o" barber I sent pics to charles caldarada I think may have butchered his last name from huntsville al best coin man I know he says if sent in it would most likely get environmental damage vg details.
  13. I like the breakdowns Loren speaks to and feel or strongly believe this or most of such knowledge was not in most our wheelhouses prior!? That said are we going to say testing 2 units on the same test isn't at all relevant to normal grab the machine you own and go detecting world we live in? I know this man with more brains atleast on particular issues than most of us will gladly be defaulted to by many for times to come, it's a strong logic/factual arguement so understandably will be used! Are we now blanketing all heads up test between units and setups for the most part widely used exactly as tested as irrelevant because of these things Loren points out? Personally if I have a nox800 and prefer 11" coil or only have that one,legend same,d2 9 or 11",d1 same, insert your unit here and see it tested heads up same test,many configurations of test or scenarios on video I'm in the camp of if one consistently kicks others arse that's the one I want! No care in the world for well how was it setup unless i felt the scenarios were purposefully setup in a way detrimental to specific units!? These separation test above ground aren't everything I'd even say not really close to in ground results at all. They do however test heads up same circumstance and I feel if one unit out performs the other consistently or more often then not tells me its mo'betta!? This is my opinion and unless I'm just not considering something major I feel pretty confident in this! If I was tested in arse kicking contests against 3 others with many starting points and different rule sets and consistently did most of the arse kicking I'd be the better arse kicker right? Lol I own a nox800 have owned atpro,multi kruzer and can say with confidence its superior to these units at a wide variety of performance based real world scenarios! Only thing I'd consider using nox over d2 would be clean field with very deep lead even then I'm not certain I couldn't fiddle with audio on D2 to make it sound nox like as just loud clear flutiness would be some reason of considering its use over d2 on edge of detection deep relics! I've tested deep relics in ground and nox is just loud and clear whr fulltones/pwm is faint but many audio adjustments are available.
  14. I agree its mind blowing at the amount of metal about. I bet your right as I came across 3 of these kshot signals in a triangle like pattern acouple ft apart and no grass in the area so I dug big and came up with 2 bullets not heard before hand! It would produce things I haven't had the privelage of digging yet in my opinion if I were to do this you talk of and I may in the future! Would you have any recommendations as to whr the best spot would be to dig? There is one location 20,25yds long 10yds wide where I've found all the buttons that have came up.? I have a somewhat area whr all horseshoe's have came up,kshot loose like I've discovered "I dont think these were shot at the fort"in a area, carved bullets same area as button area which would be my guess as their housing area!? I've never considered this digging but now you bring it up I'm excited and very excited!:)
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