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  1. I think the new hybrids coming will have all the bells and whistles in one box and work well for whatever you might want to hunt for.
  2. This Dedicated VLF multi IQ nugget machine may be something I am looking for in my detector arsenal. I hope to see it soon! I hope it comes with both a dd and a concentric small coil.
  3. Mxt Sniper

    White’s What Have You Got For 2019

    Whites has some killer technology Carl M left them when he went to Fisher. I hope to see that technology for sale one of these days soon. They have had the patents quite a few yrs, and I think there are machines in prototype for about 3 yrs now in testing.
  4. Mxt Sniper

    Feel Like Selling My Machine....

    You need to be on known placers, areas where gold has been found before of detectible size. Even if its old beat up patches that is better than out hunting just anywhere. Takes much research sometimes to find a decent area to nugget hunt. Not many places have nuggets next to the surface in the ground. Old timer workings with tailing piles from drywashers is also a good area to search out. If it was easy everybody would be very successful at it. Its not easy. Also I would concentrate on more remote areas with less access to cut down on trash. Lode mines are not the best areas to be detecting as there is much metal scrap scattered around, and most if not all the gold will be deep in the ground in such spots unless there are some tailing piles with ore dug from the mine. Stick with known placer surface gold locations and the more remote the better to help with the trash situation. Placer areas will sometimes have large dozer scrapes where soil has been hauled off to process if it was mined. These type areas can contain gold.
  5. Mxt Sniper

    Goldmaster 24K

    I hope the new machine will work well for you, be sure to keep us updated on what you think of the machine as you hunt and get used to it. I like the fact that it has a package where you get both a dd elliptical and a concentric coil. I am used to that small concentric coil on my GB2. That multi point ground balance on the 24K sounds like it may smooth out the usual glitchyness of a vlf.
  6. Mxt Sniper

    Will Equinox Pave The Way?

    What I mean by gpz technology, in general is, hybrid technology.
  7. I wonder if Minelab will build a dedicated nugget detector in the style of the equinox, but with gpz type technology. This seems to be the way the CZX by Fisher is headed. I think the Equinox will open up many more machines in the same style eventually. I would hope for concentric and dd coils and more power in a lightweight dedicated nugget hunting package.
  8. Mxt Sniper

    Concentric Coil For Equinox 800?

    I am sure you all have seen the Whites double Coil package that comes with the new 24K, a dd elliptical and a concentric. If whites can do it, I am sure minelab could if they desired. There is a lot more than meets the eye about the properties of a concentric on a VLF. Edge sensitivity being number one to me, also spot on pinpointing unlike the long thin coils overlap line of a dd. The first thing my hunting buddies wanted to know about my new detector, does the 6" coil have edge sensitivity, I had to say no.
  9. Mxt Sniper

    Concentric Coil For Equinox 800?

    I have used a GB2 for yrs, with the little 3x6 concentric coil, it beats out any dd in that size range. Due to its success ratio no dd was ever built for the GB2.
  10. Mxt Sniper

    Concentric Coil For Equinox 800?

    I am just not a dd fan. I find a concentric small coil pinpoints much better, and there is added depth over a dd of same size. I can get by with my 6" DD for awhile anyway. Til Steve gets his 6x10 dd.
  11. Will there be a future concentric coil made for the equinox 800? I sure could use one for nugget detecting smaller gold.
  12. I just ordered a Equinox 800 with the 6" and 11" coils from Doc yesterday. This morning I got this new cover on the way too, should keep the control housing in nice shape out in the desert. Headed for Rye Patch Tue for a few days. Am hoping the equinox 800 arrives before tue.
  13. Mxt Sniper

    Finally Got To 100 Bits Today......

    Looks like your doing great! Some of those pieces are not so small! I am sure a pi would pick up more that are beyond the depth of the gm1000, but its doing great for sure. Congrats.
  14. Mxt Sniper

    Mars Coils For Equinox?

    Not too likely any off brand coils will be made for the equinox, there is a pretty good sized circuit board in the coil!!
  15. I would say the 6" is far superior for small nugget hunting, less ground noise than the 11". If its larger deep nuggets you desire its time to get out the PI I would think. I wonder if its possible to order the equinox 800 with just the 6" coil?