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  1. Looks like a center to a hub cap from the 60's or 70's Stick
  2. If they had reworked the workings of the Compadre and made a discriminating and waterproof pin pointer they could have sold thousands of them. Stick.
  3. Head light Overalls from 1904. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=12&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjbtpz_j43iAhVEs6wKHU8ODR8QFjALegQIBxAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.denimbro.com%2Fheadlight-overalls_topic3641.html&usg=AOvVaw0N22ATMa2griVbYCMWzpEV Stick.
  4. If you Google hand made nails there is a old video showing how the nails were made. Stick.
  5. Seeker read what I posted on Stricks gold coin, I give you the same advice don't lock it up, enjoy it and show it to all your friends. Stick.
  6. Great video and good advice but all my old drive in's are paved over. I worked at one in 1954 its a gas station now. Stick.
  7. What does the back look like? I have dug small dragon like side plates from Flint Lock rifles but none so fancy they also had screw holes in them. Stick.
  8. Strick congratulation. I have some advice that's a very nice coin and you will never forget that feeling when you found it. I told the story here of finding two $5 gold some time back also I found a 2 1/2 1836 on the Santa Fe trail in 1988 that is the one I wear. I used to look at my finds once a year at our metal detecting open house and realized that I would never get rid of my gold coins so I had a friend make me a bezel and bought a nice gold chain, I wear it at least once a week and the feeling of when I found it comes back every time. You will never forget the feeling. Enjo
  9. I belong to LostMyStuff.Net there is no charge for looking or finding items. Members pay a small fee each year to belong, as for myself I have a 100 mile limit that I will travel to look for items. I said look because some times it's not where they think they lost it. Stick.
  10. Ryan how about a update as to how the mod works in the field? Dave.
  11. Just finding old coins is what I enjoy, so far this year I have found a 1867 shield nickel 1907 V nickel 1918 Buffalo 1943 war nickel plus after over 40 years of detecting my first 3 cent nickel 1865. And 2 two cents a 1866 and 1864. The war nickel is the only silver coin I found this year so far. Stick.
  12. Strick I think the image on the watch is of the Battle Ship the USS MAINE . The ship was a cry for the Spanish American war (Remember the Maine) Stick.
  13. My Tesoro's a Silver Saber Plus , Tiger Shark and a Tejon, have all been back for repairs with shipping one way. I can not say enough about the Tesoro lifetime warranty I have had the Silver Saber Plus for over 30 years and still use it with the clean sweep coil for clad hunting. Wish I could find a clean sweep for the tejon . I had to send my Pro Pointer back for repairs and could not find the receipt I had to take their word it was out of warrant cost $50. All receipts now stay with the box they came in and go in to storage. Stick.
  14. ON the Dankowski forum Monty had some detectors stolen. He sure could use some help http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,132968 Stick
  15. Had a club outing today One Zink and a small ST Christopher medal about the size of a dime. Almost a skunk.
  16. Today I was using my AT PRO, Zero Disc. with Iron audio on, a Musket ball would give a good tone like a nickel but I would still get a iron grunt. After I dug it the grunt would disappear. This is a 1830s Indian village and i have been hunting it for 3 years, 5 musket balls 2 1832 Dragoon cuff buttons and some parts to flintlock guns and a lot of small targets. I usually use my Tejon But today used my Garrett AT PRO it will find some awful small targets I hopes this will help answer your question and I have followed your posts on the other Forum you just left. Thanks for your insight a
  17. Yes Strick here is my story for the third one. I worked for the Santa Fe Railroad as a Carman Welder for 38 years retiring the last day of 1999. When I would go home after a bad day I would stop at a crossing of the Santa Fe Trail, I had permission from the owner to metal detect, the first target that I dug I would put all my anger and troubles in the hole and cover it up so as not to take them home to the family. I sure hope the farmer didn’t take them home with him at harvest time. Once there as I was leaving I noticed some camp fire rocks and made note of them. Dec 6 1988
  18. Freezing Rain here in Kansas thought I would share my story if it's ok with Steve. Two Gold Coins It was July in 1985 I had been Metal Detecting since the early 60’s. I started with a Heath kit from Radio Shack than 2 Compass detectors Judge and Judge-2 , in 1983 I bought a Teknetics 8500 and converted it to a hip mount . In July 1985 after a summer rain my brother was hunting arrow heads in a plowed field and a Deer had ran across the field his hoof had flipped over a 1880 Silver Dollar. I got a call that night from him and he told me the story said he would tell me where it w
  19. As far as a digging knife I use a Glock that holds a sharp edge when I cut a 3 sided plug in a nice lawn I think it has a 7 or 8 inch blade. Made my own digging tool 18 years ago out of some railroad steel still works fine. I am looking for a new pouch with a deep find pocket and a large trash side seem like we have to pickup after almost ever one else. Stick
  20. I Have returned 24 rings since I started metal detecting. The last one was a 2012 Volleyball Champion ship ring the girl even sent me a thank you card. Some I sent back and never received a reply, but my mind is clear that I did the right thing. The thrill is finding them I just wished that Kansas had some nuggets . Thanks for showing the gold it keeps me dreaming Stick.
  21. This might be what we are looking for http://www.hearnotes.com/ They will have to come down in price before I can buy them. If I remember the price was $350 listed in Popular Science. Not on the market yet.
  22. I have not tried this yet But heard of a fellow busting up electronics and putting them in a small cement mixer until they are ground up then panning the remains. Don't know if it works but it shows what some folks will try.
  23. Strick. I think the trigger may be a handle to a old candle lamp, but I am just guessing I have seen them before but old age keeps me from remembering. Also antique lantern wick trimmers have something that looks like that. Stick.
  24. My use of the Ace 250 is, if the sensitivity is wide open it will false a lot. lowering it will produce a smoother sound and reduce the ghost signals. Stick.
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