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  1. Been out awhile end of year at school has kept me busy. Thought it would be interesting to hear everyone’s favorite go to. I primarily hit coal mining ghost towns and run Nox 600 Field 1 and 2 all metal 50 tone sens 16-20 recovery 3 IB-0 I try new setups but end up back to where I started, some days are better than others. hope everyone is getting out and enjoying!
  2. I would say for me it’s like having more evidence to solve a crime. i have tried 5 tones and I just don’t Like looking at TID constantly. with 50 tones I can understand what my coil is trying to describe under the ground. without looking at the TID
  3. What part of the earth is your beach? That is one beautiful merc! I have a 600 I love it! I went from a Whites MX Tank “sport” to my Nox 600. It really has reinvigorated my desires to further my hunts into the backwoods!
  4. Too funny, I am from I guess you would say your sister city but in Washington. We got our city name from the California black diamond coal company or something along those lines.
  5. Bellingham, Washington is where I found it. all I can make out is Union ..... 916. Denver when i get home in gonna clean it up electrolylsis
  6. Found at a lake cabin with mining history, railroad and ferry. 1900’s
  7. Yes, on site 200 yards from where I found the coin! I just read an interesting article at the local museum that tells about the Chinese and how they built most of the old railroad lines here in western Washington they were present at most mining towns from 1860-1886.
  8. Well that is the oldest thing I have found! thanks for the help wow, I never thought something that old would show up in the mountains of Washington state! time to research the dynasty
  9. Found at old pre 1900 coal mining ghost town in Washington state. I have no idea how old this is but we did have a lot of Chinese miners at this site. Anyone have some some knowledge I’d love to hear it!
  10. Thanks for the awesome input!? Next goal is figuring out the GB on this machine. ?
  11. Been out for a few hunts with my Nox 600, mostly 50-100 year old trashy parks. Everything is just great even got into some river hunts with some success. Where I’m having trouble is when I go out to my old coal mining ghost town sites which has trash from every decade. Also all the buildings have been removed or bulldozed so lots of nails, bullets and flat iron etc mixed around.(Pacific Northwest Washington) #1 I’m guilty of mode hopping at the mining site. #2 the site is so trashy I cannot find a spot to proper ground balance!!!! general settings sensitivity=18-20 iron bias=1-2 back and forth recovery=2-3 back and forth I would love all tips links etc. thanks so much for reading
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