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  1. Hit some nice spots this summer, got an interesting class ring that looks like from 1932? No markings but it tested 14 karat, which is uncommon for class ring which I normally 10 karat. Has two hearts for Sacred Hearts and the letters SH on the side. Got my 3rd Indian head in a month, nice V nickel, and some other cool finds. Pretty dry soil out here this summer so nothing very deep, but that's not what I used to nox for anyway.
  2. My experience with Minelab machines and DD coils is that you still get great depth even with the smaller coil. The size and depth difference is more pronounced with concentric coils. You might lose maybe 20% depth, but you can also increase sensitivity on the smaller coils.
  3. Soaked the Seated overnight and got most of the crud off. Nice detail on it except for a few scratches
  4. I seem to be getting something good every time I go out lately, and I use a different setting when I go back to places I've been before and new finds keep popping up. It's like having a different detector each time I go back to a place. Got a nice rare Seated dime 1861 s, Ben Franklin cleaned up nicely, and got my first two Indian heads in a long time. I also got about 4 other silver and a dozen wheats. Not trying to go too deep, but listening for clean tones between the trash.
  5. I'm confused if you're referring to "sweep speed" or "recovery speed". The sitting on the equinox for Recovery speed on the 600 only goes to 3. I refer to the sweep speed is how fast I'm moving my coilover targets. Both have any effect on recovering items, and I'm still trying to figure out the best combination sweep speed and recovery. What annoys me the most is the iron falsing at the end and beginning of each swing I seem to be getting a constant chirp while the coil changing directions.
  6. Enjoying the speed, light weight, and wireless system compared to my Explorer. Today Had my first three silver day in a long time. very stable in amongst the trash.
  7. Hey Steve, I switched from an Explorer also. I assume the explorer nulled out, or chattered too much in these areas? I am interested in what the tell tale sign on the Nox is with coins in nails. Did you also slow down your swing or keep it fast?
  8. Went to a place that I knew had lots of trash, bits of metal and square nails and I've hunted this place out I thought. I had found a seated quarter and V nickel back in the day but nothing for the last couple years. This is why I got the equinox for places like this. Mostly shallow Target surrounded by iron.
  9. I believe it was for a car that was from out of state, but used in CA? https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1921-california-non-resident-auto-1888340763
  10. This find was safe from the desert, found in a lot that used to have an old house. Also found this 1921 license in same lot 1" down, got some clad, yet no wheat or silver. Not sure if I'm not hearing anything past 4" in all the junk (lot had 4 houses from the 30's at one point) I haven't tried my Explorer there yet to compare.
  11. Hi Guys, Just joined this forum when I saw all the great info. Have found some some nice finds but no silver yet, mostly wheaties.. (the places I've hit I haven't found silver in at least the last 5 outings anyway so wasn't expecting much, plus a couple new spots I wanted to check out that I figured were hit hard, but still got something from each.) Still reading through older posts, but wanted to see if anyone has live dig videos of iron trash areas or ghost towns? I'm curious what a good target amongst the trash would sound like. I'm moving from an Explorer to take advantage of the speed of
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