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  1. Hey there peops, i have a Nokta Fors CoRe with 13x11web coil ,9x5web coil and a 4x4 coil, and i also have a pinpointer. I haven't found any gold with this machine,, but on a test nugget it does register/ give a signal. My question i ask is , can i fit other coils to the machine that will be better for finding small nuggets ??
  2. KOOPDOG50

    G/day From Downunder

    Hi , everyone ,, koopdog here, thanks for the add. I prospect for gold mostly and have found around 40 grammes, both by using a sluice in my creek and with a detector. I am currently using a Minelab SDC2300, and also own a Nokta Fors CoRe . I aim to learn tips and hints from more experienced hunters. Cheers .