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  1. Eventually rake down the tailing piles if small enough rock, and detect. Work any benches up on sides of creek and ravines feeding the creek.
  2. Nice, that is a jewelry/coin getting machine, especially sensitive to gold jewelry. Even small chains. I have a buddy that has owned several of those Compadre's who hunts a lot.
  3. Our last 4-5 trips to Nevada we been hitting undiscovered areas prospecting, for zero. Have worked 3-5 miles north of Rye Patch prospecting several old closed placer claims for zero including west side of Majuba twice. Have also hit south side of Granite mountain in pretty remote area east of hwy 80 for zero. Also did one trip around Bikini Tree area for zero. It still is best to work within known gold areas maybe just around the edges and not miles from the discoveries. I guess its just the possibility of hitting an undiscovered patch keeps us prospecting.
  4. I grew up about 25 miles south of where your at, same there, plenty of quartz, etc but not much gold. https://www.goldrushnuggets.com/goldintexas.html
  5. For me its the 14x9 EVo NF. No need in a smaller coil that that its hitting #9 birdshot to 3".
  6. Sounds like such a big faculity could easily take on other garage built detectors if the inventor so desired? Turn them into mass produced products with warranty, etc.
  7. I would like to see a fully automatic pi or hybrid nugget detector along the lines of the style of the vlf gold monster, automatic emi tuning, couple auto prospect modes that adjust the sensitivtiy and ground balance, multi channel to cover all the detection holes, but have the capability to adjust a few things by hand as well if needed. Keeping it simple and easy to setup and use would be nice. I would also like to see solid coils rather than spoked, so they slide along uneven ground better, and don't snag on veg or sticks. I like Phrunts idea of being able to use existing minelab coils. There is such a wide variety available and a lot of us already have collections of them. Weight would be of utmost concern as well, would like to see a pi detector under 5 lbs. I would like the detector to have the ability to detect tiny gold, in the 1-5 grain range to 4" depth or so and also have the ability to detect 1/2 gram to 2 gram nuggets deep in low mineral soil to depths of perhaps 15" on a 1.5 gram solid nugget. Not so worried about large gold at depth.
  8. I would like to have a matching pi detector to go along with my gm1000, a hi power lightweight pi with mostly auto functions and a few manual adj. Keep setup simple like the monster. Good for grain size nuggets down to a grain up to gram size at major depth. Say 1.3 gram at 14-15" in mild soils. This pair of machines would find me some of whats left in most gold fields in the US today. Provided it would have choices of say 3 flatwire coil sizes. And all this in a working mans affordable price range.
  9. That was so much better!!! Loved watching their excitement and jumping around on #4. Cool video!
  10. I bought a sizable winch and put on my rhino 700 so I can winch the rhino up on the trailer if I ever encounter a breakdown I cannot fix on the ground, darn thing is heavy maybe 1100 lbs.
  11. Nothing wrong with the used Yamaha Wolverine, save a bundle over a new Honda. The Wolverine is an awesome looking ride. I think the major difference is the Honda has a real geared transmission, and the Wolverine has a CVT belt drive which works fine too.
  12. Phrunt I agree the speaker in the gm1000 is exceptional. I find myself running it with no headphones a lot and thats not like me with a vlf. A grab and go automatic lightweight pi if it was priced right would sell like hotcakes. For me it would have to exceed the depth of the sdc. If it could hit grain size gold to 4" or so and a 1.5 gram nugget at say 12"-14" in mild ground that would be enough for me. I know the gpz is exceeding that now in mild ground with the x coils. Steve, maybe it will happen sooner than we think. I know you been asking for a lightweight machine for yrs in a pi. The older I get the more desirable such a machine is looking, being trussed up on the gpx harness for hours is tiring. And I know the gpz is very heavy as well. MInelab hit the nail on the head with the controls on the Gold Monster, manual settings for those that want them and two automatic modes I personally just switch between the the auto modes for different ground conditions. leaves little margin for error and a pleasure to run. I could only imagine a pi with similar controls.
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