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  1. Xp Deus silencer helps Very interesting video! May it help eliminate the ground noise in water to hear the small low conductors. I am curious how will works in water hunting with it.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Freshwater gold chain hunting is not an easy sport. In my environment, three types of machines are used for this. Garrett AT gold or Pro because it is cheap and waterproof, XP deus, preferably HF round or HF elliptical head. I think this is where most chains can be found with Deus. The new machines are the Equinox 800/600, this is also popular, I have been using it for two years but I only found 1 chain with it. That's not the real thing for me.
  3. This situation will not change for a while. There will also be changes within Europe when the UK leaves the EU without an agreement in December. The Xp is French and I think the English market is the biggest in this hobby. And in continental Europe, it buys most used detectors from England.
  4. It is interesting how few use Deus in freshwater in the US. Here in Europe, this machine is popular among water hunters. I really like to use the HF scroll for jewelry hunting in the lakes. But I know several hunters who can easily find a lot of chains, small earrings, the back of an earring with the old low frequency coil. The HF coil is much more sensitive to gold. The gold range changes as the frequency increases. Therefore, it is much more difficult to learn typical values, coins. In a very trashy place, it is more difficult to select the gold range.
  5. ⁉️ Which one is better? Has anyone done a comparison test between the two coils for a jewelry hunt in the water? (freshwater or land) Both are able to use the same frequency. 28 kHz is very good for detecting gold. When I hunt in the water it is a very useful feature of target ID normalization. On the of LF coil, this was a big advantage. I set the gold range, so I only dug out the signals that belong to it. The HF 9" coil is great, but when I increase the frequency the VDI changes, getting higher and higher. The upper range will become narrower. This makes it difficult to decid
  6. Great topic! What do you think guys, the Dual Filed work with 14,8V Lithium-ion battery pack? If the circuit tolerate, give some depth gain?
  7. Thank you for your response Chase, sorry to answer just now. These beaches are very different, with a small pond with a pebble bottom. From here came many other gold objects, many silver objects, including many silver bracelets and chains. In addition, there are more than a dozen different gold pendants. But only 3-4 chains. I searched very carefully with different machines. Deus, Excalibur, Equinox. Another example is a very popular but large beach with volcanic sludge where the machines go crazy with lots of tiny iron trash. There with many colleagues who regularly walk the water. The ring
  8. Is there anyone who has already found a gold chain with this machine? Not just one piece, but one who has already found several pieces. Without pendant. I had high hopes for chain hunting in the freshwater, but I couldn't find any. No bracelet, no necklace. I'm talking about gold because silver is an easy target.
  9. https://i.postimg.cc/8PGMfb7D/IMG-20190630-103258.jpg I waiting the first gold chain. I glued a pastic mesh in my scoop, these tiny targets catch with sifter.
  10. I am disapointed a little with Nox freswater capacibility. You must choice you wanna find chains or rings. Tested the Equinox with a gold chain piece without pendant and clasp. (not thin chain, 3cm long, 1g , 14 karat found by Deus HF coil) , small rings, etc. The detector pick this gold chain, only Park 2, and Gold 1,2 mode. If you want use these modes in water and the ground got continously 1 TDI , you never will found. The rings not problem I think, but i did 40-50 hour hunt with nox and didn't find any gold thing.
  11. Jackpine: Use sifter with small hole mesh. Put all scoop to sifter and you will find the small targets easily. Where the beaches filled small targets , you will find ear studs , chain pieces, leads etc.
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