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  1. well I got snubbed on the silver and also old coins. I did happen to recover 1.45 in clad. I brought my Etrac along just in case. At first I was very frustrated when I first got going so I did pull out the etrac for a while then I said to myself this machine is not going to get the best of me so I got it back out then I started find the coins. I did keep it in Park 2 the whole hunt. Once again thanks for the advice everyone it did come in handy.
  2. Wow lots of information there. Hopefully I am not biting off more than I can chew on this hunt. Great info.
  3. Thanks man all this great information.
  4. Thanks again about what is a good rate of swing for the nox. I am used to a very slow pace with the Etrac or could it be about as fast as a Garrett?
  5. Thanks for the reply I had been using an Etrac for a few years. I am soooo used to the 4 digit display. I have been studying the vdi chart SteveG put out.
  6. I am getting ready tomorrow to go on my first hunt with the 600. I was wondering what would be the best setting to start with. The area I am going to hunt is an area old homestead sites which has yielded before is a 1857 coin. Milk86
  7. Steve I just joined this weekend. I had been running the ETRAC for a few years and now wife approved the purchase of the nox so now I am really pumped to get thing up and running. I have a campout this weekend but it is a ranch so I am going to take it for a spin. They used to do a lot of hayrides back when I was younger.
  8. Well Steve I went and bought me the 600 it should be here this week. getting excited to get this thing in my hand soon and swing it. Thanks for the VDI list
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