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  1. Yesterday I hit an old house site that I’ve hit many times before. Actually it’s multiple old house sites from an old textile mill. There’s a new larger plant where the old textile mill used to be, but all the old houses are long gone and there’s a huge grassy area in front of the new factory where all the old houses stood. You’re not allowed to detect this grassy area. I know because I got asked to leave about a year ago. However, there’s a city hike/bike trail that goes right next to part of the grassy area and I can still hunt there. In the past when I brazenly detected the main grassy area😇, I found quite a few silver coins and some cool relics. But now all I’m left with is a small area by the trail that is yielding less and less finds. I did manage to find an old toy car, a rifle casing and an old lock. I did get two wheaties but no silver. So, the 39 nickels. What’s up with that? Well this morning I decided to hit my son’s high school for a clad hunt. A while back pre-deus II, I used my nox and got $33 in clad out of there in one afternoon. Then a time after that I got around $17 and few more times close to $10 each time. Needless to say this place hasn’t been detected in a long time. Today I got $12.08, but the amazing thing is I dug 39 nickels! That’s a new nickel record for me! I mostly used two programs: Rattleheads silver slayer and my own GCOIN3. The GCOIN3 (general, used for coins, 3 tones) is based on the general program with disc at 7 and notches from 7-57 and 66-80 with 3 tones. The silver slayer is similar but based on the Fast program with disc at 7 and notches from 7-59 and 65-87 with pitch tones. With both I had the sensitivity at 80 (the lowest sense I’ve ever used with the D2) and reactivity at 3. Both programs are like lasers at picking out coins from the trash. I don’t know why I got so many nickels. I was digging everything in the 60s. Sometimes the TID was consistent but the tones sounded bad and other times the tones sounded really good but the numbers were really jumpy. On some the tones were so bad that I normally would have passed on digging, but today I just wanted to experiment and most ended up being nickels. You can see the amount of pulltabs I dug. The half square tabs sounded really good and were indistinguishable from a good textbook nickel signal.
  2. A unique silver ring is much, much better than a 1939 merc! Lol!
  3. I haven’t posted much of anything for the past month or so. However I did take a trip to upstate NY last month to visit my sister. I found out her old farmhouse was built in 1785. I had detected it about 5 years ago while I still had my very first detector, a FisherF70. Back then I found a good bit of clad, a few wheaties, but no silver or anything really old. This time I took the D2 and got a few decent finds, but nothing really exciting. Since that time with the f70, they’ve moved a lot of ground around as they are remodeling the house and yard. This time a did get a silver though, a really nice 1945 war nickel. I also got a big copper that’s devoid of any markings because it’s so toasted. I’m pretty sure though that it’s a large cent because it’s the exact same size as the only other large cent that I’ve found. In the pic it’s the one without the hole in it. I also found a nice musket ball that must have been dropped before it was fired because of its intact sprue. It measures around .630 in diameter, so maybe that’s a .69 caliber with the patch? I’ll have to get a pic of it. After coming back to NC after the NY trip I hit three mercs at two different sites. One was a park that’s about 25 minutes away that I had yet to detect with the deus. I’ve pounded that place with the nox and have pulled over 30 silvers out of there. On my first trip there with the deus I got two mercs. The other merc came from a site that I had been to two previous times with the deus. These silvers bring me to 27 for the year.
  4. I’m still around and still detecting but not finding much to post about. I’ve gotten a few silver coins over the past few weeks but nothing special just mercs and a war nickel. It’s been so hot that getting out is more of a chore than fun.
  5. If you’re worried about rechargeable lithium batteries, my opinion is don’t. Lol. I’ve had my nox since it’s introduction and it’s been charged many, many times over the past four years and the battery still holds a charge for longer than I can detect in one day. I can’t imagine how much money recharging that battery would have saved me if the nox had been made to use throw-away AA batteries. Of course you could buy rechargeable AAs, but then you’re back to not only recharging batteries, but having to put them in and out. If you are still worried about draining the battery on the nox while out in the field, you can buy a rechargeable lithium battery pack and run your nox off of that by strapping the battery under the arm cuff and using the magnetic charging cable. One more point: If you do happen to wear out the battery in your nox, you can buy a replacement and from the videos I’ve seen, it’s an easy, straightforward replacement.
  6. I lost my backup pinpointer a couple of weeks ago and have been thinking I would get an MI6. However after reading through this thread I think I’ll either wait until XP fixes the pairing problems or until my TRX dies and I’m forced to get something else.
  7. You’re spot on Jeff. Going from memory, I thought it was clearly stated in the manual that the puck could be charged with either cable (three way or single), but to update you could only use the single cable. I think the erratum was just making it known that you could use the single cable not just to update but that it could also be used as a charging cable. BTW, both of the cables fit snugly in the port on the puck and I haven’t had a single issue with the puck not pairing with the remote when I turn it on. Knock on wood. Lol! I did have a problem with pairing after doing one of the updates, but once I paired it manually all was fine.
  8. Glad you got your permission straightened out and are allowed to keep detecting there. And yes, the deus is a killer coin shooter!
