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  1. If that is the only way to be sure the forum stays online forever then let every one here chip in with a payment.
  2. Hi Busho. The Otago hot rocks react just as badly to VLFs. In the hydraulic sluicing mines just outside of Bannockburn a VLF detector will react with them every few seconds. Most are below the surface and will need digging. Only very few are visible! These hot rocks are water worn and are a very dull black color. They are most noticeably, very heavy. There are a lot in the rivers as well as everywhere else. Anyone who detects for gold in the Lakes District will come across them as soon as they start detecting. They must be masking gold, although, most of the Lakes District gold is too deep fo
  3. Hi nugget hunter nz. You know your NZ detecting!!!! The hot rocks that are everywhere in the Queenstown Lakes District make detecting with a PI detector nearly impossible. Looking forward to your video recorded testing showing us the settings, balanced, no video/audio cuts, and proper optimum sweep speeds for each individual machine, as suggested by Busho.
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