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  1. My Gmx has a 1/4 inch adapter so I could use other headphones when on land.These should help with the loud blasts this machine gives on surface targets when in the boost mode with the headphones that come with it.I could lower the volume but I might miss the faint targets.These headphones should do the trick and I will try them on the Nox too.I wonder if I could still get a adapter to use with the infinium.
  2. Minelab has the molds for 5 by 8 and a 7 by 10 coils because of the Vanquish.Imagine how many they would have sold if they offered them for the Nox.
  3. 1 war nickel =.05626 oz. of silver, times $28 a ounce which is current price =$1.57 per war nickel and 31.4 times face value.Every time you did a war nickel at that price is like digging over 31 nickels.
  4. Relic Ray strikes again !That is a great find Ray. We hunted in the woods on a hill in the middle of the city.A bird watchers oasis of 27 acres next to a 109 acre park.142 different birds have been seen here in the last 18 years.
  5. There were some spots that were pounded by the explorer that we took the Nox to and did not get much.There were many spots that were pounded with the Explorer that we cleaned up on . Many were spots that dried up for the explorer.I can use the Nox almost anywhere and get good results. I also can take it in the water and get the goodies there too. I will say the explorer is a great machine and was way ahead of it's time.
  6. I like the gold modes on the sand bars which can be on the hot side.It is easy digging and I go by the nice zip when I decide to dig.I dug a tiny stainless ring that would read a air test a one for id at almost a foot.The park modes would have gave me a iron sound.Lots of fresh drops on the cleaner first sand bar that can get deep fast after some wave action. What machine do you like for the gold in the iron which is usually done in close in a shore line cut.
  7. I was with him for that big round lead ball at my school from k-4th grade and dated 1967.He got the merc at a new clearing by the original Erie canal.He was using the Nox.I found one of those big lead balls in the woods one time also.We also have a spot where they made gun powder and we found many brass balls from the explosions it had.They were used to grind the the powder.
  8. I have found a lot of gold with the x-terra 70. You have to pick your spots and learn how a to interpret the signals and it will do a good job on gold.A very good machine for it's time and it sounds a lot like the Nox .
  9. Ar 3:45 pm on May 7 it is at $4.739 according to CNBC. I think it will hit $5.00 soon.I have about 30 pounds of scrap.(NOT pennies).
  10. You can't scrap them yet but you get a idea that a good size piece of copper can be worth more then a buck now.It adds up if you save them.
  11. I was checking CNBC and copper hit 4.599 cents per pound.That puts the copper penny at over 3 cents for each one. Save your copper it is the new oil according to a article on CNBC plus recycling is always good.
  12. They will probably use their wireless tech. and maybe have computer update capability.If they use that little 4.5'' sniper it will be a hot coil for a hot machine and it could be as hot as the Gold bug 2 with it's little coil.Time will tell.
  13. He has been getting the best find of the month all year among the people I hunt with.It will be tough to beat that for the month of May.A great relic.He started the year with that huge gold ring in January in the first 15 minutes with his new Nox.Well done Relic Ray.
  14. It was not mt but a guy I know.I think it was from Newfoundland.This guy also found I think over 10 trimes in one park in a small eastern Lake Ontario city.He also found a 1 dollar gold coin made into a love token.I wonder if that counts for Tom in California to be in the gold coin club. One time before Clad hopper has his Explorer this guy( who found the 20 cent coin) found about 15 Barber coins to his 0 in 1 hunt in a old Rochester park. I think he sold him on how good the Explorer was for coins compared to his Garrett 2500.Clad hopper is 6 short on his 1000 career Indian.They
  15. Yes. The 7.5 9'' concentric.No Us 20 cent but one found a 20 cent piece from a Canadian territory.The 9'' on the 18kz coil was good on small gold rings.
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