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  1. I have been playing around with the nox and gmx in moderate ground and the nox keeps up with it but gives much better id than it for small targets. The nox can do so much more then the Gmx.I can put on the 6'' coil and hunt a tot lot with the best of them. Walk 50 yards change coils,then walk 60 yards and I am in the lake water hunting a swim area in the gold modes for small gold and any big targets that get in the way.I then go out to the 500 foot area in front of this roped area, put it in park 1 f2-7 and I can get rid of most bottle caps and hunt rings. I then can put it in park 2 and have a better chance to get gold chains and smaller gold.I then can go about 400 yards to my ghost pier and hunt for silver coins in Park 1 f2-0 in the big nails.What a machine.The Gmx is a great tot-lot machine and fun too.I am glad I have both .THE last time water hunting me and my friend got 13 silver coins at the ghost pier and it was the first time he water hunted with the nox .He also got a gold ring that was deep.By the way we have pounded this silver spot.
  2. He might have gave you shot with a higher antimony %.Your found load is oxidized so it may hit better.I have not tried my new#9 shot but a old shell I found that is oxidized too in #9.
  3. I tried the nox with 6'' coil on this target and emi would effect the target at certain times. I could crank the sens. at 24 in park2 1tone and get a small tight sound with mixed id when emi let me.40kz at 25 sens.was weaker with mixed id.20kz was very weak. In gold 2 I could get multi to give me a nice signal when emi let me with mixed id at 25 sens.when I used 25 sens I got a weaker signal and mixed id at 40 kz.20kz again was weak in gold mode.If anyone can find this type earring in the wild they should get a parade in my book.
  4. I tested this just smaller then half inch earring that has a post about the size of a staple and a tiny mount for the small stone first with GMX and 6'' coil and it would hit it with a small sound in all angles .The Emi would effect this target at certain times and you would notice it with the broken signals sometime then a much stronger hit after where I could lift the coil and still get it good.Tough targets on the edge of detecting depth are very fragile when it comes to a signal in high EMI areas.
  5. I have that book the Pulse Power and he knows what he is taking about.You can't argue with results.I am glad he is on the other side of Lake Ontario.
  6. You are getting robbed for sure with all he gold hits you dug with no gold.My friend tried his nox in the water for the first time and got a nice gold ring early on in a 9 hour hunt.The last 3 times at this lake I could not get gold but got plenty of pull tabs. I was walking in to finish the day in a spot where we never find gold and out popped a 4.2 gram wed -lok 14k gold band.The area we hunt is big and we were leaving an old amusement park torn down pier area before I got the gold.I did get 8 silver dimes in this good spot,plus a v and buffalo nickel and about 15 Wheaties. I got a walker and a other silver dime where my friend got gold.He got 5 silver dimes at the ghost pier spot. You are due for gold.
  7. Have you tried a PI yet for silver in your new home town?
  8. My first turf gold and using my explorer was a 24k Buddah digging a deeper indian/zinc type hit.
  9. So much better looking then the ones I pull from the water of the Finger Lakes.
  10. A #9 shot hits better if you flatten it like a burger. I found a #8 shot in a tot lot with my Gmx that was good hit.The gold monster is probably louder then Nox too because of it's boost mode.My Infinium with 8" mono coil would probably need at least a half gram round ball to make a 1cm hit.
  11. I think a true #9 shot would be a tougher target then a .5 grain nugget since my .6 grain nugget I have hits much harder then a #9 shot.Heck you might even hit a surface #12 rat shot we were talking about. I think that was a impressive test for a PI.I need to get some rat shot to test.
  12. It must be nice to have more gold then zincons.I get at least 5 every time I hunt.
  13. I put the 6" coil on the nox and used park 2 mode sens .22 in multi freq. first and tried all modes in park 2 in 2 tone. multi gave me mostly weak iron tones and gave me them in most angles. In 20kz. I got very weak iron hits in 24 sens..In 40kz. I got stronger iron and some none iron hits and seemed less coil speed demand to get a good signal at max sens. I Got a hit in most angles.In gold 2 mode in multi freq. with sens .21 I got not that bad a signal that seemed better with faster swing speed with mixed id.In 20kz it was a weaker but smooth signal with worse id at 24 sens. At max sens. in 40 kz. I got a very nice signal with mixed id that was tighter and less sensitive to swing speed.I would use 40kz. in gold mode for this target for my first choice.You could put all the park 2 modes in 1 tone to get a smoother signal and decide what to dig .
  14. when do you like raw and when do you like normalized vdi options.?
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