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  1. so,is this better than using a highbanker? Comparison test would be nice?
  2. Before I waste my money,does anybody know if I can add a 2.5 inch Proline swivel nozzle to a 2.5 inch Keene suction nozzle? Maybe cut off the angled end of the swivel nozzle and then weld to the intake end of the suction nozzle, sure would make the hose easier to handle I would think? how does the swivel joint work anyway? I prefer the suction nozzle in shallow creeks to avoid losing my prime.
  3. I almost got taken after receiving several emails from this website on a detector that I had mentioned in a post long ago but had yet to advertise, until I questioned Steve, and he set me straight. The guy wanted to pay with Paypal, $2,000, but have somebody local pick it up. And he had never actually posted here before plus his language made it sound like one of them Nigerian con artist schemes. He swore up and down he was legit and an artist and had an FB page to prove it. I told him to leave me alone. -Tom V.
  4. A friend of mine at work saw a glint/flash in a parking lot, went over to investigate, and picked up a 1 carat diamond.We tested it and it was real. The janitor here at work saw something on the lobby floor while mopping, picked it up, and it was an orange colored stone, turned it into HR but he never got a reward or anything. How do these stones pop out of rings anyway? My buddy claims to get paper money ,one time a 50 dollar bill, close to movie theater entrances when strong winds are blowing. He looks for bushes/hedges/chain link fences close by where bills taken by the wind sometimes end up. And the Coinstar machines reject/spit out unwanted foreign coins, copper pennies, and all silver American coins altho I've yet to find a single coin. He finds silvers quite often in these machines. Just eyeballing, no digging or detector needed. -Tom V.
  5. My friend gets silver dimes in the Coinstar machines where they are kicked out along with copper pennies and foreign coins. I have yet to find a single coin in any local Coinstar machines? Oh well. -Tom
  6. Unfortunately for me, my car broke down and cost $1200 dollars to fix, but I did make it to the swim beach/campground. My detectors worked perfect as well as my heavily modified Babbs Beach brute sand scoop, but I only recovered a measly $1.65 in coins and no jewelry. It didn't exactly help that the owner was pulling a rake behind a tractor to groom the beaches. That wasn't so bad but then I noticed he was using his front end loader to remove sand from the shallow swim areas where the goodies tend to be and piling this sand elsewhere? Then he was moving a pile of new sand into those shallow swim areas....And one beach was loaded with stringers of black sand which forced me to turn down the Sens on my Headhunter Diver detector. I tried to pan some of the black sand but no color showed up. Oh well, at least it was a nice day and nobody hassled me there.. I will post a photo of my sand scoop later...
  7. So did he have to dig it all Gerry or was there a secret setting? Was this a swim area find or in a park on land ? Hopefully lady luck will give me a chance next 5 days with some freshwater lake hunting. I will get one day in the mid seventies after all the heat this summer. At least we don't have forest fires in the Midwest to deal with, thank goodness. -Tom V.
  8. http://www.equiteemfg.com/shaken-rake-sand-sifting-tool-motorized-efficient-sand-sifting-rake/ Motorized sifting plastic tined rake with screen for beach or cleaning horse barns, might be handy for small placer gravel mining and beach detecting too ?
  9. whats this TDi cost and is it comparable to the original or ? -Tom V.
  10. Maybe I could trade my gold items for scrap silver dimes at my fave coin dealer now that prices are so low? And he only takes cash he told me. Might as well have a bit of real silver in a secret piggy bank in case of WW 3,right? And come to think of it, scrap gold could be melted and made into something else if I took the time to take a jewelry making class or 2 and then mark up the value myself . But how does one assay the gold and mark the item? I understand a lot of marked items are fakes so a mark does NOT guarantee the gold content. Just thinking outside the box? Go to flea market , set up 2 jewelry displays, one with brand new rings at the retail prices, and the other one with identical items but marked as used or found with detector , and marked up like 3 x over the melt value the coin dealer would offer. See which sells the most? The coin dealer did tell me he has to tell customers that jewelry is used if he buys it as scrap but wants to resell it. .He also told me that religious items don't sell well and if a ring is from a divorce , why nobody will buy it because it is considered BAD luck. Not that any of us gold seekers believes in superstitions...
  11. 90% of spot is about the melt value that I was offered, so how do they manage to get people to pay the $1,000 figure ? Next time I am looking at rings I will ask what the return policy is or if I need to sell it back to them ,what will they give me for it? Too bad I can't legally record the conversation tho? Maybe the flea market is the place to go or ask around at work if anybody is looking for a ring I found and get offers? Man's greed knows no bounds it seems...buy for $50 and sell for 10-20 times that, what a racket ??
