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  1. Hello ! Some news after 4 months with my GM1000 in France. As I expected, it is very difficult in the French creeks because there is a lot of trash (leads, nails, scraps...) ! So, a lot of false signals... The GM 1000 really detects very small pieces, it sounds with 1 or 2 mm leads ! But i've found my first little nugget with the GM 1000 : 0.286 gr ! The detector also helped me locate cracks filled with trash that were good traps for gold as well. In any case it's a lot of fun
  2. Goldseeker4000 : beautiful gold ! Thanks for your tips about the GM1000. "Gallia aurifera" is ancient Latin language : - Gallia is the antic name of France, before the roman invasions ("la Gaule" in french) - aurifera : because of the country's reputation, a country "full of gold"... There are several ancient texts (Greek and Roman authors) which describe France as the country of Europe richest in gold, the Celtic tribes were covered with gold jewels. Gold picked up in the country's rivers. The gold richness of the country was one of the main reasons for the Roman invasions. This is unfortunately why we find less gold today, and almost no nuggets> 5 gr : the Celts and Romans, then the French of the Middle Ages, have collected "all the big gold", the country is small and every stream has been prospected for more than 2000 years. Idahogold : for sure, this bedrock is a good spot. I've found a 0.2 gr nugget recently here (gold panning, i don't have a detector yet )
  3. Thanks Phrunt for your feedback. I'd read some of your topics about your goldmonster experience : it seems to be a very good detector. MarXthespot : the place I showed in photo is indeed full of cracks and small potholes, perfects gold catches, but not "big" gold here :) black rocks in the holes are hematites, there is not magnetite in this area. In my area there are also areas with schist bedrock, where we find the bigger gold. Thanks for your answers !
  4. Thanks for your welcome and your answers ;) For gold in France you're right : gold (big gold) was probably very abundant in France but ... it's been more than 2500 years that it is collected. 2500 years ago, France was probably as rich as California in the 19th century but the Celts and Romans, in particular, have probably picked up a large part of the nuggets... At the time of the Roman invasion, France was famous for its gold, it was nicknamed "Gallia aurifera" by the Romans. But there is still gold in our rivers. 5 years ago it was discovered a nugget of more than 200 gr but the secret was well kept. Personally I prospect in the South of France, in the Cevennes mountains, the mountains located between the Pyrenees and the Alps. I found how to search messages with "tags" in the forum, I will continue to read all that stuff :) When you speak about "hot rocks" do you speak about hematite ? Does this kind of stone make a detector react ? In some places they are very abundant here.
  5. Hello everyone I am french so excuse my bad english I am a goldpanning addict and I have never used a detector before... However I am interested in goldmonster 1000 but I have some questions, despite reading various topics on the forum, it's not totally clear for me. It seems that there is not a lot of GM 1000 users in France ! Almost nobody is looking for gold with a detector here, it's not Australia or California But i know some areas with 0.1 to 2 or 3 gr nuggets on the bedrock and i want to test it with a metal detector. Do you think goldmonster works properly to search for gold in a stream (river), to examine the bedrock underwater ? I know that the coil is waterproof but the detection capacity is it good underwater? And in the wet gravels on the banks of the river ? In attachment, show you my biggest nugget (2.7 gr) and some "big" pieces of gold i have found (i think GM 1000 is able to find this type of gold). Thanks for your advices ! Vince
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