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  1. When I hunted a lake thinking I was in f2 but was in fe I dug over 50 caps even in fe-9.I corrected my mistake after by putting it in f2 -7 and the caps sounded bad an I could tell they were caps to a high degree.I don't use the fe setting anymore.I hope they come up with a new FI setting that would rival the Deus in very thick iron.We would have fe,f2,and fi for iron bias.
  2. From 2000 to 2014 it was the Minelab Explorer.This machine was way ahead of it's time and was a silver slayer. I hit the control box with my shovel and started to use my Minelab X-terra 70 for coins and with the 10" 7.5kz. coil I did very well on coins but you needed to know what the machine was telling you more then the explorer for coins to get the tougher coins ,At that freq. it hit Indians very well in tougher spots.I even kept up with my Explorer 2 buddy and he is a pro with that machine.I never tried a mars 3kz DD coil and I wish I did.I had a loose wired nel tornado coil at
  3. Salt water changes everything. I buried a 1.1 gram very small 14k white gold ring at 10 inches in my yard and beach 2 could not hit it.In pk2 it hit it very good in multi with pretty good id.In gold 2 mode using both multi and 40kz. it hit this ring like a pit bull on a meatball.
  4. Well if you hunt a salt beach with this machine it will easily give you a 1 hitter.( Hit on 1 gold target that costs more then this machine at retail jewelry prices).The Vanquish will do that too. It will be very easy to pay for this machine with the price of gold at it's current level.
  5. Try F2-7 iron bias in park 1 and 2 on those caps and see how they sound.Pk2 should hit most chains nicely at a few inches. This is for sweet water hunting.I never hunted in the salt.
  6. As long as you came home with gold at the end of the day. Great day in my book .I did bury a very small 1.1 gram white gold ring at 10'' and park1 and the beach modes would not hit it.Park 2 in multi hit it good with nice id.The gold modes slammed it,but some times you like the smoothness of the other modes.Keep in mind that pk2 and 20 and 40kz can be better in nails on small gold rings too.
  7. Hi Clive.I have one of your pulse books and I love it. I was in a shore rip current in Lake Ontario that was moving about 2' per second in about 2 'of water. I am wondering how will moving fresh water effect your AQ compared to a Nox.I imagine you also have some spots where the black sand is nasty because of current movement. How does your AQ handle that?
  8. I don't want a machine that has me lost in a sea of noise.It is like hearing a language you don't understand.You need to understand your machine to a good degree to have success.
  9. Hi Steve ,is the target Id on the racer better then gmx?My gmx seems to up average a lot of targets even if they have a little depth to them. The iron id masks a lot of targets if I knock out nails. I go by how the zip sounds and look at what the numbers are doing to decide on what to dig.It also depends on where I am.I love it in the tot lots.
  10. It can get you a pin pointer from Garrett if you make a nice find with it.
  11. I would not be surprised if Minelab added single frequencies to the Vanquish.Now would be a good time to do it.
  12. Hi Jeff, I know what you are talking about since I hunted a iron filled ghost pier with my At gold.It would really annoy you after a while forcing you to hunt the quiet areas away from the iron.I think Geotech said that the At gold was a very fast machine, much faster then the AT pro.
  13. I will save my money for the next Nox upgrade since it probably will be a grand or more. At least you can turn down the iron volume, but I still prefer the soft sounds of the nox on iron targets. I would like to see it go against the Vanquish with it's 7by 10 coil.
  14. I tried that one time and no gold. I think I will try at a spot where the clay is not to deep to see if it settles there since this area has glacier gold and a river that starts in Gold ,Pennsylvania empties near here in Lake Ontario.(Genesee, river)
  15. Thanks ,I will try the4by 6 inch dd if I get the chance since my friend reported even more of the beach was eroded by heavy winds.I might even try the nox with 6''dd in gold modes.
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