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  1. PG-prospecting, Instead of digging in the ground. You can do the same setup in a large plastic tot.
  2. Maybe dust storms in some areas. Farming nobody really cared about relics when plowing the field in late 1800’s and early 1900’s plus gold and silver are heavier.
  3. I don’t have really any experience detecting for nuggets but I can tell you a 1 1/2” dredge does not move much material. To be honest you would probably be better off with a grizzly gold trap sluice and a shovel in my opinion plus that setup is lighter. I have a 1 1/2” dredge and it basically just collects dust now. The pump works well for a high banker though 😁😁😁😁
  4. I have both Garmin and Magellan. The Garmin is definitely a better unit. With that said the Magellan’s are cheaper. Not sure what your budget is.
  5. Strick and Steve, You can also run parallels so you don’t have to power down and reboot to windows like you do in boot camp.
  6. Chuck, They make much less expensive hookah systems. The biggest thing make sure you compressor is oil less and run an air filter. I am a commercial diver for a living if you have any diving questions let me know.
  7. That would be an amazing find. I have a spot on the shelf right next to my dive hat😁😁😁
  8. Norm, I think that goes with the territory of large purchase unfortunately.
  9. 1515Art, I am sure I will end up with another one at some point down the road.....😂😂😂
  10. Jeff, Thank you That helps out a lot I will grab me an equinox 800.
  11. U_U, The gold monster seems to be an awesome machine but after reading tons of reviews and watching videos. I have pushed it off because the equinox can get tiny gold close to the monster but also do much more. Out of the 4 vlf machines I have cut down to the equinox and Deus. But still have not made up my mind.
  12. Jeff, Thank you that was pretty helpful. I a novice with metal detectors so I am learning as much as I can. With the high mineralization would you recommend a PI machine in Colorado over a vlf. Steve had pointed out that if I got a PI I would dig everything which pushed me away but if the vlf will struggle that would be less productive then digging all. The equinox is on the short list with the Deus. So many choices and I hate spending my money on things that don’t perform well so I usually research things to death before I decide.
  13. 1515Art, Thank you for the link That will give me something to read. My days are about as boring as you can get. Currently bobbing in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.
  14. 1515Art, I am leaning towards the Deus a little bit over the Equinox and not so much because it is better then the Equinox but more because it has been out longer most bugs are probably worked out. The advantage I see the Equinox having is that it is waterproof with out having to have a case and coils might be cheaper. I read tons of Steve’s reviews today watched a million videos. I am coming to the conclusion that any high end detector is going to suit me well as long as I take the time to learn it. Also I would not mind hearing about some of your research you did.
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