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  1. I love my tesoros. You can’t beat the simplicity of a compadre or a mojave. Do you just set your disc low and dig it all (that’s what it looks like from the pic of your finds). Or do you disc out low conductors. Or do you “thumb” the disc knob when you get a hit?
  2. Those ones listed on the classifieds are not the same model headphones being asked about in the original post. They may work with the equinox, but they aren’t the same model as the ones for the equinox.
  3. Try lowering the sensitivity. You can even lower it to 14 or 15 and still get decent depth. I’ve noticed that high tones will come in clearer in iron infested areas with lower sense settings.
  4. Not mine. I doubt if the seller will get that, but I thought it was a crazy high price. Seller also states that there were rumors that there were only 150 mojaves made.
  5. How hard is it to make the hard-wired coil cable on the compadre to a removable, plug in type? I have two compadres; one with the 8” donut and the other with the 6”. If I made them removable I could use them on my mojave and vice versa. I’m pretty handy and can solder. Just need a source for the connectors and which ones to get.
  6. Wow! That HAD to weigh your pouch down😀. Any idea how much all that lead weighs?
  7. When it was giving me fits on Friday at a site where I work, it may have mostly been emi as I turned the sensitivity down to 4 and it was less chatty. When I took it out in my yard the next day it ran a lot quieter, but would make noise when I bumped the coil or wiggled the coil wire protector where it comes out of the coil. My vaquero is dead silent until the coil is over something, but it doesn’t have the 180 ed disc so maybe that has something to do with it. I usually set my disc just above iron on both machines.
  8. Thanks. Not long after I first bought the mojave ( I bought it new from a dealer), it started to become chatty. I sent it in to Tesoro and when they sent it back Rusty included a note saying that the coil had been bad and that they replaced it with a new one. It seems now that it may be starting to do the same thing. I rarely use it but did the other day after work and it was chatty again, but it could possibly have been EMI as I used it last night in my yard and it seemed ok. However if I bump the coil or wiggle the coil wire where it’s attached to the coil it makes noise. So I’m thinking I may try another coil, but I would like to get another concentric coil similar in size to the stock 7” coil. How well do the smaller sized DD coils work?
  9. Anyone have experience with coil options similar to the precision 7” coil that comes standard on the mojave?
  10. Thanks Steve. I just saw the aptx and was thinking aptx ll. I’ll give them a try and if they don’t work out I’ll return them.
  11. I just ordered a pair of these. I’m one of what seems like the few who actually really likes the ml80s. My ml80s are getting pretty ratty so I ordered a pair of the avantrees however they are made for extra large heads and fit loosely. If these ausdom phones fit like the ml80s I’ll be pleased. Plus I’m looking forward to seeing how well the noise cancelling works.
  12. I may have to start hitting the sports fields more to get my clad count up😁 I could see me buying one of these especially if it can complement my nox in some way.
  13. I found a ring just like yours a couple of years ago. It was 14k, small, just fit my pinkie and wide like yours. It also rang up a solid, smooth sounding 17 and weighed 5.65 grams. Congrats on some nice finds!
  14. I have one of the first runs of the equinox. Got on a wait list with a dealer and got mine in April or May of 2018 (please correct me if I’m wrong on this, but I think I’ve had my nox for 3 years now). I had a slight case of the shaft wobble issue and ended up getting an Anderson carbon fiber upper and lower rods. When Steve first came out with his rods I inquired about getting just the upper from him mostly for the cam lock, but also for the balance pod. We sent some messages back and forth and realized that the Anderson lower rod was a slightly larger diameter and wasn’t compatible with Steve’s upper rod. Since I had just shelled out $150 on the Anderson I decided I would make my own balance pod. I had some 6/6 nylon rod and had this big piece of aluminum left over from another project. You can see from the pic how it works. The aluminum counter weight can be slid closer or farther from the fulcrum point (the equinox control box grip) to fine tune the balance. I forget what the nylon rod and counter weight weighs, but even with the counter weight slid all the way to the end, it still doesn’t perfectly balance the 11” coil, however it’s nearly perfect for the 6” coil. I wanted the overall weight of the detector as light as possible, but still help significantly with the balance. I think I got it at a fairly sweet spot between balance and overall weight.
  15. How do you know this? And why would they release a new coil and still be tweaking it?
  16. Well my much used and much liked root slayer nomad shovel broke yesterday. At least it waited until the end of the hunt until it snapped.
  17. For a digger there’s this https://www.ebay.com/itm/devils-tongue-hand-digger-/233812638842?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 made by forum member Kac.
  18. You know what they say “pics or it didn’t happen “. LOL! A gold coin spill is something we all dream of! Congrats!
  19. I was wondering the same thing and should have asked about that in the email. That said, I’ve gotten my ml80s fairly wet. Haven’t had them in a downpour, but have used while it was drizzling and had no problems. This was only 2 or 3 times though.
  20. In a post on the prospecting forum about the new gpx6000 gold detector.
  21. Minelab has come out with a new more robust aptx ll headphones designed for their new gpx 6000 gold detector. I contacted them to see if these will work with the equinox and they will.
  22. Even with identical settings, to be a fair comparison the ground balance and noise cancel settings should be manually set to be the same. Also the same person should swing the different detectors so the swing speed, coil height, etc is more consistent.
  23. I’ve wondered the same thing. Were their machines set up exactly the same way as yours? Even a slight difference like recovery speed could make a difference.
  24. I was going to order those, but when I went to checkout a prompt came up that said they don’t ship to my state which is NC.
  25. Don’t project that you’ll have issues. I was on the waiting list and got one of the first ones. Mine’s still fine... no problems.
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