  12. and the tree huggers seem to not like dredge motor noise either. I've been told ok to sluice but no motors in a couple spots . -Tom V.
  13. so why do coin dealers and jewelers tell us the retail price on our found jewelry is like $1,000 + and then they turn around and offer us pennies for it? I never understood this ?
  14. Dave McCracken seems to think 2019 is the year for Ca gold dredging in his recent newsletter, maybe its more than just a rumor?
  15. Hey, at least it means the gold should be where ur getting the lead at, so keep digging there.
  16. I assume you are water hunting or beach detecting with your Lobo? How do you keep the control box from getting water damage? I used to water hunt with my Lobo but damaged the circuit board 3 times. Even wrapped up in a plastic bag and carried in a pouch on my neck, it got water damage. I was told not to lift the coil too high as water drops could run down the cable into the connector on back of the control box. Another user got water damage from his arm sweating too much somehow I was told. That Lobo does wonders on gold rings and even thin silver chains. I think I have a 5.75 inch round coil I am not using as I prefer the 3x7 elliptical coil.Where ru located?I am near Chicago, USA. Who tunes the Lobo for you? I had to send mine to the factory in Arizona to do that. -Tom V.
  17. My 82 year old buddy needs a liteweight sluice.His old Keene sluice, the big one, is just too much for him. I am using a homemade 2 foot aluminum box with just carpet and 5/16 inch raised expanded aluminum and a piece of 2 inch angled aluminum under the intake end to keep water from flowing under the sluice as much. I like the crossbars on your design. I never understood the pseudo flare instead of a real bolt on flare tho? whats a printer cost to make this thing?
  18. Glad to see somebody is living the dream and admits to having old age aches and pains. So, its not just me that has them. I seem to remember seeing some mini excavators at Northern Tool company in USA, 3-6 grand I think it was. I had to quit using my number 2 shovel this year due to severe lower back pain. Have modified a beach scoop I was using while metal detecting for coins at the swim beach.I covered up the holes in the bottom of the scoop and use it like a micro excavator. I dug an 18 inch deep hole with it this past weekend, material for my sluice. No awful lower back pains afterwards. So, hopefully I can keep going with this hobby a bit yet. -Tom V.
  19. $100,000 dollars for a 3 ounce nugget? Quite a premium price? Sure is pretty tho.
  20. I LOVE my Garrett ProPointer 2, 1 button, easy to use, not as deep as I would like, but almost foolproof. I hate my TRX and Garrett Carrot. They go deeper but so many functions that I cannot remember how to do them. Keep it simple. Kinda sucks getting old and brain getting overwhelmed with so many functions on our electronic toys? Just need to wrap a piece of bright orange tape around my ProPointer 2 so I can find it when it is dropped. Black is a poor color choice on Garretts part, almost impossible to find in tall grass if you drop it. I sure did like it this weekend when hunting fields where people sat to watch fireworks July 4. It beeps to pinpoint ,then beeps faster and faster as you get closer and closer to the metal object.
  21. I used to go out dowsing with the inventor Allan Hametta many years ago. He invented the first discriminating metal detectors, the AH Pro line back in mid 1970's . Looks like he updated his mini pinpointer probe.
  22. I got permission to search a sandy fresh water swim beach at a campground. I was at this same beach 20 years ago but they refused to let us in the water. It just now dawned on me as to why? It was AFTER Labor day and NO lifeguard on duty. So, will hit the place after July 4 Holiday and do it during the week to avoid weekend crowds. My question is this. When we were there 20 years ago, we actually did pretty good with our Fisher CZ 6 machines on just the beach. We got over $30 in loose change, no rings, BUT somehow we got a few mercury dimes and a silver nickel in 1 spot, just inches deep in the sand. How the heck did the silver get there? In the water itself, at one certain spot near where we got the silver coins, every time a swell would come in, I could not help but notice but what looked like hundreds of clad quarters would rise up out of the sand underwater. The little swell would recede and the quarters would vanish. But we were forbidden to even touch the water and the owners had the evil eye on us. I thought quarters were heavy and would sink in loose white sand? Why would they be concentrated along 10 feet of the shoreline and in less than a foot of water? Just glad I noticed and remembered this from 20 years ago. Hopefully nobody else noticed since then? Wonder if I should use one of them sharks teeth scooper things I saw on Ebay for working this spot or just detect and dig with beach scoop? I will be using my older Headhunter Diver and AT Pro machines. Thanks, -Tom
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