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  1. I have aids in my ear, all the time when i was 17 teen, i tryed to get in the army and was told i was 80% to 90% deaf, I always knew i was not very smart, but didn't know that it was because i couldn't hear in school. I am almost 69 years old now and it don't matter that i can't here. No one can use my headphones for they are to loud. I have trouble with ground balance, i can't here the tones. I still do ok, i have alot of rings. Good Luck Dean
  2. Thanks all, These are the Marlex floats , not the black rubber ones. I just didn't know if they were to have air or not. They float ok, just thinking, that sometimes get me in trouble. Thanks Dean
  3. They are the hard floats, they have air values on the small ends. with values covers like on a car tire.
  4. Hi all, hope everyone is ready for dredging . I have a 2" Keene dredge, with the hard floats. Dose anyone how much air to put in the floats? Don't want to blow them up, but need them to float good. Any help would be good, I tried to look on line but could not find how much pressure to put in them. Thanks Dean
  5. Thanks guys, I will call Whites and see if I can get one shipped to me.
  6. Dose anyone where I can get a coil end that's goes on the black control box. I have a 9.5" coil that someone changed the end for another detector. I can't find where to order on Whites forum. Thanks Dean
  7. I found one like that, though it was a pic. frame.
  8. They will be kind of big hanging on your head. You could put them in a back pack. ha ha
  9. As for as a pinpointer, I have a TRX and it will pick up a #4 shot, That is a lot smaller than that nug. I didn't mean that you didn't do a good job. A pinpointer will speed up your dig time and give you more time to hunt. I do some beach hunting and my pointer will pick up ear ring backs when in my hand.
  10. Man you need a pinPointer, You can dig much more with less time trying to find it.
  11. I sure would like any of these treasures, Thanks flintstone
  12. You think it is good to have both detectors? I have a big park that I have went over and over with the XP, everyone said it is cleaned out, I know a lot of detectors have been over it, but still find a keeper ever now and then. If I sell a detector or two I might get a Nox.
  13. I have been seeing a lot of NOX for sale lately. Is everyone looking for something new? I have a XP Deus, and it dose every thing I need. I don't go in deep water, it still works for me. I would like to see XP come out with a coil that can hunt more than one frequency at a time. I asked about it and was told it could happen.
  14. Still today in SouthWest Kentucky where Fort Knox is you can't go in without singing a paper that you can't hold the USA for anything that happens to you. They still have drills for Army. I have deer hunted there and there is some trees that look like they have been hit by a boom that makes tooth picks out of them. There is still live amo in the mud that can kill you.
  15. Some of the best info on F75 I have read any where. I have not used mine much so I need to know the defferance in the detectors. Realy grate to read about difference in detectors.
  16. Only way to know for sure, is to cut a small piece off and send to a place that can tell for sure. Good luck, you might have a good one.
  17. I have used the swivel nozzle on my 2" Keens, but took it off after the swivel keep getting fine sand in it and would not trun. Sometimes it was even upside down and need a big long handle of something to work it loose. They are good when they work, but if locked up then a pain. Hope yours work better if you get one.
  18. Thanks All, Don't want to get into a big fuss over this. This is just something I have been working on over the cold weather here. I test my tailing and lose very little with the 2" Keens, but run slow so not to blow any out. I was thinking that use the same motor as the 2" and run faster would let me move more dirt. The 3" has a 5 horse motor, and that is load by itself. I think I will try the 3" sluice on the 2" frame and that motor, and run faster. I do get good gold from where I go, there was a mine back in the 1800's on top of the hill where I go. Every spring there is more gold in the
  19. Hi Swamp, do you think the 2" floats will float the 3" sluice and use the 3" hose? I have boath set ups, It is just the 3" hose and high banker is just so much heavier than the 2". I prospect in OHIO, and the gold is very small, I got to go about 6 times last year and ended with 1.10 OZ. of gold. Going to try and do better this year. thanks Dean
  20. Hi All, I have a 2" Keene dredge and a 3" Keene HighBaker, I use the 2" 90% of the time cause the 3" high banker about to much for me to get to the small creek I go to. I get very small gold at this creek but a lot of it. Do you think if I fit the 3" sluice box on my 2" floats I can get better gold recovery? I never run my Honda full blast anyway. I was just thinking the bigger sluice will keep more small gold. What do you all think? Thanks Dean
  21. Hi tboykin, The Grout/mud mixer, will work. I frond gold with clay and put a half of a 5gal. bucket with water and mix the heck out of it. Take a lid and put a hole in middle so the water and mud don't fly out. I frond most of the gold was just on top of the clay, not much in it. Hope this helps some, Dean
  22. Be sure that if your magnet is just a plain magnet, and not a gold recovery magnet, that you put it in a plactic bag or bottle or you can't get the black sand off the magnet.
  23. About 6 or 8 mi. from Wickenburg is Congress and the RoadRunner club has some claims that they let me pay buy the week. That was a few years ago.
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