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  1. Thank you all for your valuable information on this find. It is greatly appreciated!
  2. Johnny Crunch, At the bottom of the V, it looks more like a shield than a flower petal. Thanks for your insight.
  3. Hey 2Valen, The layer on the inside appears to be some sort of rubber compound. Pulled it out intact and there are no markings underneath. Thank you and all the other members who have given me insight on this find.
  4. It rings up as a low conductor. Chain is not detachable from V medal. The V medal is silver, I assume. The casing is gold or gold plated, there was no tarnish on the case when I dug it.
  5. Was dug on a rice plantain dating back to 1714 in South Carolina.
  6. Dug it with my XP Deus in Georgetown SC.
  7. Here is the second photo. Was using my XP deus in deep mode. Haven't found any markings on it.
  8. Unfortunately my computer is not allowing me to send my second photo. My apologies.
  9. Hey guys thanks for all your initial information. The box and chain are either gold or gold plated. The V emblem seems to be silver. For some reason I can only send 1 picture per post. Will send another picture on a second post. Hopefully I took better pictures this time. Thanks again.
  10. Found this with my XP Deus. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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