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  1. I just looked up him on linkedin. obviously not enough info to make this post about Steve. I apologize to Steve and anyone who knows a lot more about him than I do.
  2. they came in on the containers from Japan and Korea several years ago and have taken over north Atlanta. Bite is said to be somewhat like a bee sting. Not like a black widow or brown recluse. Females are huge, males are much, much smaller. I respect all living things and go out of my way to not injure or disturb them or their homes. But it will wake you up when you stumble into their webs. As I said before, you react quick and jerk back and typically will not disturb their web. I live in north Atlanta burbs and most of the people go ape when they see a joro web and broom it, spray it or otherwise destroy it. As long as it not over a walk way, I leave it alone.
  3. this has always been my strong belief. When a great metal detecting company loses its founder and is replaced by a financial person. Apple tried it with a CEO from pepsi john sculley who was a consumer brand wizard or Microsoft elevated steve balmer to CEO who was another consumer branding guru. I think the same fate has hit garrett with the current ceo. Zero experience in metal detector design. I wonder if he has ever gone metal detecting in the wild.
  4. I am happy that modern metal detectors have update features. Windows 10 seems to update itself a couple of times each week if not more frequently. But we ended up with a stable Windows 10 platform. Not like that Vista crap and everything after the Windows XP platform up until windows 10. Getting rid of Steve Balmer helped quite a bit. You don't have a non-IT person run and IT company and expect to see brilliant results. Apple tried that with the guy from Pepsi and Microsoft with balmer.
  5. just wait until the Asian Joro spiders invade your state. There webs are 10 times stronger, they produce an egg sack for over the winter with 400 - 1,500 eggs. They are invasive, but don't seem to be doing any real harm. They are the only spider that will eat stink bugs. When you run into a Joro spider web, you don't often bust it. You back off quickly and the web is intact and no harm done to either party.
  6. I am going to do the same with a second shaft. I am finding out the menu system is easy to navigate and very logical. At first it was a little confusing. But I am liking the menu system better then the 800 and CTX. Been hunting with silver slayer at my close by parks that I have hunted for 6 years with AT Pro, 800 and CTX. haven't found any silver coins but there again it is not noted for silver. But am finding deeper and older clad in areas that I hunted with all three previous detectors. Silver slayer quiet and to the point it will find coins above 87 and give very good audio and steady digital readouts. Also give a clear indication on deeper targets that is unmistakable to the ears. Nice to have that very clear audio choices available in the SS pgm.
  7. I got the XP Deus 2, WS-6, WSA II XL, 9" coils and MI-6. I am ready to learn this baby and have fun.
  8. I got the XP Deus 2, WS-6, WSA II XL, 9" coils and MI-6. I am ready to learn this baby and have fun.
  9. snow outside, sitting by a wood stove smelling the burning wood with a cup of coffee or tumbler of amber liquid. My idea of a good time if you cannot detect. Enjoy.
  10. boy what a great find. Not just the gold, but the date!!!!
  11. Manitcore is not here. 800 good machine but very chatty on land, XP Deus II is here and is what the 800 should have been.
  12. you have to stop think, in the US we have 300 million people and only two coast on each side of the country. So tons of our inland citizens flock to the beaches and commerce being what it is, throws up the most efficient ocean front building to maximize the ocean front rooms and revenue. Now mind you the whole east and west coast don't look like that picture. That is probably near the heart of an ocean front town. further away from towns you have beach front homes set back some distance and lots of parks. Take a google earth tour of our east or west coasts beach fronts to get a true picture. But those areas in front of the condos and hotels are prime gold hunting areas.
  13. I do know that on the CTX using combined audio I could set the CO tone break between 43 & 44 and tell the difference between a silver dime and a clad dime if the dime with say within 4" deep. Go much deeper and the TID's change and mess with your more precise CO tone breaks.
  14. that is what I call a very good hunt. Heck a couple of wheats make my hunt a success.
  15. yeah, because often those are the only sites left to hunt.
  16. I noticed the same thing about lots of new beach hunters on Florida beaches swinging the Nox. But after observing a lot of them, a lot seem clueless to hunting ocean beaches and are no real threat to the locals.
  17. I am getting ready to buy an XP Deus II. I understand discrimination and affect depth and blending of multiple targets under the coil. Does notching on the XP Deus II affect depth and blending the same way? It has been made clear that using audio tone breaks may be a better method to ID desired targets from bad targets. But I would think the blending issue would be still the same in the case of having two different types of CO valued targets under the coil. I am under the impression the only thing that is effective with the blending of target ID's problem is the reactivity setting on the XP Deus II. Anyone care to expand on this for me to help me get a better understand of this issue? It will be appreciated.
  18. You could not have found a better and more informed person than Hugh. On the other forum he took lots of time answering my many questions trying to learn the 800.
  19. and I complain about hunting in Atlanta. We can basically hunt year round except for maybe 2-3 weeks in winter and summer when it is just too, too cold or too, too hot.
  20. that should be enough, just disappear in a nearby wooded areas. Police won't hunt for you in the woods. Most police don't consider these alleged offences worth their while and a murder or rapist collar will enhance their career. A wayward detectorist, not so much.
  21. Nice ring. My kind of detectorist. Spends his vacation hunting the beach with a buddy and fist thing back home a 4 hour hunt in the park. Yes, you do have a great wife. My wife is tolerant of my detecting hobby, but I know deep down in side, she would rather me be working in the yard. She loves yard work, me not so much. My dog gives me a dirty look when I grab my CTX and backpack. He knows his is not going with me. Tried it once with the dog, but our interests on that trip were completely different.
  22. That is about what I am doing now. Still having fun. I have started digging way more iron and am finding some interesting relics which is better than nothing. Last week found a unique hand forged 8" square nail. Did not even think that they existed that long. But I guess a good black smith could make pretty much nails to order for their customers.
  23. I don't have a picture. But at an Antique shop in Chamblee, GA the owner's father was a Whites dealer and detectorists in the 1970's. He had on display (behind a locked glass case) a large clear salad bowl about 20" across and 10" high filled with his coins he found and I am not talking clad coins either. It was filled almost to the brim with silver and old copper coins. Never thought too much about it since back then I was taking a 20 year break from using detectors looking for gold nuggets in North Georgia. But know looking back, it was an amazing amount of finds. Probably why we don't find much silver left in the parks around metro Atlanta. The White detectors must have been quite the detectors back then.
  24. On eBay or thrift shops, buy it when you see it, good stuff will be gone soon.
  25. anyone not hunting Atlanta now, or did hunt in the past that is willing to share with my come Civil War relic hunting site in north Metro Atlanta? In spite of extensive research, hard to find good CW relic sites any more. please respond with private message.
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