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  1. ‘CTX TONES’ Detect Mode: Park 1 Ground Balance: 0 (Factory pre-set) All-Metal (Horseshoe): On Frequency: Multi Volume Adjust: 20+/- (Depending on your hearing) Tone Volume: T1=4, T2=25 Sensitivity: 20+/- (Depending on your search environment) Recovery Speed: 6 Iron Bias: 6 Target Tones: 50 Tone Break: T1=1, T2=12 Tone Pitch: T1=1, T2=20 Threshold Level: 8 Threshold Pitch: 4 Discrim Break accept/reject: None (All Metal) This setup was programmed to get the Equinox to sound as close as I could possibly get to a CTX3030. The tones will closely match the CTX3030 (i.e. small hammered coins will have a low tone, large copper coins a high tone), although the audio responses will sound flat in direct comparison. These settings will allow you to use multi-tone in All-Metal, giving an audio discrimination (lower volume for rejected items). Although this program was designed just for the tones, it is powerful and you can try it on different environments to see if it works for you. Doesn't "Target Tones of 50" have only 1 tone break?
  2. A soak in vinegar will take the rust off nicely. Check every few hours.
  3. I sent my 600 back and got a replacement pod. The headphones work well, have a nice tone and strong sound, but after putting them on and taking them off a few hundred times they broke near the pivot point where the headband piece connects to the actual earmuffs. I wrote a review (with pics) on Amazon and the company sent me another pair. I went and strengthened the second pair before there were problems in this area. Not pretty, but solid. 🙂
  4. That appears to be a hand-forged trap of considerable age.
  5. I could give you a better estimate to it's age if you cleaned it up further. Try using a stiff nylon or better yet a brass wire brush on it. I can safely say you will not be ruining any value by doing so with this trap in this condition. Try at least to get the pan looking better. The pan often has the brand stamped into it. It appears there is a hole (should have two) in the pan from the pic. If so, it was manufactured that way by a couple different makers to hold bait.
  6. Far from an expert, but for coins, this works well for me. Sensitivity depends on situation (usually 16 - 22). Equinox 800.
  7. Work well; nice and loud. The cord is long enough to plug straight into your machine without your headphones being pull off your head.
  8. Dan, here is a link. Very tough tool and great reviews - https://www.amazon.com/Estwing-Geo-Paleo-Rock-Pick/dp/B00D3OJD62/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1?hvadid=78340297226620&hvbmt=bb&hvdev=c&hvqmt=b&keywords=estwing+geo+paleo+pick&qid=1556543379&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmrnull
  9. I would try for a few, but certainly not for more than a couple hours. I do have similar diggers as you. Lesche land shark, Estwing 22oz rock hammer and 25" Estwing geo/paleo rock pick. Wear safety glasses and don't smile while striking. ?
  10. Finally found a high VDI war nickel on 4/17/19. This one reads 20 on the Nox in mulit-frequency park 1. Another high reading San Francisco mint nickel. In single frequencies this silver war nickel reads: 5Khz = 14 to 20 VDI (jumpy) 10Khz = 20 VDI 15Khz = 20 VDI 20Khz = 20 VDI 40Khz = 22 VDI
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