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  1. Nice silver pull for the less-than-ideal conditions....you don't see those every day. -Jerry
  2. Nice surprise after the fact, George. Bummer older stuff was not showing, maybe they were just skimming the first 12"? -Jerry
  3. Thanks, Carolina, for posting this news, sad as it may be. I always remind myself how lucky I am to have found one of Eric's Aquasearch v.2 detectors. -Jerry
  4. I would have over-dosed on pain meds trying to dig that many targets-good God man.......considering General Principle or Stoner's Luck, more gold should have ended up in the scoop for your effort.... -Jerry
  5. That's a nice hunt with lots of different targets. Do Zinclons always have the widest numeric spread on multi-freak machines?....asking for a simpleminded PI user...... -Jerry
  6. Very nice gold......yep, when aluminum comes out of the ground gold is usually nearby.... -Jerry
  7. Nice assortment of finds & rings- I think you deserved a little more gold for the time put in.... -Jerry
  8. I love looking at treasure......nice gold score and congrats on the overall great outing... -Jerry
  9. After finding the David Yurman Bracelet I took weeks off detecting in order to recover from a nagging pulled muscle in my middle back. A few days ago I went to a local beach to test the back and see if there was anything to be had in the wet. One spot had several good sounding targets that turned out to be quarters and dimes, + a few pieces of deep iron that fooled me. After walking down the beach aways I returned to this spot and started a tight grid going in the other direction. I quickly pulled out a junk silver plated ring, and just a foot away, this bomber came up for air. Emanuele Bicocchi designer .925, weighing in at a more that respectable 20 grams. Short 2 hour hunt. Still 0 for 2022 on the gold, but I'm OK with this. -Jerry
  10. Way to go on the silver + rings, George.......man, it's going to be smoking hot inland for the next 6 days or so.....I suggest cooling your heels at the coast.... -Jerry
  11. Gold and silver, what else is there to say?....excellent... -Jerry
  12. .......$2400.....wow, I did not realize your chain was 2 grand! I'll have to go and take another look at your photo.... Thanks George- the bracelet is the nicest thing I have ever found at the beach. Gotta love that designer .925 jewelry. I am "scheduled" to throw down on the Axiom, so this will help defray some of the cost.... Thanks Strick, funny thing, I had been using the stock 12" Dual Field coil at the beach but it just died so on went the 8 x 11 Razorback straight mono. Big improvement with signal strength ID, sensitivity and weight. VL, the gold is close, but I do have to get out more so the odds work in my favor. Got a bad muscle issue below the ribcage that will not let up....started getting sports massages in order to function. Went out a few days ago to test the back, the results of which will be covered in a new post....
  13. 5 trips to the desert detecting with no gold.....my last beach gold was late last winter......oh sure, this summer I've found my share of silver and junk gold plate like all of you but that's it. Recently I decided to change things up and go back to where it all started for me on the beach- dry sand hunting at night with a gold detector. I set my TDI up on "Low Conductor" in order to only hear the high tone targets. This of course means you hear pull tabs, twist-offs, gold, nickels, etc.....no silver, dimes, quarters, and the like. The TDI will however, go into freak-out audio when you run across a quarter on the surface. I sometimes dig these signals if boredom kicks in. Anyway, I hunt dry sand by locating a good trash zone, and then griding tightly as if you were on a gold patch. Good trash to me is aluminum, deep rusted twist-offs and deep nickels. At the beach I was searching there was nothing along the towel line- not even any trash. I started working the zone behind the towel line, going back beyond the lifeguard towers. No consistent targets there either, so it was time to venture into no-man's land, where I immediately recovered an 18k gold filled chain. Here I picked up a nice trash debris field which contained deep nickels and deep aluminum. That's when I popped out a stainless ring, and griding low and slow, got this loud freak-out target response on the TDI. 3 things I knew about the target- it was large, close to the surface, and not gold. 1 shallow scoop and the bracelet was in my pocket- thought it was a bling watch until returning home to see the hallmark.....David Yurman Albion .925 diamond bracelet. Not gold, but I'm going to stretch the mileage of this find until the gold shows up.....Jerry
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