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  1. If I was looking for such a cache I would use a gpx 4000, 4500, 5000 with a 20" to 25" mono coil unless the soils are hot then a large DD coil.
  2. It would be a nice overall setup used with the 8x6 Minelab Sadie, that coil seems very hot on the tdi.
  3. Will the new Terra nugget version have solid coils, spoked coils don't do well on uneven terrain in gold country?
  4. E. Musk will figure out an economical way to get it!!
  5. Maybe its a multi IQ dedicated nugget machine? I just cannot see Minelab competing with Makro/Nokta's new 200.00 detector, profit margins would be so small per unit it doesn't make sense to me to compete in that arena. Unless they could move a massive amount of them?
  6. Coil design has come a long way with the aftermarket Coiltek Elite and Nugget Finder Evolution coils, the medium size coils can add 2+ inches to depth depending on soil and conditions. It appears the X-Coils out of Russia are adding inches to depth of the GPZ. As for VLF's and coils I have a Mxt and use nothing but aftermarket coils on it. Much better design much better performance overall. As for detector technology I think the mfgrs are doing their job, we are starting to see more and more new tech detectors emerge on the open market with extended depth etc, MDT-8000, Equinox, etc, and more to come soon, Hybrid Whites, Fisher Impulse Beach and Terra, etc.
  7. I highly recommend this Compadre for tot lot hunting for beginners to experts. It gets the goods. Thin gold Chains, etc, my compadre has the 5.75" coil. Its a great grab and go vlf. Not recommended for deep hunting, its good to about 6" depth.
  8. I really like and recommend the GPX 4500, fair learning curve but once you got a handle on it, its a very very versitile machine. Does well on small gold with the new Elite and Evolution coils, my favorite coil on this machine is the NF Evo 14x9 its so sensitive I can get a #9 birdshot at 3" with no problem, my best nugget so far is a .55 gram at a solid 8" in medium ground with the 14x9. With my round solid 14" Elite Coiltek coil I can hit a 1.3 gram nugget at 12"-13" in mild to medium soil, I keep it simple with the two flat wire wound coils and a factory DD 11" along in case of emi or wet ground.
  9. I think the right lightweight pi would sell like hotcakes. That said, its not gonna be easy to develop a pi circuit that is not full of detection holes, due to sizes and shapes of nuggets. We have seen this in the past with different machines and their limitations. Its gonna take a multi channel unit. Maybe Fisher is well on the way to developing such a machine for us, time will tell. Plus these days we require a pi detector that can really reach down deep on 1/2 gram to 2.5 gram nuggets. These seem to be the leftover nuggets 8"-17" deep in old goldfields that havn't been detected as of yet. Plus an added bonus would be a machine capable of finding grain size gold deep. Those are the two types gold left in the old goldfields we are hunting these days. The gpz has been in the forefront in last couple yrs with finding this type gold, but at the price point of the machine and the weight of it, I am much more interested in investing in a new machine under 4 lbs, and under 2K.
  10. The Australians are lucky to be getting those new large dd coils from Nugget finder. With their extreme ground conditions the gpx's will probably be making some big finds again with the large dd coils that are coming out. I rarely use a dd coil on my gpx unless wet ground in alkali desert, most my hunting areas are medium to mild mineraliization.
  11. I am pretty interested in a nugget version of this AQ, initial tests show this AQ is near on par with depth of a gpx with a 15" coil. Due to the 7 usec timing it would make a killer small nugget machine once setup with AUTO GROUND BALANCING for the desert. I want something like this to keep tuned just for small nugget hunting, its so lightweight compared to a minelab big gold machine I could see owning one maybe if it pans out.
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