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  1. I found a couple 50 cent Euros in the U. S.I think it's a cool coin.
  2. At this price maybe Tom will give it a try to try and spank those that have the Nox in his area.
  3. The Nox never had a concentric coil so if they bring one out for this machine it will be interesting to see what it can do.
  4. If this machine is more waterproof then the Nox a lot of water hunters might jump on this since it is a lot cheaper then the Nox 800. It also seems to be a more sturdy machine then the Nox for tougher conditions which is important to many.
  5. The difference in pressure between 3 meters and 20 meters is a lot. The 20 meter rating should help those who hunt in surging waters.That insurance gives the Deus 2 $ 250 in value in my book over the Nox for waterproofing .The difference to me at this point is $ 400 between the 2.If the single frequencies are better then the Nox in iron where you can tell the difference then that is over $200 in value which will probably be the case since they have the tech. If the machine helps you from not feeling sore because it is so light then that has to count for something too.If the machine in MF is better then the Nox in iron then you are getting a machine that is giving you what you paid for and maybe more.
  6. If you are on a budget and plan on getting one machine in the future some might want to wait on the new Minelab before spending $1600 on the Deus.This new machine from Deus might cause Minelab to release their new machine soon.Clive thinks the Amfibio is a better lake Ontario machine then the Nox so I might ditch the Nox for that purpose since it is cheaper then the Deus.If the new Mf from Notka is good in the iron I might buy that too.
  7. If the Deus can pull out silver coins in a park type setting here in America that the Nox has trouble with that would be a big plus.That is with good target ID and not up averaging.
  8. I want this machine to be able to pick up gold rings in the iron better then the Nox since I put in over 20 days in the water in a year. Most of my hunts are over 5 hours.
  9. I have a Finger Lake where they brought in sand from a gravel pit and it was overloading on the sand at max sensitivity. I had to lower it to about 5. On the sand past the 30 yard mark I could go back to 10.This is with the 6" concentric on my GMX in the water.I found a couple steel stud earrings a few coins and some clad jewelry. I have a 4mm 10k stud earring buried at 2.5 inches near trash and it gives me a soft zip.The Nox with the 11 coil cannot isolate it to give me a distinct response from the trash.I can also hit a thin 10k white gold ring that won't fit on my little finger at 11 inches.The 11'' coil on the Nox hits this target with plenty of room to spare
  10. Hi Clive.Since we both hunt the same lake(Ontario) what is your favorite machine for this lake.I have 16 gold on 19 trips this year. 8 with the nox and 8 with the infinium with the 8''mono.
  11. I am glad they took Steve's advice.Also that is one cool looking coil.If they make one for the Nox that would be a big hit for many.I will get one for my AT gold.
  12. On a hot machine like the gold bug pro that would be a good coil to cover beaches and big fields.Would that work on the Bounty Hunter Time ranger pro since this machine is cheap?I have the clean sweep on my Tesoro bandito and it found me a 3/4 oz. 18k gold chain at the beach.It owes me nothing.That is all that my buddy uses on the beach and he has done good with it too . Being able to use it on a AT pro in the water would be good for fresh drop coverage at busy beaches .I would like to see a 18kz. version for the x-terra too. I have a At gold and have not used it in the water since I got the Nox.If they make a coil for the AT gold I would get one for sure since I hunt one beach in the water that is 1/2 mile wide and you can walk out about 800' from shore on normal years during the summer.Over 250 boats will anchor here in the summer on a Hot weekend day.They have to be past the 500' markers at this time from the shore.This lake has many rich people since it very expensive to have a dwelling on it and it is over 15 miles long and about a mile wide.The founder of Paychex and the owners of Wegmans have homes here.The owner of Paychex came to my dad personally and offered him to be a original investor in the company since they played cards together and he knew my dad had money to invest.Unfortunately my dad declined.Also I hear Robert Deniro has a home here too.
  13. Thanks Pimento. Well if they could do it I would like the 9'' plus a 6'' concentric. How many would buy one if the 6'' was the same price as the 6'' DD and the 9'' was the same price as the 11'' DD ? I have used the 9'' concentric in the shallows with the X-terra and it swings nicely in the water compared to the 11'' coil on the Nox.
  14. They have the coil molds for a 9'' coil from the X-terra which is a waterproof coil and one that I never broke the ears off.I have all 3 of the 9'' concentric coils for the X-terra and liked the 18kz the best because it was good on gold.Maybe this machine is like the T2 and can't handle a concentric coil.They also have a 6'' coil mold which would be nice for small gold if this machine could use a concentric coil.Could a concentric make this machine even better in iron?
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