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  1. Very nicely done. I'm beginning to get the picture. Health wise Believe it or not I can get as much enjoyment on reading the feedback from our Forum Members experiences. Than actually doing a dig myself, at times. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Excellent .... Looks like everything I will need to know is there. You probably do not realize how much this helps this newbie as I try to get familiar with Our Forum. Thanks for doing the research for this SC. EQ USAF 62-66
  3. Dear Friends .... Have purchased the Equinox 800 and Would like to know if anyone has had or used this coil and would like to share your thoughts on/of this coil. I realize that it has not been around all that long but perhaps some of Our Forum has had some hands on experiences with it? Any an all remarks would be appreciated. Considering on purchasing! Thank you very much! Co
  4. Apologize for the late response. It's taken a few days to research the possibilities of using a custom built PC with XP3 installed which, BTW, does not offer XP3 in the compatibility mode :(. As you pointed out, this is not offered on a random build. Hopefully by the end of the week I should have an ungraded PC with Win 10. Also have Win 7 installation software coming for the XP3 PC. Hopefully I will be able to install and activate the Win 7. If not I will have the complete PC with Win 10. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my original question. I guess, it was about time that t
  5. Thanks again for taking the time to help this SC to get a handle on this. Now have a better understanding on what the people are mean concerning the compatibility mode.
  6. Interesting! .... Currently using XP service pack 3. How/where do I run the compatibility mode? If that would make any difference? Maybe the following will help?? Minelab Update Utility 1.0.4.exe unable to locate component .... Application has failed to start because dwmapi.dll was not found .... Re-installing the application may fix this. In reference to re-installing the application. I've done this 4 times with the same feedback. Hope this helps! Thank you very much!
  7. Can somebody Explain explain how to start the ML file using Windows XP?? Thank you very much!
  8. This SC is sort of a dollar down an a day late with this reply. I came across a similar video showing this phenomena. Hope this may help as thanks to observers, users of the Equinox this matter has been forwarded to ML. Just received the Equinox 800 and discovered that The same thing happens using the parameters shown on video. No stable or good IDs using multi! So being in denial ... I decided to sent a note and the Equinox Video link to The Equinox 800 Detect Modes to our ML Business Development Director here in North America to see if I would get any response. This is the sa
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