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  1. I find that meeting in person at your home, and expecting payment in cash money works most every time. Other than doing that I would refrain from even postal money orders which can and are faked, as well as bogus checks, etc. Cashiers checks area also faked all the time. If someone doesn't have access to cash I wouldn't mess with it.
  2. I found I could ID a 1 or 2 grain nugget with the nox with a steady low number vdi fairly accurately. Something my other vlfs could never do in medium soils. I just never meshed well with the machine so eventually sold it.
  3. Will we be able to notch for hotrocks with the deus 2? I know the equinox notches very well on hot rocks. If i remember right, -12 down to -7 got rid of most all hot rocks, yet would retain good signal on a one grain nugget.
  4. Has anyone tried the Deus 2 prospecting mode yet in the goldfields? How does it compare to the Gold Monster, etc?
  5. Looks like they are selling on Ebay usa now. I found a couple listings for gpx coils, 12x6 and 10" spiral.
  6. One of the best things about Whites metal boxed detectors was better EMI resistance.
  7. Still hanging in there with a gpx4500 and flatwire coils, a gm1000, and a MXT Pro with detech small excellerator coils.
  8. Welcome to the forums, sounds like you are gung ho for nugget hunting. I hope we can be of some use to you for opinions on certain types gear etc. Your TDI sounds like an interesting rig. Reminds me of a Subaru Outback I saw drive up to our gold camp in the Rye Patch area wearing some gnarly BFG TA/KO-2'S, great tires if you can figure out how to fit em. 3 ply sidewalls protect from sharp rock penetration. Unfortunately KO-2'S have to be D range to have the 3 ply sidewalls, C range only has 2 ply sidewalls. Be prepared for a lot of rock generated flats running 2 ply sidewalls in gold country. Seen it a lot out there.
  9. Notching 2 to 10 will eliminate any ladies thin rings, like wedding rings, most are in the 1-1.5 gram range and thin. Just sayin. Do your own tests with known gold items and trash items before building your notch system.
  10. KellycoD, won't you consider becoming a QED dealer here in the USA? The new PL4 looks great. Its only a matter of time til someone here becomes a dealer for them.
  11. If I was Garrett I woudn't cross contaminate the brands in any way. Whites can stand alone on its product, probably better than Garrett detectors in general.
  12. This is great news, maybe Garrett can bring the Hybrid Half Sine machine to market, its been in prototype testing a long long time.
  13. Pretty darn narrow maybe 20 yards wide or less, but could be 50-200 yards long just depends how long its been shedding I guess. Most these areas are very small overall, obscure, so its easy to see how a person might not find gold in a given area, yet someone else who knows exact locations (perimiters) will be more successful. I found a few of my patches by working off others dig holes, then checking for lines after finding a few nuggets. Gradually you will see how and where a patch runs. I learned this from reading AuTrinity's postings yrs ago.
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