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  1. thanks for the story steve ....what i remember of that area to the south is where it all started in chititu and rex creek those giant copper nuggets then the mine at mccarthy ......the only mining town with alcohol during the dry period thanks to walter of may creek ... i guess maybe that rex creek mountain named after him after all .....
  2. thank u steve for your interest ..... right this minute am working on samples to be tested at a lab .... may be then i know what questions to ask ....so far i think if there is gold its very small same with the platinum .... my vision very bad and i dont have a microscope .....the reason i got interested about gieger counters was the worlds greatest find a few years back was in this area ....Palladium ,,,,,from 200 miles up was discovered in the sea to the north in 12000 feet of water .....if i remember right some platinum group metals are alloy together and i think one is radioactive if not 2 of them ....so u got tracers AS , bi , te , sb if i remember right for AU ... well maybe a gieger counter could help find , RE , PT , PD , IR , OS .....i dont care about U , and TH they are illegal here anyway and worthless to me ...once again thank u steve wish i was in may creek ....so look at 21th century prospecting from above i dont have the time right now
  3. any thoughts on the use of a geiger counter instead of a metal detector for prospecting ....U , TH , TE , IN , RB , RE , PT
  4. thank u for your reply steve ..i guess its either tdi or basic gold bug due to the ground conditions ....and sourdoughmoe my hunt in negros
  5. looking for another detector for platinum nuggets maybe some members could rate just these 4 detectors .....whites 24k , gold bug , nox 800 , and tdi ....remember the fact that these nuggets are #9 birdshot to max 1/4" in size in heavy metal sands in a shallow river .....smaller coils then stock is ok in rating
  6. can anyone give me a idea on what ratio or scale there is between different metals and depth with the same detector ....say made out of 6 different metals ... US nickel size coins .... silver , gold , alum , nickel , platinum ,steel and stainless steel ......
  7. what can guy small scale do if he has plenty of pyrite ????? whats u do if theres no free mill gold just sulfides ?? theres a old prophry copper gold mine about 30 miles west of this area ..... am in a hydrothermal zone with thermal vents and a river at the base in this area never seen anyone find any gold in this area only 20 miles south ........ could the heavy sands from this area also maybe have sulfide trapped gold ???? i seen the chinese about 20 miles north are interested in the heavy sand in different river maybe rare earth metals or gold ??? ...i know theres magnetite and what looks like chalcopyrite , iron pyrite , arsenopyrite, .....where the steam comes out the rocks are covered with green material and maybe 10% of the large rocks look like they are bleeding rust .....am not a miner so any information on what to look for or what to do would be very helpful ....so far am just metal detecting looking nuggets no luck .....
  8. thanks ridge runner........... but so far what i seen its worthless to me........ everything i find is more then 12" deep and always large like up to 5500 tons (joke).....a air test on a 20 gallon garbage can or a truck rim would give me some ideas ....
  9. has any one air test the scuba tector on large objects ????? i like to know it max range ......i seen its worthless on very small targets ....whats it range on a helmet , rifle , truck size object ....the targets i look for are 12 to 24 inches deep could the scuba tector in wet sand go this deep ??? or does it max out at 12" am guessing 2.5x the coil size like other pi detectors do ....
  10. you guys hit the nail on the head .....one more thing am to old to carry my 4" crevice cleaner ....i guess 5 pound detector wins
  11. thank u steve for pointing all this out now i see y a sand shark works great in new york and florida and on some heavy sand island leave the sand shark home
  12. one more thing could i use my sand shark as a back up if the magnet sand and hot rocks are as bad as they say ????? i cant afford a new pi detector .....
  13. thank u gb_amateur one slip your out of business your so right .... steve hit on the head am on a budget and listed one detector on my list gold kruzer ...and hot rocks i have no idea but am betting like the heavy sand out of your worse night mare ....joke they stick to the coil ,,,thanks again from a volcanic islander
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