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  1. Will be interested to see what you think of it Simon, I am thinking about getting one for summer time. I love the hard case, seems like a good little package.
  2. I love that coil on my machine Steve, I also have the 2 newer new machines, but gee the old Equinox still holds its own...in fact, it may still be the best in my eyes.
  3. I noticed when I turn mine on and put the speaker close to my ear it sounds like a light scratchy threshold tone, it is not real loud just some sort of static. I have the threshold turned off on my machine so its not that. Maybe other Legend owners can see if there is any audible noise when the speaker is close by there ear.
  4. Looks like Calabash has blown speaker number-2... caught on video. It was his friends machine that was lent to him.
  5. I couldn't get mine to work either using the 1.09 update software. I ended up uninstalling 1.09 software and reinstalling Nokta's 1.07 "Update Program Only" then loaded the 1.09 bin file when it asked and it worked straight away.
  6. Seems to be a few going out lately, they are extremely loud I know mine is anyway. I have reduced the volume and audio gain right down on my unit.
  7. Thanks for doing those tests Jeff, its great to see the results from someone who is unbiased and actually owns all 3 machines.👌
  8. I haven't paired my Mi6 up as yet, I am going for a hunt in the next few days I must give it a try and see if it behaves the same...currently running 0.71 firmware.
  9. Yeah I do believe the instructions and some of the wording in the manual needs an update, its just natural to plug in the 3 way cable as mentioned. Hell I did it as well after glancing through that first section, I didn't expect it to be different coming from the original Deus as it had the 3 way cable for charging the lot. The ports as Jeff mentioned are all mini USB ports. I can still charge the phones by the 3 way as long as it doesn't get bumped as mine falls out quite easily, but will complete the charge if I am careful. At least there is no way of damaging the port as there both the same connection, only one is a little longer than the other... EDIT: Just to clarify, the Headphone Port is definitely not a USB type C connector.
  10. Thanks Eric would be good to be young again lol. Love seeing your videos of Magnetic Island, I did visit once when I was much younger it is such a beautiful place.
  11. I did read the manual the same as you did...but you would have thought the 3 way cable would do the RC,Coil and Earphones like it says in the manual (see picture below). I can tell you there is no chance of any damage to the puck whatsoever and if there was, who would be to blame...
  12. I am not to fond of my WS6 phones either, found that I have to pull my ears through the gap between the ear pad and stem to make it even bearable. I have trouble charging my WS6 with the supplied 3 way cable, the part that plugs in the module is much shorter and just falls out while attempting to charge them. Going by the book I have to use the single cable to charge the WS6 module, but the annoyance with that is I now have to use 2 chargers if I want to charge them all together unless I wait for the coil and RC to finish first then swap out the cable. Just these little things that they pay no attention to detail with is really annoying, especially considering the premium price tag. Getting a little off topic but I have also noticed the coil cover is paper thin and very flimsy its nothing like the older Deus skid plate.
  13. I love my 10 x 5 Coiltek, it is so light and just a pleasure to use. I use it to hunt parks, scrubby areas, old townships, pretty much everywhere except really big fields. I have a 6 inch coil as well, but I haven't used it since buying the Coiltek.
  14. I wonder if that sort of tone might be more for diving mode, than general hunting.
  15. Thanks Brad will come in handy, thanks for sharing mate 👍
  16. Hi Dilek your company is amazing listening to its users, thank-you. I have 1 request, an easy way to reset the detector back to factory defaults without having to reset every user profile. That would be an Awesome Update...I use this on my Nox and normally factory reset before each hunt. thanks unox
  17. Steve that's a great idea and I certainly will do that, will be interesting to see how they compare and which one I prefer best.
  18. Well its been a while since I updated this post, thanks to everyone for all the comments and recommendations, I ended up with both. 😂 Orx and a Deus. I have just got to spend time with them now and get to know there language😀 . Heading out on the weekend for some fun.
  19. Thanks again guys, I still haven't bought anything yet. Unfortunately in Australia there are no good deals on new ones anymore, I don't recall us getting the offer of a free pin-pointer either😭. The prices have risen over the last couple of months, a new ORX now comes in at $1399.00 with wireless headphones. A little to expensive for me at this stage, I really think headphones should be part of any deal with detectors... I am pretty disappointed because they are $150 dearer than earlier this year. cheers and merry Xmas guys
  20. Thank you guys for your help, yeah no wireless headphones with the Deus either Jeff. I am thinking I might get the new ORX with the 9 HF round and wireless phones... I also get the 5 year warranty which is a bonus if something goes wrong. Thanks again for your help guys:)
  21. Thanks Chase, the deus comes with the HF eliptical coil, I also noted that the HF coils can go down to around 15khz so that would be low enough for some areas and targets I hunt. But like you said the 25khz spot is where I think I would most likely use it. Some places I have hunted with the NOX I have had to turn off M/F and just use 20 -40 khz as the ground was just so noisy and the machine worked wonders on single Freq in that particular area.
  22. HI Jeff, the Deus has the elliptical HF coil with it, it also has the remote control and no headphones. I was thinking maybe getting the round 9 HF for the ORX if I go that way. Our coins ring in pretty high, at least the old silver and copper coins do anyway. Our decimal coins 1 and 2 dollars come in around 20-22 on the NOX.
  23. Gday guys, I have the opportunity of buying a used Deus for a little less than a new ORX. I have been mulling over this for weeks, does anyone have any advice. I really only want an XP to be able to put it into a backpack, trek into the bush and use it for relic hunting, and a little gold here and there.The warranty factor is something that is swaying me towards the new ORX machine...but I know the Deus has many more features and options. I already have a Equinox 800 for beaches, coins and relic's but I am just wanting something easier for a few locations where I want to travel in stealth wise. So pretty much the question I am asking what would you do, Buy a S/Hand Xp Deus or Buy a new Xp ORX with the desired coil (round hf coil) and Warranty. cheers guys.
  24. Just wondering guys, It just seems that FE-2-0 would be using a very limited filtering system, but by moving it up to FE-2-4 would have been a more accurate result and comparison between FE2 and FE modes. I have been doing some backyard testing here and I really like the FE-2-4 an a Swing/Speed of 6, it seems to run very nicely in my test garden. edit: Thanks for posting the Video Steve.
  25. Yeah be interesting to see how it goes on the new settings. Might have a play in the yard later.
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