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  1. I think the right lightweight pi would sell like hotcakes. That said, its not gonna be easy to develop a pi circuit that is not full of detection holes, due to sizes and shapes of nuggets. We have seen this in the past with different machines and their limitations. Its gonna take a multi channel unit. Maybe Fisher is well on the way to developing such a machine for us, time will tell. Plus these days we require a pi detector that can really reach down deep on 1/2 gram to 2.5 gram nuggets. These seem to be the leftover nuggets 8"-17" deep in old goldfields that havn't been detected as of yet. Plus an added bonus would be a machine capable of finding grain size gold deep. Those are the two types gold left in the old goldfields we are hunting these days. The gpz has been in the forefront in last couple yrs with finding this type gold, but at the price point of the machine and the weight of it, I am much more interested in investing in a new machine under 4 lbs, and under 2K.
  2. The Australians are lucky to be getting those new large dd coils from Nugget finder. With their extreme ground conditions the gpx's will probably be making some big finds again with the large dd coils that are coming out. I rarely use a dd coil on my gpx unless wet ground in alkali desert, most my hunting areas are medium to mild mineraliization.
  3. I am pretty interested in a nugget version of this AQ, initial tests show this AQ is near on par with depth of a gpx with a 15" coil. Due to the 7 usec timing it would make a killer small nugget machine once setup with AUTO GROUND BALANCING for the desert. I want something like this to keep tuned just for small nugget hunting, its so lightweight compared to a minelab big gold machine I could see owning one maybe if it pans out.
  4. Congratulations on your 50th anniversary, you got 5 yrs on my wife and I. As for the detector question I am sure there will be more informed than me chime in soon, I do believe transmission is not able to be tweaked period that is fixed in the machine. Its all about the reception where the tweaking comes in.
  5. Pretty cool news for sdc 2300 owners, three new coils. https://www.coiltek.com.au/coils/gold-extreme/
  6. Thanks for your indepth review of the 24K there is not too much feedback out there about this machine on the forums. Will be interesting to follow your finds with the 24K
  7. Love to see a video of the Orx hunting tiny nuggets 1/2 grain to 3 grain. Will this machine replace a GB2 for the tiny nuggets? I bet not.
  8. All this talk of ground balancing vlf detectors makes me think of the Fisher boast a few yrs back about a new form of ground balancing a vlf detector which would make it much deeper than other vlf machines. Since they declared the CZX project dead, it appears they were not able to make this new form of ground balance work? Anyone have any ideal what Fisher was up to? Was it digital filtering of ground noise rather than electro magnetic GB?
  9. I am an avid MXT user, am on my third MXT since 2002, its a MXT Pro, I find the machine to be very adequate for my coin/jewelry hunting, using a combination of sound and vdi readings its a great jewelry machine. There are a lot of coils available to use on the MXT, I found that the 4.5dd Detech excellerator, 6"dd Detech excellerator, 5.3 eclipse and Detech 8x6 SEF are great coils for coin/jewelry hunting. As far as a nugget machine it does work decent, I run mine in Relic two tone for nuggets and it will get a 2 grain nugget down to around 2.5" deep with the 4.5DD the vdi is pretty useless in gold country. But its only a backup machine for me when nugget hunting. Overall I think its still a viable very versitile machine compared to the newest vlf machines on the market.
  10. I will say this about the 8x6 Detech SEF coil, I have a buddy that used to run a concentric small coil for coins in mining camps, he rarely found much, but once he got the Detech 8x6, he got several very nice coins out of those same trashy areas. I guess it boils down to the right tool for the job at hand.
  11. As long as you stick with a very small concentric coil it becomes addicting. Its hot all around the edges where the dd is only hot toe to heel down the center. that made the Whites eclipse 5.3 coil very popular for coin/jewelry hunting as well as all I used for tiny nugget hunting was the 3x6 concentric on the GB2. The larger the dd the worse the pinpointing becomes as well. Where the concentrics all center under the shaft to pinpoint no matter the size of the coil. Naturally the larger concentrics are much more vulnerable to mineralization and less desirable for some types detecting.
  12. I have a remotely located beach here locally on a river, the mineralization is so severe I cannot detect a quarter over 3-4" max with my MXT Pro. This beach was used for a rock concert many yrs ago, I know there is some good stuff to be found on this beach but a vlf sure is hampered by the blacksand in the beach sands. Its also very full of trash from fishermen, sun bathers and the like which is pretty normal for beaches. Like Steve says above, his vlf depth in Reno is about half what most others experience in the parks they hunt. I was initially very excited about Fisher starting a new line of vlf machines with a different form of ground balance, guess that didn't work out as desired since they dropped the CZX project.
  13. For nugget detecting small nuggets I much prefer a concentric as the coil has edge sensitivity that the dd doesn't have, you will miss nuggets using a dd in tight quarters. Plus a very small concentric does well enough in mineralized soils where a larger coil may not. I sure wish Minelab would include a concentric small coil in their nugget machine packages.
  14. Maybe a pair of M6 Whites machines would be what you need in that area. Worth investigating anyway. I have a friend here does well with a M6 Whites machine. Unless you got saltwater beaches to detect then you would probably want the Minelab equinox 600's.
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