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  1. Hunting the first sandbar on Lake Ontario where the water is clearer and it is easy digging I would use the gold modes to hunt.I would go mostly by how the zip sounded but would glance at the numbers. I found a small 316 stainless steel ring with small stone that rang as a 1 that was near a foot.If i did not have gold mode i would have not dug it because it would have sounded terrible.I dug a tough gold earring hit with this method too.The gold modes have a place in certain situations other then nuggets.
  2. Those who have the x-terra can find how hot the ground is with a few steps and with the 9'' standard concentric coil. I don't remember how to do it but if you go to findmall they should have info at the x-terra forum.You can do it in the salt mode to so you can see how conductive the ground is I think.0-10,000= mild.10,000-100,000= moderate.100,000-to a million = hot.I remember my yard was about 27,000. I checked a black sand section of Lake Ontario and I got overload it was so hot.Doing it the improper way i still got over 600,000 and that was without starting my pumping motion
  3. The best find i have seen found by a member here since i have been looking.The private mint gold coin club must be the toughest to get in.I think in Charles Garrett coin hunting book he said a man found one at a horse track in Washington state worth 250,000 way back then(30 years plus).I can see Cal Cobra finding one since he has a knack for finding valuable coins.
  4. I have probably taken a 1000 pounds of junk out of the beaches in all these years as opposed to the many people who are polluters on our beaches.I think there is a $1000 fine for those who throw junk in the water but very few ever get caught.One of our thin but very long beach looks like a junkyard after a long hit weekend.
  5. Do you guys think the Garrett Infinium can handle bad ground as good as the Minelab PI's since it is less sensitive then most of them or does Minelab do something special with the ground balance ?Also is thick black sand the hottest ground there is?
  6. Nice find Rick.You need certain machines to hit those types of targets well.The Nox in it's multi or 40 kz. gold modes would also eat that target for lunch.The GMX with it's 6'' coil would also clobber that target.My At gold would hit it nice but not as good as those other machines in it's all metal mode.
  7. For you tech.guys is it possible for Minelab to add 60 kz. to the gold modes by doing a update to the current machines ?
  8. I talked to my buddy and the ring cost his wife over $2000 back when Palladium was cheap.I would say it would cost about $ 5000 to replace today.For some reason that At gold likes to make big finds.I heard of a $20,000 ring found by a hunter in our area with that machine.
  9. Back when Palladium was around $400 a man lost his almost 20 gram ring with stones in a shallow bay on a Finger Lake.He called the club and my buddy called me and we made the half hour drive to the spot.He did not know where he lost it in this about 20 acre cove.Armed with my 5by8 coil on My At gold I got a most unusual sound and scooped up his huge ring.I walked over to him since he met us there and I drooped the ring in his hand and asked if this is what you are looking for.This man was so happy because he did not believe he would ever see the ring again.He gave the club a gift o
  10. In N. Y . me and my buddies call anything we find on the surface a "Duck".
  11. I like hearing about your success.It should motivate people to have their own success by hearing others who have had it.
  12. I think the Infinium and the TDI started the PI craze at Culpeper . Did any of you ever hunt in a competition hunt their?I think a man with a T2 won the individual point total a couple times.
  13. If the 6000 can hit some of those rope gold chains in the wet sand that would be good.My Infinium does not make a peep on them on a fresh water beach.
  14. I would like to hunt the Ghost town of Drosopagi , Florina ,West Macedonia, Greece where my dad was born.The village was only a 100 years old(1844-1944) but there were many gold coins dropped by air to the troops there plus who knows what else you would find.It is a very isolated spot in the mountains which means you probably would not find anything to old here compared to the rest of Greece.I would like to hit where our house now lays in ruins too.It is a ghost town because the Germans burnt it.My uncle was killed here. I think during the civil war of 1949 that the communist
  15. The difference between the 6000 and the Nox is the 6000 will be used in a few specific places by a few specific individuals for 1 specific target(gold) mostly vs. the Nox which is can be used almost anywhere by everybody for all targets and provide good results. The main target for the 6000 is a very valuable target indeed and for those who know how to use it the 6000 will produce good results to offset the cost.
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