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  1. Thanks for the suggestions all! Just grabbed one!
  2. I am kicking myself for not picking one up a few days ago, looks like the prices are creeping up on these and most stores show as sold out. Anyone know where I can pick one up at list in the US (~$179) that will ship in a few days?
  3. I tried cycling through the frequencies - 5khz is immediately noisy -- all other frequencies are clear at first then get the constant chatter. I took off the coil cover as a last resort and found a quite bit of black sand and dirt from this morning. I think that may have played a role? Machine seems to be working better, but still getting chatter in the same areas that were dead silent during testing all afternoon yesterday. Lowering the sensitivity seems to help, just seems odd that I was running factory settings at 20 sensitivity all day yesterday in the same yard without issue, but now need to dial the sensitivity in half for it to work silently.
  4. Think I'm having a similar issue. I just got my 800 - have 4 hours on it and was having a lot of fun but just picked up the machine and it sounds like it's a ringing phone constant loud tones even if I hold the detector straight up in the air. VDI numbers are going nuts. I've tried the following: 1. Full Factory Reset (twice) 2. Tried noise cancelling and ground balance 3. Hosed off the coil (thought maybe a piece of metal was stuck to it) 4. Tried disconnecting and reconnecting the coil Brand new machine - anyone run across this? No EMF in the area I was testing in, put away my cell phone / etc.
  5. Thanks for everyones input. My 800 came last night, charged it and took it out this AM before work - wow... Was able to easily retrieve targets with every signal I hit. Found a 1940's penny in my back yard and a very old Winchester shotgun shell - along with a bunch of trash (only searched a small area)... I think I agree that the go-find 40 can't be compared (has not worked well for me) - the equinox just worked out of the box. The cross locating technique and pinpointing on the machine is working well. I'm pretty happy with this machine, can't wait to take it to the beach this weekend.
  6. New member here, long time lurker. My Equinox 800 that I pre-ordered back in November has finally shipped. Trying to understand what to expect moving from a Minelab Go Find 40 that I've had for about a year (my first and only detector) to the 800. The go find 40 has been a lot of fun - had really good luck when I first got it but lately I've found it very difficult to retrieve targets in soil or sand. I end up finding good signals but end up digging endlessly and often am unable to retrieve anything (I've dug some massive holes in my back yard chasing signals). I have a decent pinpointer (the MI-6) but am still struggling. When I watch youtube I always see folks dig very precise plugs and almost always find something! Will the 800 help me get more precise with target retrieval areas or is my retrieval technique just off? Nothing is more frustrating then digging a hole and coming up empty handed...
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