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  1. looks like a good month for sure ? HH Sillllvar
  2. A hammy is a hammy mate, warts n all ? That one looks like an Edward penny, predates your other coin. In my humble opinion separate loss ? HH Sillllvar
  3. I don't really have a need for a bigger coil, maybe in future to cover more ground I guess. HH Sillllvar
  4. Very nice finds there! One of these day's I'll get into the water! It looks like great fun ? HH sillllvar
  5. I just watched a Youtube video on the equinox masterclass by Derek Mclennan . He said something that is really quite true! He said that he feels like the equinox "forces" one to dig targets that other machines would have you not. This is effect increases your finds rate. I've been at this a long time (1990) but it's you guys from the late 70's and 80's that must remember those early machines that made you dig more targets right? HH sillllvar
  6. Here are the better non ferrous finds from the hunt that day. I thought I had a silver button, but it's just heavily plated/guided? The silvery button has all the makings of a late 1600's down to the design on the front to the solid shank at the back. Probably one of my fav button finds so far on this side of the pond. The other two are Tomback one almost as shiny as the day it was lost in the 1700's and the other with a beautiful starburst pattern. The bronze ring is super cool and hand made with a hand made cotter pin lol Any idea's? I have a feeling there is early silver hiding in that area ? HH Sillllvar
  7. I'm sorry about your pal, I can't imagine hunting without my buddies out there ? HH sillllvar
  8. Thanks guys for the comments! I found a good lot of the nail targets produced a good ID and tone response. I used to get the odd iron circle and chunk of cast Iron come through on my explorer SE (Conductive setting) but I could live with that for sure. I've been metal detecting 20 odd years and have always run my machines hot. Over in the UK if you don't you are leaving stuff behind ? Now I'm here in the states I'm in a very different environment. No longer massive crop fields, instead thick woods and heaps more concentrated Iron. One thing I did not dig with the SE was nails, so this is unusual for me. I'll try that rotate trick more often. I have done it in the past, but the curiosity of wondering if it was just an iffy signal always got me to dig ? I ran my sensitivity at 20 in that old field system. What would you suggest it should have been at guys? I'm under 100 hours on the machine, but I'm in no way frustrated. I know it takes time to get to know a machine. But I LOVE this machine, I wish I had it back in the old Country lol Man, I could see some Celtic gold under my coil ? HH Sillllvar
  9. So I did the update on Friday and went out for a hunt yesterday. I feel like I noticed an increase in depth, shocking depth on a couple of Targets ? The location was an old colonial Rock walled field in the woods. There were 5 or 6 piles of rocks with thousands of small stones in them, so heavy agricultural activity. No home site visible but plenty of Iron in the area. I run the machine pretty hot but I feel like I dug more nails than usual after update. Anybody else experiencing that? HH Sillllvar
  10. Awesome mate! It's nice to have a the date nailed down. Cracking first Hammy! I sure do miss finding those beauties in the soil. It's an unbelievable feeling to reach down and lift a medieval coin from the earth and see a king/Queen looking back at you ?
  11. That's lovely for a first Hammered, It could be a hammered silver Penny of Henry VI 1440's. I mean it could be a half penny rather than a penny (looks clipped) but it's hard to say from here. There are some really talented identifiers of these things ( I'm not one lol) but I think the coin is stylistic of the 1400's. I have the spink coins of England to guide me lol Thanks for Sharing that one ?
  12. That was my thought too, a Child's cuff button. I wondered also if it might be off the front of some Doublets. They used to use very tiny buttons on the front. But I'm defo leaning towards child's cuff. HH Sillllvar
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