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  1. Welcome to the gold coin club.Those small ones would be tough to find. I hear Tom from California welcomes all new members to the club with a Prime rib dinner. I still remember when I found my 2 in 2003 which were in the same hole and that is as good as it gets for detecting. You now have gold coin honors on this forum since you are the last person to find one.Steve your next!
  2. Maybe you can sneak out a small gold coin with this machine.
  3. I tried the TRX on the toughest micro gold target which would be a 3 mm 10k white gold stud earring and it would not hit it.It would hit a very small yellow gold earring back at 1/8 of an inch and a bigger one at 3/8 of an inch.It would also hit a small 3/4 inch diameter hollow 10k yellow gold hoop earring at about an inch. It would be something if they made a pi pin pointer that would hit my 3 mm earring.This is on the 3 setting. If I have time I will try the 4 setting.
  4. Great find.I think they use 6 prongs on the better diamond rings.That is a classic beach find.
  5. Maybe Garrett will make it since it seems to be a hot item.
  6. Fantastic hunt.The only silver dollar I ever found was also a 1892- o Morgan dollar.I have a book by Dick Stout on coin hunting and picnic groves were his favorite place for coins.
  7. i was hunting a pounded old school along a small hill at the fence line between the houses when I noticed a small dove about 20 yards away.I got any iffy hit and dug a Barber dime which shocked me because i have not found a good coin in this section in a long time so I did a little dance and the dove was dancing with me.I would go to the left and he would go to the right.I would go right and he would go to left.We kept this up for 40 minutes when the dimming light finally sent him off.I thought that was odd as doves usually take off right away when you are near them but not this littl
  8. Hi Jeff. I always enjoy your input on things. Where and why do you like to use your Vanquish since you also have the Nox. Would you say the 7by10 coil on the Vanquish helps make your decision when going for basic targets(THE many gold and coin signals you get in schools plus parks)?
  9. Nel bringing attention to all the Apex coils they offer also brings attention that Garrett has this new Apex machine that can be used with it.Good business for both companies.
  10. For most hunting situations you will do fine with the Apex.If you go to any beach you will have a solid performer for most of your targets.This is your basic fun machine that can be used in many places and still get results.When I use my nox it is mostly to get tough targets in tough situations as in silver coins that have been missed by FBS machines when it comes to the turf.I wonder why nel does does not make coils for the Nox since they did make them for the X-terra which had a chip in the coil. Garrett is smart when it comes to doing business.
  11. Me and my friend did really well at one freshwater finger lake here in N.Y. with the AT GOLD and it's stock coil. It discriminated the bottle caps very well that infested this lake and hit the gold with gusto. We found many silver coins at the ghost pier that had many nails. This machine was paid back very fast and I have my record of 6 gold in a day with it even though I got 5 with the Nox in a 2.5 hour hunt where the 6 gold needed a 8 hour hunt. The iron audio would get to you in thick iron after a while. It would be nice to lower the volume on it. A very fun machine to
  12. Do you know your pull tab to gold ratio?Good job on the bling.
  13. a very small 316 type stainless ring can give you a #1 since I found one in an engagement type style ring.
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