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  1. Thanks Steve. Great advise! I was going to ask what metal if any, detected like gold as my detector doesn't have a "gold" readout on top. I've already dug a few tabs in my yard. Now to fine tune and hunt for rivets! Thanks again.
  2. Thanks Andyy, Great advise. Hoping i got the right detector. Fisher F70. Came with 3 coils, 10-1/2" & 9" elliptical and a 5" Round. It's only 13kHz but I feel it was the best for what i could afford. I've been playing with it on my property with the 10-1/2" but it's so trashy from previous owners. Nails, nuts,bolts, washers, pull tabs, bottle caps, just about anything you can think of. Having a bit of a hard time distinguishing tones and figuring out the settings. Autotune is WAY noisy. Threshold -4, sensitivity 60. Discriminate mode is better but the ground is so hard here it's difficult to dig. I'm going to head to a park or field to see how it reacts there. I have a lot of studying/testing/learning to do before doing any real prospecting. Never use a detector in my life so i'm not sure what i should be hearing. Plus all the different settings. We'll see how it goes. Happy Hunting!
  3. Thanks guys. I ran across mylandmatters before. I will check it out again. Happy Hunting!
  4. Never been prospecting before. I found an area that has gold history but i don't know how to find out who owns the land if anybody. It is just outside a National Forest which I'm pretty sure is ok to detect on but not sure about the area just outside. Any tips would help!
  5. Thanks Phrunt, Good advice on the bedrock cracks! I know it's not going to pick up the tiny gold but i would rather spend my time with larger nuggets anyway. We'll see how it goes. Can't find em if you don't look right? Kinda like playing the lottery! But i think much more enjoyable.👍
  6. Thanks GB. Good to know about not dunking in water. I'm sure i'll be fine. I'm always very careful to be sure footed and NEVER in a hurry. Getting up there in years and i've learned that slow & sure is the way to go. Mother nature isn't going anywhere that you need to keep up! Besides, when you take your time and observe, you would be amazed at what you might not see otherwise. Thanks for the link also. Going to read right now. Happy Hunting!
  7. Well, Just joined this wonderful forum. I was trying to decide on my first Detector and found a Deal I couldn't pass on MetalDetector.com. Took the plunge on a Fisher F70 bonus pack with 11" & 5" coils, Headset, carry bag and some other stuff. $475. I thought that was a good deal. Wasn't planning on spending that much on my first one so i hope it works good enough to find some nice small nuggets! We have a camping trip planned in Sept. in the Sierra Nevada's so I can't wait! Probably do some testing at or near home before the trip just to get a feel for it. Any tips on settings for around / in Streams? Here's a newbie question for you, if the coils are supposed to be waterproof, does that mean i can submerse them in shallow waters to detect? I'm hoping i can along the shores. REALLY itching for my Detector to get here now! Good Hunting! 😎
  8. Thank you all for the welcome! Just started research on detectors. Don't have $500 to spend on one but it looks like anything less may not be good for nuggets. Any suggestions for one that might work? Maybe Fisher F22 or F44? Btw. Happy Fathers day to you Dads!
  9. Hi all, I'm Ray in California. Just got interested in doing prospecting for recreation and enjoying the great outdoors. Not expecting to get rich, just thought it would be really cool for my wife and i to find some gold nuggets while we are camping anywhere near possible gold country. Looks like i found the right place with like minded folks that know a lot more than i do about it. I bought a starter pan kit and practiced a little on our last trip to Sequoia. Still have to master that, but i started thinking my chances would be better using a detector to narrow my digging areas. Happy Hunting!
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