  9. I went out this evening to the same place where I hit the silver half the weekend before last. I was hoping for another silver andI was using Rattlehead’s silver slayer program. About 15’ from where I dug that half, I got a strong, solid 63. Less three inches down I see a gold ring. Ends up being 2.58 grams of 10K. The ironic thing about getting this gold ring is that this past weekend we went to Charleston, SC and I got in two, 2 hour beach hunts and didn’t find anything but about 70 cents and a small cross that was junk metal. I was using my Nox and hoping for gold. Lol
  10. I was using program 2 (sensitive) when I found the walker. Three tones but second tone break set at 86 and I upped the frequency of the high tone to 881 hz. I also think I set the sensitivity to 95. Stock settings other than this. I don’t think that half was on edge although I think it was tilted slightly from horizontal. I need to pay more attention to what I dig. I see shiny in the hole and just want to get it out! Lol
  11. I work for a resort that has 1400 acres and two youth camps. The resort was started back in 1909 so I’ve found some silver here over the past three years that I’ve been working here. However it’s been pretty slow for the past year as I’ve cleaned out most of the grassy areas with my equinox. This weekend is the first time I’ve had the D2 in the older youth camp which dates to the 1930s. Yesterday I hit two mercs, a 1920 and a 1926 just inches apart. Today I went back and got my third (and nicest) walking liberty half for the year. The areas where these coins were found had been hit with my nox multiple times. Is it the deus or did I just miss these three with the nox? I don’t know, but I’m definitely going to hit more of the non-wooded areas with the deus II. I hadn’t taken the deus to these areas before today because I had hit these areas so many times with my nox that I didn’t think I’d find much. Hmmm, I might need to re-think this. LOL!
  12. Dang man! Double gold! I’ve never had a double gold day. Congrats!!
  13. I bought one of their stainless scoops. I’ve only detected at the ocean three times since I started detecting and done fresh water hunting only a few times more than that, but it worked well and is very strong. I bought mine off his ebay store and contacted him about modifying it with a solid strap around the back. He did that for me for no extra charge.
  14. It doesn’t work like that in full tones. See this thread:
  15. I shorten the rod every time I take it in the car. I don’t worry too much about wear and tear on the camlocks because if they do wear out you can buy them as parts from XP. It’s another reason I like this detector: You can buy spare parts if they break or wear out.
  16. I saw those a couple of weeks ago and was going to order one but then I got to thinking about it. What would happen if I tripped and fell on my detector? Something’s got to give and either that mounting device will break or the plastic on the back of my remote will. So I decided to just go with the factory tether. What made me think of this was about 20 years ago I bought a BMW R1150GS motorcycle. This was an adventure type motorcycle with the two horizontally opposed cylinders that stick out from the sides of the bike. This is commonly known as a “boxer” engine. Being an adventure bike I rode it on gravel roads and other places where you wouldn’t take a strictly street oriented bike. When you do that with a big, heavy bike you’ll eventually drop it. When you do drop it the first thing that makes contact with the ground is the cylinder head. Now BMW is aware of this and provides stock plastic cylinder head guards. They look and feel pretty flimsy. It wasn’t long after that bike came on the market that there were aftermarket suppliers of better, more robust cylinder guards. One such company made very stout aluminum guards that just bolted to the engine in the same bolt holes that the stock guards used. I thought they looked very strong and rugged so I bought a pair and installed them. Not too long after that I dropped the bike at a walking pace coming off the edge of a sidewalk. Guess what happened? That strong aluminum cylinder guard was so stiff that the weight of the bike made it crack the bolt hole where it attached to the engine! If I would have had the stock plastic guard it would have flexed and just gotten scratched and I could have replaced it and the bike would have looked like new. Instead I had to take those guards off and left them off. I ended up selling the bike about a year later with full disclosure of the damage. If I would have kept the bike I would have had to find someone to weld that hole with aluminum then drill and re-tap it. Sorry for the long story but just a heads up of what could happen. Edit: I’m not trying to discredit detecting doodads product, it’s probably great for water hunters and such where the detector probably won’t get dropped or fallen upon. But if you’re hiking through the woods and you trip and fall on the remote in such a way that there’s a lot of force put on it, something’s going to give. I would probably bet XP designed the remote attachment so that it does pop off before something breaks.
  17. Just from the vast amount of clad I’ve found, I’d say this school hasn’t been detected for (and I’m guessing here), at least 10 years. Most of the clad is in the 2-5” range. If I’m remembering correctly the two silver dimes were in the 6-7” range but they were in an area that gets more shade and the ground was softer there. I didn’t hunt the sports fields, only the surrounding grassy areas. I don’t think there’s any watering done and I don’t know about fertilizer.
  18. Since I subscribed to Paystreak’s videos, I want to get the phoenix model because of the curved, dish-shaped blade. For the last few years I’ve been using a rootslayer nomad. I’ve been pretty happy with it, but looking to try something different.
  19. The deus 2 is definitely a very good clad machine! Yes, unfortunately all the jewelry is junk😥. I dug both rings within minutes of each other. That sorta put me in jewelry mode for the rest of the hunt! Lol
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