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  1. George for those of us who are fairly new to detecting, can you tell us what it was like detecting back in the 70s? I’m sure there was more silver coins and more virgin sites that had never been detected. How well did the detectors from that era work?
  2. Very nice! Can someone explain the advantages (or differences) in a straight rod verses the S shaped stock rod?
  3. I haven’t gotten out much this month. But the last three hunts were on the property where I work and each time I hit silver. The 1904 O barber was a surprise. It was wet that day and I thought it was just another clad quarter, but when I got home and counted my clad, I got a nice surprise! Next up was the ‘63 rosie. It was in a really trashy area and only maybe two inches deep but the D2 hit it hard with good numbers using a modified 5 tone general program. Today was the ring. I was using the fast program with disc at 41 and PWM pitch tones. It was very shallow too and rang up 96 with a 97 coming in about every other pass. I sorta thought it was going to be a silver quarter, but I’ll take the ring. (This and the barber quarter is an example of why I’d like to see an expanded high conductor tid range.). I wasn’t going to post any of these but the quarter is a semi-key date and it’s been a little slow here with the bad weather going on across the country.
  4. I’d love to see an expanded high conductor range. I don’t even know if that’s possible, but that’s my wish😍! There’s one other thing: I wish the ground balance would stabilize in 4 or 5 pumps instead of 12 or 13 pumps (yes I count them).
  5. It was Metaldetector.com, but I either read the green print of “In stock” and didn’t notice the word “No” after it or someone bought their last one after I posted. Sorry for giving anyone hope that they were still available. You’d think their website would take it down completely since tesoro is no longer in business and they will never be in stock again. https://www.metaldetector.com/tesoro-4-inch-round-concentric-search-coil-with-5-pin-connector
  6. Hell yeah! Everyone loves them some gold! I’ve been paying more attention to solid 50s signals lately, but no gold. I’ve dug two gold rings with my D2, one a solid 63 and the other a solid 66.
  7. Minelab must have only electrical engineers working for them; not a single mechanical engineer on the payroll! It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
  8. I’ve found a few of those presidential one dollar coins, but I don’t think any of them are George Washington ones. Congrats on a fun find!
  9. I noticed that anomaly in full tones while doing a little testing this past summer. Maybe a future update will fix that. I hardly ever run full tones and when I do I set the disc at its lowest setting of -6.8 which is maybe why xp has it set that low in program 3 (sensitive full tones). BTW, I almost always use program 3 to find a clean piece of ground to do a ground balance. That number then carries over to any custom program I may want to use where I have some discrimination or notching.
  10. That’s usually how anything that’s not silver or gold comes out where I am in Western North Carolina too. 🥲🥲 I feel your sadness!
  11. I’m starting to run out of “Hell Yeahs” for you!😂
  12. I know exactly what you mean! I would much rather spend what little free time that I have detecting rather than testing. Seems like some guys do the opposite and I appreciate their efforts and reviews, but, like you, I’d rather learn my detector by actually hunting with it. Anyways I appreciate your review! Good luck on finding some gold and let us know when you do.
  13. Hey Strick thanks for the review! I gotta question: can the manticore reliably (that’s the key word here), tell the difference between a clad dime and a copper memorial penny? You didn’t mention anything about silver coins, but do you know if the manticore can tell the difference between a silver dime and a clad dime? Same for a silver and clad quarter. Again, reliably. I’m wondering if there’s an expanded silver range on the vdi. thanks!
  14. And I thought this was going to be about the compadre’s predecessor 🤦‍♂️ Seriously though George, you’ve made a ton of spectacular finds!!
  15. Has anyone tried the little 4” concentric on a mojave or silver umax or actually any other model? These are still available and I was wondering if anyone’s tried it and what specific applications they used it for. I was thinking it may have a place for densely polluted areas where a good find wouldn’t be very deep.
  16. Are we sure that CF means carbon fiber? It doesn’t look like carbon fiber. It looks like the CF stamp is molded into the shaft. Can that even be done with carbon fiber? Also if those shafts are made in France, do the French word or words for carbon fiber start with c and f? Not trying to stir anything up, buy if it was carbon fiber I would think they would advertise the fact that it is and it would look like any other carbon fiber shaft. That CF might be some manufacturing code or such.
  17. Wow! Just saw this. Can you tell us what state or part of the country these are from?
  18. Thanks for making me spend more money on my addiction! Just ordered one of those shafts. If I’m remembering correctly isn’t there a spacer needed where the coil attaches?
  19. Yep. The D2 suffers from that compressed upper vdi range. I’d really love an update that could address that issue. When you’re pressed for time, it’d be nice to be able to distinguish silver from clad. I know that usually silver dimes and quarters come in ever so slightly higher (usually by 1 digit) but there’s been many times I was expecting clad and a silver popped out of the hole. oops! Forgot I was in the nox forum. Feel free to move this to the D2 forum.
  20. Reminds of the old Spinal tap movie: skip to 1:20
  21. I’m not a fan of big coils, but if XP doesn’t offer a smaller coil than the 9” then I may opt for the 13” just to try it.
  22. That’s a double “hell yeah”! Are you saying that those are new finds from a permission you’ve had for a long time or are those some finds from a while back? Either way you still get the double hell yeah. Lol
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