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    Metal detecting; Gold Prospecting; Beer; Women
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    Minelab GPZ 7000; Equinox 600 - Tesoro Mojave; Lobo Super Traq - Makro Multi-Kruzer - Nokta Pinpointer - Grave Digger Tools Nemesis Shovel; Sidekick Digger

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  1. Psssst.. Steve! Over here.. 1/4" Wire Mesh Hardware Cloth in the bottom, sides of your existing scoop. Tailor to your needs. $7.00 Your Welcome!?
  2. Wow! Did that bring back some memories! I used to grab my Dad's magazines in the late 60's and read them cover-to-cover! Thank you for sharing RR!! Here are two Videos I put together a couple years ago, along the same line - Hope you enjoy!
  3. Congratulations! Super find with a readable date. ?
  4. Congrats! the Whites machine may become a closet queen once you get to know the MK!
  5. Another great look behind the curtains of the industry Steve. ?
  6. I have noticed the NOX is sensitive to EMI. The beach can be a problem up on the dry sand, but I usually go into 10kHz in the dry sand, and that usually clears up most of it. Have you tried this?
  7. Not sure yet Dean. Have it soaking in apple cider vinegar. So I'll check it in a couple days.
  8. I went to a park in Yonkers, New York, the second "hilliest" City in the United States, just behind San Francisco, and detected a park that has been heavily hunted since the 1970s. It is in a very old part of the City, that is now run down, and dangerous. I was approached by two sets of policemen during my 90-minute hunt, and after short conversations, me giving them my business card, and them warning me to "keep your eyes open," I continued detecting. Not my best hunt ever, but the Multi Kruzer, three-tone, 5kHz, gain 80, really sniffs out copper and silver missed by countless other detectorists over the last four decades! Really starting to get a feel for the machine as I approach 100-hours on the headphones. I got out of the area without being robbed or assaulted, got some wheats, an IH with a marble beside it, and a silver. Happy-happy!
  9. Bingo! Using this strategy has allowed me to hunt places many might consider off limits.
  10. You've come a long way! Still have the arrowhead you gave me. Big Gold!
  11. Had a chance to test the Makro Multi-Kruzer with wireless headphones this weekend. I found most of the coins in Three-tone, 14kHz, with minimal notching. My oldest was a 1901 Indian Head, and my deepest was a 1941 Wheat penny on the deeper side of 11-inches! I thought I had a sliver of Spanish silver for a heartbeat, but no. I really liked the 4-Tone mode, in 5kHz, in the high iron and trash areas I hunted. It really helped me avoid a lot of trash signals. Recovery is fast, depth meter is accurate. Ergonomics are good, and the weight is tolerable for a five-six hour hunt. I like it!
  12. The scoops are like $65.00 !!!!! 4,000 RUB =64.4013USD Wish we could get them here for that kind of money!
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