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  1. Pretty darn narrow maybe 20 yards wide or less, but could be 50-200 yards long just depends how long its been shedding I guess. Most these areas are very small overall, obscure, so its easy to see how a person might not find gold in a given area, yet someone else who knows exact locations (perimiters) will be more successful. I found a few of my patches by working off others dig holes, then checking for lines after finding a few nuggets. Gradually you will see how and where a patch runs. I learned this from reading AuTrinity's postings yrs ago.
  2. This is one of my favorite type terrains to detect small nuggets, I have found that anywhere drywashers or even a single drywasher has been setup and did well, tiny nuggets still exist in these areas. The areas I have found like this are generally on hillsides. And the nuggets will be in lines or at least are on my patches like this.
  3. I bought a Relco BFO and built it in the mid 60's, it worked, you tuned it to a transistor radio and get a bfo signal to listen to. It did work. I think i remember there was one transistor in the simple circuit board you had to build. Found a lot of metal items on our 3 acres but nothing valuable. Moved to Calif 1972 then bought my first TR Whites coinmaster used from a buddy, was hooked after that.
  4. I think a 32 oz nugget would signal down to 28" with a gpx 4500. If it has a lot of solid gold in it.
  5. I like Tesoro western style names, Outlaw, Compadre, etc. Great hook!
  6. Sounds great to me. Audio nuances are a very important part of evaluating a target. If a detector can carry out the nuances needed for proper id. My old GB2 had several nuances that really helped to id and evaluate digging or not.
  7. Probably a new super duper timing added. 5 usec. I could go for that as "new tech". The GPX's are such a wide range machine already, all it would take to be of interest is something worthwhile. Not particularly a GPS unit either.
  8. That GB2 is a keeper, especially for your type ground. You will be able to stuff that 3x6 coil in some tight spots out there.
  9. There are several new videos out like the one above, with Garrett employees along for the hunt. Most do not show any details of the finds, such as signals, depth, etc, they just show the good stuff found. I can wait for some comparison videos myself on undug targets. More details of each find.
  10. I hope its bought by Ukranians or Turks, maybe Detech or Nokta/Makro, and left to run where it is now. They are on the cutting edge of electronics these days and would infuse a lot of new tech into the company quickly.
  11. Cool video, reminds me of Whites detector assembly area, I visited two yrs ago. I grew up in Texas the city photos of the old buildings reminds me of a lot of Texas towns I used to go to and live around.
  12. Wow, a sad day for sure, I owned a passle of Whites detectors over the yrs and did well with the flagship models, I know for a fact they have some very valuable patents that would be worth taking the business over to get, its a totally self contained little business ready to build detectors, and is sitting there ready to go with the right people involved. Nice area too. I think it would work for someone well heeled to take over if they know the business well.
  13. Simon, I agree with you, if the minelab gpx style coils would work you would have a wide range of all sorts of coils available immediately for use with the Impulse Gold. Would be very popular for sure. I know I love my Elite and Evo coils.
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