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  1. Great thanks Dan - Were you using AM? Also. Some people report that Iron can screw pinpointing, Did you use pinpoint mode at all, and was there any difference between the location centres with pinpoint compared to "normal" wiggle/cross centring? Cheers
  2. Excellent experiment Dan. Can you confirm how you did the experiement, I can read it two different ways. - Were the two sticks/targets buried at the same time when you tested, if so how far apart? Or where you just testing F2 on one stick/target , and then replaced it with the other and tested that? What mode was this done in, I assume Beach 1 or Beach 2? Anyone have a suggestion how the results would change if in Field2 Cheers.
  3. Hi Ed, I'm in the UK just been out today, I use Field2 as my prefered. I tried out the F2 at 6 for the first time recently, Noise Cancelled and Ground Balanced as normal, other setting as standard. - All seemed Ok with me, found a couple of corroded coins 200 years old + all seemed OK to me. I'm out again tomorrow evening, I'll check out your list. (Iron Falsing still a hassle, I've changed my approach recently - digging a lot more iffy signals if they are more that 2spades indicated (4") deep.) What location were you in - Field?s, what was the ground like - lots of signals every swing or
  4. Hi Jackpine, what is the link for Tom's clarification? I'm trying to understand the equivalence of F2 at 5 and above compared to FE. Anyone know Is F2 just an extension of the FE tones above and below FE0, or does it do something extra/different? My challenge is to not waste time being distracted by Iron Falsing. I'm fed up digging horseshoes and Iron crap at 13, on the off-chance that the variable signals I'm seeing may be deep or on-edge coins. I check using AM and 5Hz but too many still fool me (UK fields, Field 2 using standard settings)
  5. I often detect in the remote fields of Devon where the mobile signals are marginal. I sometimes get the "going beserk" effect, especially when the data signal is marginal and it seems the mobile is trying to make contact with network. If I switch my iphone completely off, the interference goes away. I could argue then that the interference is a good idea, it reminds me to switch off, (mentally and device) helps me concentrate on detecting without getting interrupted! Cheers
  6. Hi Strick, I occasionally have the same symptoms when I go out to detect at different locations. Normally I leave my mobiles on for convenience sake, but when the Nox goes haywire VID (not always) I find that switching my phones off completely stops any re-occurrence. I do not know what exactly causes it, whether it is location update, or text or email updates, or loss of 4G then re-connection, but it does seem mobile related.
  7. Hi GB, really good questions, highly relevant to both 5 tones and 50 tones. I suggest that you have a read of Clive Clynick's book "Equinox An Advanced Guide" he goes into great detail on all of these aspects, but a warning, I suspect that it will be difficult to factor in all the considerations immediately. Probably best to work on specific aspects first and build up experience upon experience in layers. I agree with both Chase's and Steve H's comments. What 50 tones does over 5 tones is give us more insight into what's going on. A clear 50 tone signal gives us more certainty about the purit
  8. Hi Chase No worries, about the earlier post context confusions. On APTX LL these manufacturers don't make it easy for us do they! My advice to folk is to buy a copy that's been reported on this thread as being proven APTX LL before the supply dries up. Worst case they could be kept as cheap (but good quality) backups. Cheers Clive
  9. I replied to your post because you expressed a desire to compile a list of true APTX LL. headphones/earbuds. It was convenient to add the rest of the info. so people can see useful information. I agree that it depends on whether the APTX LL is enabled or not in the headset/earbud firmware, but my point was that if it has been enabled then the low latency performance would be as per the spec. and therefore what we desire.
  10. Hi Chase. Yes the Soundpeats Q12's are real APTX Low-Latency, the + symbol appears on the Nox. I spent a lot of time in Airports and on the web looking for APTX Low-Latency earbuds at a reasonable price, there is the danger that APTX is described by Marketing blurb as low latency when it is not "APTX Low Latency" - as you know, and sometimes like the Soundpeat Q12's the box just says APTX and not APTX Low Latency which it is, so its a risk relying on descriptions. Hopefully people will continue to post in on this thread and we will end up with a list to help people. Sennheiser have a coup
  11. Hi Goldrat, I bought mine via Amazon-UK, seemed to be from the SoundPeats distributor in the UK. Cheers Clive
  12. As posted before I found the following on Amazon. They are definitely APTX Low Latency, only about £25K /$25 good audio quality, Great for the winter, I can wear my hat over them!. I use them instead of the Nox headphones now. Easy to synch with the Nox, and I notice that they also take phone calls when I'm out. A question does Minelab do a wireless pinpointer? SoundPEATS Q12 Plus, Bluetooth 5.0 IPX6 Sweatproof Wireless Headphones APTX-Low Latency Bluetooth Earbuds CVC 8.0 Noise Cancelling Mic Bluetooth Earphones, Secure Fit for Sports, Gym,Upgrade Version Cheers Cl
  13. Hi Folks, looks like technology has become more affordable. I searched the market for APTX Low latency earbuds and came up with these very affordable at £25 approx $25 from Amazon UK:- Q12 Plus SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones Magnetic Wireless Earbuds IPX6 In-Ear Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earphones (9 Hours Playtime, APTX-LL, CVC 8.0, 10mm Drivers), They sound good, (I could not tell the difference from the NOX headset) and easy to synch with the Nox. I can now wear a hat in the cold, and not worry about my headphones getting wet in the rain (IPX6), and good backups if preferred. A
  14. Hi Nuke em, Some great finds, thanks for sharing them. What part of the UK are you in? I'm not getting the same luck, what settings are you using? - I assume Beach 1for Dry settings, and Beach 2 for wet sand and in the water. - Are you making any changes to the basic settings. Normally I prefer the fields inland, but I've tried the beaches here in Devon. My Nox seems much better than my old Garrett especially in sea water, first time out I discovered two old sixpences, but not much else since. Hence my question about your location. I assume its in a more popular location? I generally sear
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