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  1. And there's MORE where that one came from! Great to hear from you, Lanny! Gary Long
  2. I pointed on my screen where the signal was strongest, even told him to clean off the sticks and rubble...lol Finally he listened to me, and dug a nice a big chunk!
  3. I have two pairs of non-metallic boots. One pair is made by Bates, has a zipper for ease of getting them on, the othe pair of non-metallic boots is marked MAGNUM, they are non-metallic as well. I bought both pairs of my boots from Doc's Detecting in Henderson, Nevada. I don't work for Doc, never met the man, but I have bought a LOT of detecting gear from him over many years...
  4. I first saw Smokey when I saw a guy fussing off on a far ridge, with something that turned out to be a brand new Minelab SD2100. Close enough. Later I saw him out on the placers, took the opportunity to strike a new friendship. I said I saw you messing with a new detector, he agreed that was the case. In the coming years which passed, our paths would continue to cross. At one chance meeting, Smokey asked me if I liked poetry, to which I answered, "yes". Somehow his the poetry revolved around a gal posing by an old desrert tree. He had two versions, but I will leave it there... On one
  5. Geez Gerry, that's news to me! And what did you name the Armstrong's little brother nugget? Yep, I did see the Armstrong nugget in the bank display! Very impressive, as was the story about how many folks walked right over it for years, until the right person found it!
  6. I have somebody else's grandfather's gold scale kit from the California gold rush...says right on the container: Designed for California Gold...
  7. I remember Jim Straight called Lunk "young man" so long ago, when he first saw Lunk meticulously gridding a known gold area in the northern Nevada desert. The first and only time I met Jim Straight, was at a gold show in southern California. At that time he was carrying his tiny new granddaughter in his arms. Great memories!
  8. I agree with my friend Strick! I have been going to the north Nevada desert country since the early 90's, before the big Minelabs, only the vlf's were available at the time. The evolution of the Minelab brand quality has evolved as well. Some of the early searchcoils had to be mended/held together with cloth backed tape... The lithium ion batteries were a blessing, expensive, yes, but lighter than the lead acid batteries of yore. When I got skunked with my first heavy Minelab, bummed as anyone who has left empty handed from the place will know, my only respite and remedy was to get out my
  9. The most ignorant...lol...thing anyone has said to me when they saw me metal detecting was, "get a job"... In my mind I think, to myself, "if ONLY those people KNEW just how MUCH this metal detector cost..." In most instances my metal detector cost MORE than their car...go figger...
  10. I received your awesome card, Scott! Thank you very much for your generosity! It will be a very handy reference! ~LARGO~
  11. ...phew... Had my brand new Equinox charging, smelled something burning...turned out to be the wife's microwave popcorn and not my new nox... Hate when that happens... ~LARGO~
  12. Great that you received your new Equinox! Those unexpected items along with your purchases can be as memorable as your new detector for many years. I bought some items over time from Doc's Detecting some years ago. I got a cool kangaroo nugget pouch (ouch), a nice custom stitched Doc's Detecting hat, as a token of appreciation for my purchases, which were significant over time... I helped the Apex pick manufacturer with some photo shoots and he gave me four of his awesome picks...totally unexpected!! This isn't a inexpensive hobby, to be sure. When I was in the hospital with a collap
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