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  1. Once again, great finds! That field is really producing. Oh, and that fifth pic down looks like a fertility ring! Lol
  2. 8 grams of 14k deserves a “Hell Yeah”! Congrats on the gold, silver ring and the merc, and on getting out, Jeff!
  3. Any gold makes for a great hunt, especially when it’s totally unexpected. Congrats Bob!
  4. I just detected a new permission today that was nearly 5 acres with a large house and gardens. About half of it was really annoying as the neighbor had one of those invisible dog fences right on the property line. I tried different programs, lowering the sensitivity down to 80, and even single frequency (which seemed just slightly better), but nothing worked. Any ideas?
  5. Congrats on those nice finds Bob! I’m beginning to think the 9” coil is really the goldilocks size of coils. I’m surprised other companies like minelab don’t offer a 9” stock coil.
  6. Thanks and yes it has the stock 7” concentric coil. Just was wondering if the SSumax had something special going on inside. I know it’s 10khz verses 12 for the mojave, but I don’t see anything else that makes it all that much different or better.
  7. I have a mojave and have always been interested in the silver sabre micromax. There’s a silver sabre with the brown 8” donut coil for sale on the friendly forum and was wondering if it has any advantages over the mojave. I’ve read about how good the SS umax is and it intrigues me enough to consider buying one. However, if it’s similar in performance to the mojave, I can’t see any justification in buying one.
  8. I’m almost embarrassed to post this after reading about Cal’s awesome token. But I had already taken the closeup pics so here it is. With the time change I have about 45 minutes max to hunt my nearby permission. Got this one tonight in a spot where they have cleared more trees. One more thing: I have that bad habit of rubbing the dirt off to see the date. You can see the fine scratches on the neck area. I’m glad it wasn’t a 1916 D! Lol
  9. Congrats on that awesome 18th century token! I was just getting ready to post my latest find, a 1919 merc in very good shape, when I saw your post. Compared to what you just found it’s like finding a zincoln! Lol!
  10. Dang Bob, you’ve earned a “Hell Yeah” for this hunt!! Nice finds!
  11. Nice finds CPT! Do you know what that item in the middle of the second pic is? It almost looks like it has a Rolls Royce insignia on it, but it looks like a lid from a jar.
  12. Nice finds Bob! Maybe as winter gets here the weeds will die out enough around that barn to get a search coil in there. With finding two silvers inside, there’s a good chance of finding more around the exterior perimeter.
  13. What coil do you have now and which coil will you be buying?
  14. I’ve never used the puck as the master. I really like the remote and if XP had offered a package with the remote, WSAII headphones and no puck, I would have bought that. I’m debating on selling the puck and buying the WSAII headphones or the WSAIIXL headphones. For me the weight savings is pretty much negligible plus the remote feels much more ruggedly built. My other option that I might do is: if XP offers a smaller elliptical coil, then I would keep the puck, buy one of the two headphones and another shaft for two different setups. That would be much more expensive than my first option. In fact I could probably pocket some $ by selling the puck and then buying the headphones. Am I missing anything here?
  15. Wow, that’s crazy! The one I got has an O mint mark. From what I could find out it’s a semi-key date. I have yet to find a seated coin!
  16. Thanks Strick! That thing that looks like a ring is (I think), a piece of an old odometer from a car or tractor.
  17. I was getting a little depressed as I’ve no new sites that are very promising for silver. I took yesterday afternoon off and went detecting to a site that has produced well in the past two years. In fact a couple of weeks ago I dug a 1922 half crown (50% silver) from this site. Well yesterday didn’t turn out like I would have liked it to, but I did end up with a model T hubcap and a 1900 crusty V nickel. This morning I hit a small site where I’ve pulled a walker and a merc along with quite a few wheaties. Today was a bust for silver, but I did get a wheat, a buff and a tiny old toy car which I thought was really cool. This afternoon I went to a permission I have that has produced well but is really starting to slow down. In fact after about mid summer it was too grown up to hunt. The owner is clearing the land to build a new house but no new work had been done until about a week ago I noticed some guys with a track hoe are clearing it again. The weeds have been cut and a lot of the trees have been pulled out. I did go out there after work Thursday and got a deep wheatie that was 9” down and gave a very nice signal in my modified sensitive program. That gave some hope that maybe there’s still some silver that I missed. So this afternoon I hit what used to be an old dirt road on the property and got another model T hubcap. I meandered along and went to a part of a field that’s at the opposite corner of the property where the old house stood. I had been over this section several times before but there was a tree that had fallen that I couldn’t get under before. Now the tree has been cut and moved so, well working my way back to the car, I detected the bare ground under where the tree trunk had laid. All of a sudden I get a real nice high tone reading 96-97. I thought for sure a silver quarter, but about 5-6” down out comes a 1901 O barber half dollar. The hole was where my shovel is in the pic. My first ever barber half and my fourth silver half of the year all others being walkers. My depression suddenly disappeared and I ended the hunt on that happy note!
  18. Abenson, you deserve a “Hell Yeah” for not only getting 4 silvers, but for getting them out of a site that you’ve pounded for years! I agree that there’s some special mojo going on with the deus and notching. Congrats!
  19. My cheap and easy fix: I removed the corresponding section opposite of the break and used two zip ties to hold it in place. Very secure, even more so than when it was new.
  20. It almost seems as if XP designed those feet on the armcuff to attach an extension to. It has those molded in nubs that these aftermarket stands are using to keep their extensions in place. I’d sure like to hear an explanation from an XP rep as to why they made the stand so short. Otherwise, I really like the stock shaft.
  21. Thanks for posting this Jeff. That’s the one I was going to get because the ears are wider and look stronger, but I’ll look for something else now.
  22. I bought one of those 3d printed aftermarket stands for my D2 a while back. Well, it broke last evening. The little “ear” that clips over the too short deus stand broke off and now it won’t stay attached. I’ll try to remember to post a pick when I get home from work. I bought it off of ebay from a seller named manxkat5. It doesn’t look like he’s selling them anymore. Here’s a pic from a different seller with the narrow ears like the one I had My question is: has anyone else had one break and what, if anything, did you replace it with? I don’t want to spend $15 on a part that’s going to break every 4 or 5 months. Are there better options? Here’s a link to one that has wider ears but it costs more: https://www.ebay.com/itm/175321515599?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=tjwVIf_yT8q&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=aM-gh_K9QNO&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY I really liked the stand because it kept the detector from constantly falling over. But, like I said above, I want one that’s not going to break so easily. The ones in both pics above say they are printed in PETG for strength and durability. I don’t know what the one I had was printed from. Is PETG going to hold up? Here’s a pic of mine:
  23. Me too. Sometimes it’s a little difficult getting the clip wide enough to slide over the edge of the coil cover. To make it a little easier to slide on, I took a small file and beveled the edges of the coil cover where the clip slides on.
  24. That looks like a printing block off an old printing press. Just a guess on my part though. Congrats on the silver rosie. A silver dime will make any detectorist’s day!
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